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Soul Meets Body

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I want to live where soul meets body. And let the sun wrap its arms around me.

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I felt movement next to my head, opening my eyes slowly. It had been over a week of barley sleeping and never eating, which drove Spencer and Jon up the wall. The nurses were just as fed up with me, getting tired of me always being in the way.
"Is he?" Spencer rushed over next to me.
"Oh my gosh. Brendon, wake up." Jon hit my back and I lifted my head.
"What?" I mumbled.
"He's waking up." Spencer said with a small smile. I looked at your face, noticing it contorting. Your eyes were closed, but you opened your mouth to speak.
"Bren?" It was hardly spoken, and was closer to just being mouthed than whispered. But it was still there. I squeezed your hand, smiling a little.
"I'm here Ryan." I whispered it, hoping that it wasn't just another dream. Eyes started to slowly twitch open, closing as soon as the light hit it. The room was quite, everyone waiting to see if you had anything else to say. Nothing. It was just like you had gone back to sleep, the only thing proving that you were still slightly awake being your eyes that tried to stay open. And then you flat lined. Spencer stood, screaming for a doctor as Jon ran to press the nurse button. I stayed still, staring at your face.
Nurses and doctors ran in, pushing me away from you. I let go of your hand, being pushed out of the room as you were taken away to an operating room. The sound of people screaming as they pushed you down the hall putting my nerves on edge. Spencer and Jon were talking silently, watching me with wiry eyes.
"Brendon." Spencer walked over to me, giving me a small hug. I stood still, not knowing what else to do. "Brendon, we're going to take you to the hotel so you can get some sleep, okay?" I stared down the hall they had taken you down, wishing that you would come back. Nothing.
"Come on Spence, I'll carry him if I have to, but we're not getting anything done standing here." Jon said as he took one of my hands. He walked towards the door, leading me to the exit of the hospital. They took me to the hotel, Jon practically carrying me the way there. He put me down on the bed, and I curled into myself.
"Brendon?" Spencer put his hand on my shoulder, gently squeezing it. "We have something to help you sleep. I held my hand out, allowing him to drop the two white pills in it. He handed me a cup of hot tea, allowing me to swallow the pills and down the tea. It didn't take long for it to knock me out.

Spencer drove us back to the hospital, talking to Jon along the way. It wasn't like I had anything to say. It felt like you would never wake up. And I knew you weren't going to get better. They didn't allow us in the room, so Jon and Spencer left to get coffee. Leaving me alone with my thoughts. I knew we both deserved to live longer, that there were still places for the two of us to go. But if the silence were to take you, I could only hope that it would take me too.
They allowed me to walk in your room, letting me see your pale face. Most of the cuts had healed as much as they could, the bruises practically gone. And your eyes were open. You were wide awake and breathing. The nurses left, leaving me alone with you. I sat by your side, staring into your honey eyes.
"Brendon." You're voice was so weak, it sounded like it was hardly there. I took your hand once more, burying my face in the crook of your neck.
"I thought I lost you." I felt tears stinging my eyes, loving the fact that you were still alive and awake.
"Brendon, I think you should leave." I stopped breathing, my heart skipping a beat. I moved my head away, looking at your face. You were staring down at your hands, your hair covering your eyes perfectly.
"What?" I couldn't help it. I had waited so long for you to wake up, so I could hear your voice again. Your soft melody filling the air. It wasn't fair for you to want me to leave. Not when I had worked so hard to stay.
"I'm not good for you Brendon, look what I've done just by being sick. How much have you had to eat this week?" I stared at you in disbelief for a few moments.
"Ryan, I'm not leaving you. Just give me a chance." I held your hands, wishing you would look at me. "Let me take care of you. Please. Even if it's only for a day. Please. Just let me take care of you." Everything was silent, the only sound being that of the heart monitor. I waited for you to say something, but there was nothing. "Ryan look at me."
Our eyes met, and I could see that you had been crying. Arms were thrown around my neck, tears making my neck slightly damp. "Ok-ay." Your voice cracked, but it didn't matter. I smiled, hugging you back as I listened to you cry.
I know we've still got life left to live. I can't guess what will happen, what we'll discover, but I can think it's somewhere were soul meets body. Where we can live in harmony, so I can hear your brilliant voice.
You're the only song I want to hear.


I'm not sure how many more chapters there's going to be, but I know there won't be many more.
And I just want to say, I have about 29 pages of reviews. You don't know how much that means to me. Really, it's just, it's amazing. Thank you all so so so so so so sooooo much. The reviews I get just, sometimes their the only things that get me through the day. It really helps me feel less shitty about myself.

PartyPoison:That just, that makes me feel amazing.

AnotherKnifeInMyHand:Most of them are sweet even though their heartbreaking. It's just the way I feel like depicting their relationship. (Weird, I know.) And I agree with you. It's just nice to get away from the cheesy endings.

RydenBeliever:Always happy to have people who like it. Makes my day to read that I'm not just wasting my time writing them.

-xoxo Pansy.
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