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Talking Bird

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It's all here for you, as long as you don't fly away.

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We moved you out of the hospital after you had been stable for a week, moving you into my small apartment. You didn't complain, knowing that I would take care of you. The doors were open, allowing you to leave if you wanted to. It was never mentioned, but I knew how confused it made you. Most days were spent sleeping in my bed as your skin became bruised on it's own, your hair starting to fall out as you rapidly lost weight.
I wanted you to get better, but you just kept getting weaker and weaker with every day.
"Brendon?" I could hear your weak voice carry through the kitchen from the baby monitor I had bought. It was so quite, weak, tired. I knew that if I hadn't gotten used to hearing your quite voice that it would have slipped past me as my imagination. I turned the stove off, looking down at the almost boiling soup with a small sigh. I got a glass of water, knowing exactly what you would need when you wake up.
I walked into the bedroom, giving a small smile as I sat down on the edge of the bed. "How are you feeling?"
"Brendon, don't leave." I died a little inside when you said the same words you had been saying for the past few days. It was almost as if you were on infinite repeat. I just didn't know how to handle the fact that your mind was going.
I kissed the top of your head, handing you the glass of water. "I'm not going to leave you, my little talking bird." You looked up at me with worried eyes and I smiled back down at you, pushing some of the hair our of your face before going over to the window. I opened, it allowing the sun and fresh air to flood the room. I looked over at you, a small smile on your lips as you took a drink of the water I had brought in.
"Please don't leave." I nodded my head, making my way to the bed. I sat down next to you, and you curled up next to me. Your head moved to my chest, your arms going around my waist as you held me like a teddy bear.
"I'm not going to leave. I promise to stay by you till the breath leaves your fragile frame." I ran my hand through your hair, looking at the strands that came out in between my fingers. I felt sick knowing what was happening to you, but there was nothing I could do about it. All I could do was watch as you slowly faded away.
"Spencer and Jon are coming over later, are you up to seeing them?" You nodded, before groaning clutching your stomach as one hand went to your mouth. I got up quickly, helping you stand as fast as you could before rushing to the washroom. You leaned heavily on me, hardly being able to walk with my help. You leaned over, retching in the bowl as I pulled your hair out of your face.
It broke me more and more every time I saw you in the state you were in. You kept going, even after there wasn't anything in your stomach. You were just coughing up blood. When you stopped you immediately turned to me, burying your face in my neck as you cried. It took everything I had to not cry with you.
I helped you into the living room, allowing you to sit on the couch as I finished making your soup. You stared at the television, trying to follow what was on. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, tears making my eyes sting as they threatened to fall.
"Brendon?" I opened my eyes again, looking over at you. There was a blank stare on your face as you continued to stare at the television. I turned the fire off, getting out a small bowl before filling it a quarter of the way full. I wanted to give you more, but knew better. It would just come up about an hour later anyway. I grabbed a spoon, walking into the living room before sitting down next to you. Your head fell to my shoulder, your eyes looking big and sad.
"Make the pain stop Brendon." I bit my bottom lip before helping you sit upright.
"Open your mouth." You obeyed, allowing me to give you a small spoonful. I watched as your face contorted, showing that you didn't like it. But you continued to eat it anyway, knowing that you would feel better if you had at least a little. After about five spoonfuls you stopped, bending over as you coughed. I pushed the hair out of your face, a small frown crossing my face as you coughed blood into your hands.
"I'm so sorry Ryan." I held you close as you started to cry once more. I could feel my heart breaking with every pained intake of breath and strangled sob I heard you make. I waited for you to calm down and helped you up, taking you to the washroom so you could take a bath. I left you alone, hoping you would be okay as I went to clean up the apartment.
After about a half hour I helped you out, helping you dry off and get dressed. It seemed to me, that each day you would get more weak, and it was killing me. You were helped back to the couch, and you curled up on my lap once more as we watched a movie. Your slow mind had a hard time keeping up with the plot, your breathing sounding like it hurt every time you inhaled. It didn't take long for your warn out mind to give up on following the plot, deciding to take a nap.
You were so peaceful and cute I wouldn't have wanted to do anything different.
There was a knock on the door, and I carefully pushed your body off of mine to get up. I dragged my body over to the door, my muscles stiff from staying in the same position for too long. I opened the thick wooden door, allowing Jon and Spencer to walk in.
"Hey Brendon, how's Ryan?" Jon asked as he looked at the somewhat distressed look on my face. I shook my head, whispering my response.
"Not good. He's in the other room sleeping." Jon nodded and walked into the other room. Spencer pulled me into the kitchen, holding onto my rough hand.
"Brendon, how are you holding up?" Spencer asked with a small frown. I sighed a little, leaning against the counter.
"I'm scared Spence." My voice was weak, showing the fear that I was feeling. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me close to him.
"Oh Brendon, I wish I could tell you something comforting." Spencer whispered as he rubbed my back. I leaned into him, closing my eyes as I tried not to cry once more. "I honestly wish there was something we could do to save him." I could feel the warm tears running down my cheek slowly, as I my grip on Spencer tightened. We stood there for a few minutes, allowing me to get a few tears out of my system. But the comfort that came from Spencer's arms left me as I heard Jon helping you to the washroom so you could empty the food I had given you not to long ago. I broke from the hug, running into the room. Jon was holding your hair out of your face, rubbing your back like I had so many times before. I couldn't help but give a sigh of relief, knowing that Jon would always treat you like a brother.
"How much longer did they say he had?" Spencer whispered from behind me. I didn't bother to turn around and look at him, my mind to focused on everything that was you.
"About a week. But it hadn't progressed as much as they thought it would that's why he's still going. It could be any day now." I whispered the words back, staying silent for a few seconds before asking the one question I knew Spencer didn't want to hear. "What am I going to do without him?"
"I don't know Brendon. But between the two of you, there's probably about ten years of living when you should be dead. You've both been so close so many times, I'm surprised we made it this far." I nodded as I watched Jon help you up, turning to face me so I could see the frown in place on his face. It was mixed with worry, matching that of the frown I had gotten from Spencer not to long before. You struggled to stand, your bones weak and your muscles frail.
My little talking bird.


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