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Frank's POV for chapter 11. I'm such a bitch. I know.

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Frank’s POV

I got out of the cab, feeling stiff and oddly alert. I took all my bags out of the cab and the driver rolled away. I pulled my bags to the door and tried opening it. It was locked. So I knocked.

tap tap tap

“Gee…” I said, leaning into the door. I waited for five minutes before I knocked again.

tap tap tap

“Gerard… Can you please unlock the door?” I said, still outside. It was cold, and dark. I didn’t want to be waiting here all night. Another 5 minutes went by.

tap tap tap

“Damn it Gerard…” I mumbled.

knock knock knock

“Hel-fucking-lo? Anyone home?” I called, getting a little aggravated.
Then the door opened.
“Sorry, Frankie… I was upstairs getting a few things together.” He said, took my bags and and walked inside with me.
“Did a circuit blow in here?” I asked, wondering why there were candles all over the place.
“Nope.” He replied, placing two firm hands on my shoulders and guiding me through the halls..
“Then what’s with the candles?” I inquired.
“I wanted to shake up the atmosphere a little. Don’t you like it?” He asked.
“No, I think it’s really neat.” I said and smiled at him.
“Did you eat dinner?” He questioned.
“Nope.” I shrugged.
“Good. ‘Cause I made dinner, and dessert for you.” He smiled.
“Oo. What’d you make?” I asked, anxious to hear.
“I made spaghetti and chocolate cake.” He said and kissed my cheek.
“OH MY GOD! YOU DID?! I LOVE CHOCOLATE CAKE SO FUCKING MUCH!” I squealed and jumped up and down a little.
“I’m just going to make clothes out of chocolate cake from now on…” He snickered.
“No, because then you get frosting all over yourself, and I’d have to clean it up.” I said.
“Anyway…” He giggled slightly. “Dinner is getting cold.”
“Okay.” I said and he led me to the dining room.
We ate dinner, than dessert and talked about our weeks. Mine was mainly missing him, but I left a lot of my thoughts out of my summary. I was having very dirty thoughts about Gerard. The entire week. For example, when I was my cousins office, I was wishing Gerard would just walk in the door, clear off the desk, then take me right. there. And then when we were shopping for a new mattress, I remember laying on a bed that would’ve been perfect for sex.
Gerard admitted he had a fight with Mikey over me. I kinda saw that coming. I mean, after I ruined everything by kissing him, I saw a disagreement or two rising. But Gerard said it was all good now, and Mikey was over at a friends house for a week.
Afterward, he picked me up and carried me up the steps, and dumped me on the bed.
“So… Frankie…” He started. “Do you have an idea what we could do in here?”
“Well” sex. “We” sex. “Could” sex. “Have” sex. “Coffee…” sex. I answered.
He slid his hand up my shirt. “Oh Frank… It’s to late for coffee, and I’m not tired.” He said.
“W-Well I can’t think of anything…” I said and got chills from the cold hand creeping up my chest.
“Mmm… Good thing I’ve already got a few idea’s brewing in my head.” He mewled, and played with my zipper.
“L-Like what?” I asked, not sure how to react.
“I think you know what I’m getting at.” He said with a wink.
He climbed over me and put his legs over either side of my waist. I leaned up and kissed him quickly on the lips, and then he grabbed my face and pressed our lips together. My lips parted slightly and granted him access. While we were kissing, I felt him flick the button of my jeans off, and undo my zipper.
He pulled out lips apart and moved down to my neck, gently nipping and sucking near the scorpion tattoo on the right side of my neck. I rolled my head back and gave him more room. Then he bit my neck, and I whimpered a little. I was kinda maybe getting off on the pain. I felt a hot liquid run down my neck.
“Oh… Um… Whoops… Frank… You’re bleeding… Not bad… But uh… You still are…” Gerard said a little.
“I don’t care, I like it.” I breathed.
“Oh…” He smirked.
I lifted off his shirt, and then mine. He grinded against me, and I nibbled on his earlobe, pinching it between two of my canines. He inhaled sharply, and I groaned slightly at his growing crotch rubbing against mine. I licked the shell of his ear, and he moaned.
“Oh… D’you like that Gerard?” I cooed at him.
“I’m a sucker f-for ear nibblers…” He said.
“You made no show of hiding it.” I grinned.
He continued grinding against me, and then he stopped.
“Frank… I want you to ride me…” He said.
Well, that’s all fine and good. But I’ve never been on top. And I’m going to try not to mention that, or else you’ll thing I’m lame or stupid… or maybe both…
“I… I um…” I started. Not a good idea. Don’t finish.
“What’s wrong, Frankie?” He asked.
“I-I’ve never been… On top…” I said. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Fucking stupid.
“Oh… Well… Do you… Like… Need help with something?” He questioned.
“I… I’m just… Not… Not sure what to do…” I admitted, embarrassed.
“Oh… Well… Have you ever um… like… touched yourself?” He asked, blushing a little himself.
“No.” I answered.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yes…” I answered again.
“Oh. Do you know how to prep a guy?” He asked.
“N-No…” I said, hoping I didn’t say something I shouldn’t have.
“Well… Do you remember what I did before we had sex the first time?” He asked.
“A little…” I said.
“Well… Okay… Then I’m going to prep myself… You can watch if you’re not sure how to do it…” He said, and got a bottle out of the dresser. It said ‘Cherry’ on it. I figured it was lube.
He leaned over the bed, his ass just sticking out toward me. He put the lube on his index and middle fingers. And put one finger in.
I blushed like nobody’s business. This was kinda embarrassing. By the time I stopped blushing, he was scissoring both his fingers inside himself, and moaning slightly while doing so.
“U-Uh… Frank… Come here…” He said, and I did as instructed. He handed me the bottle medium sized bottle. “Put it on yourself…” He said, me following orders.
“C-Can I?” I asked timidly, not knowing if there was something else I had to do. I really wasn’t used to sex under these conditions.
“Mhm, Frank. I want you inside me.” He said.
I was quite scared. I’d always been the taker, not the giver. I lined up to his entrance, him still bent over the side of the bed. I pushed slowly inside him.
“OH GOD!” I screamed at this new sensation engulfing my member.
“mmm… Frank… h-harder…” He moaned at me.
I did my best to not lose it right away. The warmth, the tightness, and the sensation were making it harder as the minutes rolled by. This was the best feeling I’d ever felt. My fingers dug into Gerard’s side, and I thrust into what I think was his sweet spot.
“O-Oh… Fuck… Frank… R-Right… Right there… U-Uh… Faster…” He groaned.
I wrapped my hand around his fairly large length and stroked his leaking cock in rhythm to hitting his prostate.
“FUCK!… F-Fuck… Oh god Frank… A-Ah… J-Jesus… Fuck Frank…” He cried out.
“Un… Sh-Shit… O-…O-Oh… Gee I-… I’m so close…” I whimpered past my moaning.
And suddenly, Gerard and I came simultaneously and I fell to the floor convulsing panting, while Gerard fell to my side.
“F-F-Frankie… I… I… I had a q-question t-to ask y-you…” He stuttered after he could breath again.
“Wh-What was it?” I said and turned over and faced him.
He pulled a tiny box out of the night stand. “Frank… Would you marry me?”

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