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3 months later

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A/N: Hey you guys, I decided to put up another chapter. They are gonna be more spaced out now, just because I have some things that I need to deal with. But check every now and then. R&R, your reviews are one of the only good things in my life at the moment, they make me feel really awesome about my writing. I love you all! Enjoy!

Chapter 14: Winter
3 Months Later

Rachel’s POV:

“Ahh this is the last day before winter break and I can’t fucking wait.” I smiled widely at Gerard as he pulled me into him.

“Mmm I’ll be here, and you’ll be here. So we have a whole two weeks together.” he purred and kissed me on the forehead.

The past three months have been great; Gerard and I finally became official at the end of September. Its was pretty funny how he did it. It was so cliché, he kept dropping hints throughout the week. He took me to this really nice restaurant and he was shaking and when he stuttered out if I wanted to be his girlfriend I couldn’t help but laugh. Just because I had never seen Gerard like that, but then I felt bad because he was being so genuine and ever since then we’ve been really happy. It was December now and everyone was really excited to be done with school for a little. I loved winter it had to be my favorite season, I loved the cold, and it made me feel so alive.

“Eh two weeks with you… heaven help me.” I sighed sarcastically, playfully trying to pull away from him and go over to Laura who was standing with the frotastic Ray Toro.

“Oh no where do you think your going! You’re stuck with me missy.” Gerard pulled me back into him, holding me tightly, creating this extremely warm body heat between us.

“Ah Laura! Help me!” I laughed out to her, still struggling to get away, and seeing the my breath in the cold air.

Laura turned around and placed her hand on her hips and looked at Gerard and I amused,

“You two are ridiculous.” she laughed and turned back around to Ray.

“Gerard let go of me or I’ll bite you!” I threatened playfully.

“Ohh feisty!” he retorted, in that taunting tone that remind me of the arrogant Gerard I used to hate. “But I guess I could let you go…for now” he smirked at me devilish.

“Whatever you say, come on lets go join everyone.” I grabbed his hand and dragged him over to Laura, Mikey, Bob, and Ray.

“So you guys excited for winter break?” Ray asked glumly.

“Uh yeah, there is booze, booze, and did I mention booze?” Bob laughed enthusiastically.

“Yeah Bob we get it, your gonna get wasted.” Laura smiled. “Ray why are you so glum about it?”

“Well my family is dragging me out of town.” he frowned. “We’re going to the mountains or some shit like that. According to my mom we don’t bond enough.” he said.

“Damn Ray that sucks. We’ll throw you a welcome home party when you get back!” Gerard smiled at the thought of a giant party.

“Yeah it’ll be--- Oh hey Frank! What’s up dude!” Mikey nodded his head at Frank as he walked over.

Frank, where do I even begin with Frank Iero. We had that whole sticky situation a couple months ago and ever since that night at Bob’s party things with Frank had been completely awkward. Scratch that things between Frank and I didn’t even exist. He didn’t even speak to me anymore, and every time I went near him he just would find an excuse to leave. I mean I know we both needed to cool down and take our space but I didn’t think he would just cut me out of his life. He was even dating that bitch ass whore Holly again. I hated what had happened between us and I have tried so many times to reach out to him and he never wanted anything to do with me, and I was really hurt. This was going to change, Frank and I will be friends by the end of winter break. I swear it.

“What’s up guys.” Frank said as he scanned around at everyone, but dropped his eyes when he got to me and Gerard.

“Just getting all pumped for winter break.” Bob smiled again.

“Oh Frank!” I knew that voice anywhere, I didn’t even have to turn around to know that his oompaloompa girlfriend was calling out to him.

“God Frank why do you date her.” My face turned instantly red when I realized I had spewed out my thoughts unintentionally.

I looked up shamefully at Frank, I could see his eyes fill up with anger.

“I don’t think that’s any of your fucking business.” he said coldly.

“He man don’t talk to her like that.” Gerard cut in.

“Well she shouldn’t talk about my girlfriend like that.” he glared at me, his eyes burning a hole in my heart.

“Gerard its not a big deal, I shouldn’t have said anything.” I pushed him back. “I’m sorry Frank.” I said sincerely.

“Yeah well, whatever.” he said smugly.

“Baby, didn’t you hear me calling you.” Holly walked over. “And what on earth are you wearing. I told you those band shirts make you look emo and shit. I brought you a salmon polo so we can match.” she smiled, that bitchy smile. I watched Frank die a little inside as he pulled the polo over his body.

“Awh--Frankie---how---cute.” Gerard said laughing uncontrollably.

“Dude fuck off.” Frank said.

“He’s just jealous that we’re a cuter couple than him and that thing.” she said self righteously. Oh and “that thing” she’s referring to, that’s me. Holly still hasn’t forgotten about our… little altercation earlier in the year. Needless to say Holly and Frank getting back together didn’t help our friendship.

