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Dinner and...

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Gerard's POV for Chapter 11. Story will be wrapping up pretty soon.

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Gerard’s POV
It was about 8 in the evening. Three hours, and Frank would be here. I ran to my car, and went to the marketplace again. I wandered around, looking for the flower section. When I finally got there, I gently placed about 12 bouquets of 24 flowers.
Then I strolled into the candle section and bought a fuck load (which -in technical terms- is about forty five candles more than a shit ton.)
After that, I moved onto the food section. I grabbed some spaghetti noodles, red sauce (my soon to be pitiful excuse for an Italian meal) , chocolate cake mix and all the ingredients needed for the cake. It was crappy stuff from box, but it’s the thought that counts… Right? And if I did it right, it wouldn’t be that terrible.
I drove home and got the stuff inside as quick as possible. The first thing I started working on was the insta-chocolate cake. I looked at the clock.
9:15 damn it.
I got my ass working on the spaghetti pretty fast. I still had flowers to de-petal. I grabbed one of the roses, thank Jesus Christ they were de-thorned. I picked the petals off about three bouquets before I realized the water was boiling. I set down the flowers and put the noodles in the water and set the timer. I glanced at the clock.
9:50 fuck.
I started de-petaling more roses, and got about three more bouquets done when the oven timer went off. I looked over at the clock.
10:12 about fucking time.
I slipped the cake into the oven and the noodles were done, so I strained them, then heated up the sauce. I started working on more flowers after putting the sauce in the microwave. I was making pretty good time with the flowers.
beep beep beep. microwave’s done.
I put the spaghetti together, and heard the timer for the cake go off. I too the cake out and let it cool. Thank fucking god I already had the table and plates set up. I fixed my eyes on the bowl of flowers, then looked at the clock.
10:28 thirty minutes. Then I get to see my Frankie.
I finished removing all the petals from the roses, and started sprinkling them up the steps… Down the hall… To the first door on the left. I opened up the door and covered the new silky red sheets in petals, and then the remainder were scattered amongst the floor. I peeked at my alarm.
10:45 fifteen minutes.
I set a bunch of candles on the dressers and night stands, and lit them. I went into the hall, entryway, and dining room and did the same thing.
I walked back upstairs, and picked out the tightest jeans and shirt I owned.

tap tap tap

I could faintly hear downstairs. I was still getting dressed, so I figured it could wait.

tap tap tap

I heard again as I slid my shirt on. I didn’t think it had been very long, as I squirted myself with cologne.

tap tap tap

I heard again and ignored it. I was fucking up my hair so that way it looked nice, and at the same time attractive.

knock knock knock

“Hel-fucking-lo? Anyone home?” I heard the voice of Frankie call.
Shit! I looked at the clock on my way out.
I ran downstairs and opened the door quickly.
“Sorry Frankie… I was upstairs getting a few things together.” I said and took his stuff in.
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