“Oh sweetie green isn’t a very pretty color on you.” I smiled back at her. “And aren’t you late for Willy Wonka, I’m pretty sure you have to go sing about that girl that got turned into a blueberry.” the whole circle erupted in laugher, they all still hated Hoe-lly. I caught Frank smirking a bit too.

“FRANK! You are gonna let her talk to me like that!” she was fuming, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

“Babe you could chill on the tanning.” he said coyly.

“Uh!” she stormed off.

“Buh bye honey.” I fluttered my hand at her, turning it into a flick off. I turned back around and grasped Gee’s hand basking in my victory.

“Nice Rachel.” Frank glared at me again and stormed off after his sad excuse for a girlfriend.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s been acting weird the past few months. I have no idea why he is dating her again.” Laura sighed. “But hey, want to come grab a muffin with me before its too late, and I need to get out of the cold.” she smiled.

“Yeah! I’ll see you later babe.” I pecked Gerard on the lips.

“Yeah I’ll see you soon Mikes.” Laura did the same.

We broke away from the guys and started walking towards the cafeteria which was right near the parking lot.

“Okay so since this the only girl time we‘ve had, can I just point out the obvious.” Laura said out of the blue.

“Huh?” I looked at her confused, as we stepped into the cafeteria and joined the line for food.

“Frank is still head over heels for you.” she said eagerly, I was not ready to deal with this again.

“Isn’t it ridiculous how we have to wait in this long ass line just for one fucking muffin. They should create a muffin cart that’d be nice.” I said trying to change the subject.

“Rachel this is Belleville High, we can’t even afford vending machines that don’t eat your money. And don’t you dare change the subject!” she demanded.

“Ahh Laura that’s ridiculous.” I sighed.

“No its not! I told him the day after Bob’s party to give you space, just like I told you. But I didn’t think he’d take it that far. Plus why else would he be a total ass to you and date that bitch Holly again! He wants you to be jealous.” she explained, reaching for a blueberry muffin, and paying the grim lunch lady.

“Laura, I’m gonna say this one last time. .. Frank does not have feelings for me, and even if he did want me to be jealous it wouldn’t work I am perfectly content with Gerard.” I said firmly walking over to a table with her.


“Laura, that’s it. Suddenly I don’t feel like staying for the last day. Wanna skip?” I asked her, just ready to get out of this place.

“Eh not today, if too many absences. But you go have fun. Hurry the bell is gonna ring soon.” she warned.

“All right, I’ll see you later tonight girl!” I smiled and walked back towards the parking lot.

I heard my boots patter against the pavement. As I walked out into the parking lot I could see that everyone had emptied out and it was just me. I reached down into my purse and pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. As I put my lighter in my black coat pocket I noticed white flakes starting to fall from the winter sky. When I made it to my car I leaned against it I watched the white flakes float down from the sky onto my black jacket. I figured I should leave soon, but I just couldn’t pull myself away from the beautiful winter weather.

Frank’s POV:

How dare she, she has no right to talk about my girlfriend like that. God I can’t even fucking believe her. I mean yeah it sucks that we drifted, but it doesn’t give her a right to be a bitch like that. I mean she is always all over Gerard if anything I should be more of a dick to her. God I can’t believe I ever liked her, and I am so over … right? Fuck I sound like such a girl you know what fuck it I’m skipping.

I started making my way back to my car when I saw Rachel leaning against hers smoking a cigarette. Great the last person I needed to see was her. I’ll just walk past her and not even look at her, maybe she won’t see me.

“Frank!” she called out. Fuck of course it didn’t work out.

I just kept walking, but she followed me.

“Frank wait please!” she pleaded out. Damn it, I guess this was gonna happen sooner or later.

“What?” I turned around and just stared at her blankly.

“What happened with us? Why don’t we talk at all anymore? Why the fuck do you hate me so damn much?” she took a drag off her cigarette and looked at me sadly.

Suddenly I felt terrible. I couldn’t believe I had hurt this bad, I never wanted Rachel to think that I hated her. I just wanted to give her space, and I wanted to be able to move on. But I knew that I wasn’t anywhere near over her. I still liked Rachel, if anything this whole past few months made me like her even more. Also going back out with Holly makes me realize how much I really do like Rachel. Which is why I can’t be friends with her, it just wouldn’t work. I’m always going to want more.

“Uh Rachel, I don’t hate you. I just have a lot going on right now.” I sighed.

“Your lying.” she said, I hated that she could see right through me. “Let’s just get some coffee or something. Just to catch up, I miss my Franklin.” she laughed a little.

“Did you just call me Franklin…again?” I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“…yes.” she smirked shyly and we just started laughing hysterically.

“One coffee? Please?” she asked once more.

“All right. I’ll follow you.” I finally gave in, and it felt good.
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