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Coffee and Lies

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Rachel and Frank get coffee. Gerard and Bob get alcohol.

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Here it is you guys the next chapter! Thanks for being so patient! I just started my senior year today, and I have only 26 more days until IFINALLYMYCHEMICALROMANCELIVE! I am beyond fucking excited! R&R you guys! I love you all!

Chapter 15: Coffee and Lies
Frank’s POV:

I climbed in my car and waited for Rachel to pull out, I knew she was going to Starbucks but I just mostly sat there to think about the situation for a minute. Rachel wanted me to follow her, she wanted to talk. But I don’t if she wants to hear what I have to say. I flipped down the mirror above my steering wheel and looked at myself in this ridiculous shirt my ridiculous girlfriend gave me. In the past three months had I really became so… passive? I had become Holly’s bitch and I knew it, I was just in straight denial because I had this crazy idea that being with Holly again would make Rachel want me, and not drunkenly want me like at Bob’s party. But really want me; she would want to be with me and not Gerard. I hadn’t gotten over her yet, I mean there wasn’t much there in the first place, but what mattered to me was that there was something, and she couldn’t even deny that. I finally flipped the mirror back up into its original position and pulled out of my spot. I was surprised to see Rachel still waiting for me. I blasted the Misfits the whole to Starbucks just to block my thoughts out, just because it would make completely anxious. I pulled into the parking and felt my car bump up several times from all the pot holes that desperately needed to be fixed. Luckily there was a space right in front of the entrance, I spun my car into the space and pulled the keys out of the ignition. I pushed the door open and got out. I pressed my hand the cold exterior of the door and slammed it shut. I leaned up against the door and waited for Rachel to meet me, somehow she managed to park as far away as she possibly could.

“You know, you could have taken this space. You were in front of me.” I said as she walked up.

“Yeah yeah. I know. But you see the thing is I am terrible at parking, and those two cars on the side of you would have been severely damaged if I even would have attempted.” she said sheepishly, her cheeks mildly pink.

I felt myself grin at her mild embarrassment. “Well some people aren’t born” I searched for the right word; I really didn’t wanna use the word parkers. “parkers? Like me.” fuck me, I said it anyway. I looked at the ground and ran my hand through my hair and looked up into Rachel’s brown eyes, but she quickly looked away.

“Okay, well let’s go get some coffee.” she smiled half heartedly.

I followed her to the barista and she order two Pumpkin Spice lattes, my favorite. She swiped her card through the tiny machine.

“Why don’t you go sit down, I’ll get the coffees.” she turned to me and smiled graciously.

I found the two comfy arm chairs I always sat in when I came here with Mikey. I sat down in the left one and waited for Rachel to come over, I tired to look relaxed but I couldn’t stop fidgeting with my converses.

“You know you really didn’t have to pay for mine.” I said as she sat down in the chair opposite to me.

“Oh you thought this was for you. Ah wow, this is awkward.” she said seriously.

“Oh uh…” I really didn’t know what to say.

“Frank I’m just fucking with you.” she laughed.

“Fuck you.” I laughed again, wow two times in one day Frank that’s a record so far.

I hadn’t laughed much in the last three months. Holly kinda devoured everything that made happy. She was kinda like a black whole. Just a lot worse.

“But seriously. It was the least I could do. I mean I feel like our friendship going south was my fault.” she traced the lid of her coffee with her fingernail, and hadn’t looked me directly in the eye since we got here.

“Rachel, no it was my entire fault. I needed to give you your space after….that night….at Bob’s.” I said awkwardly. I too was now tracing the lid of my coffee cup, avoiding Rachel’s as if they were Basilisk eyes.

“Why though, why so much space. I understood a little, but not three months.” she looked up and finally looked into my eyes. She was focused so hard, I could feel her seeing through me, looking for some answer. So if that’s what she wanted I’d give it to her.

“Because I liked you that much.” I confessed, staring at the ground.

“Ah Frank.” she sighed. “I just want us to be really close again, but without all this awkwardness. So let’s just lay it out all on the table.”

“What are you talking about?” I murmured taking a sip of my coffee.

“Frank Iero look at me.” I looked up into her piercing brown eyes that burned a whole in my heart. “You know exactly what I am talking about.”

“I told you it doesn’t matter now. I’m ha…I’m happy with Holly.” I almost vomited at the atrocious lie. But I couldn’t let her know how I felt.

“Are you really?” she furrowed her eyebrows at me and starred deep into my eyes; I looked away abruptly and took a sip of my coffee.

“Yes…Well sometimes…no.” I confessed, at least I could be honest about not actually liking my girlfriend.

“Well why are you with her Frank? You deserve so much better than someone who makes you cover up your band shirts, and wear ugly salmon shirts.” she scooted to the edge of her seat and smiled with empathy.

“I was tired of being alone. You have Gerard. Mikey has Laura. Ray and Bob have there sea of women they swim in weekly. I just wanted someone.” I confessed realizing how pathetic I sounded.

“Uh we’ve been over this; you just have to be patient. You will find someone, I promise. But that bitch has gotta go. I swear. If you don’t get rid of her I will curb stomp her ass.”

“Curb stomp?” I asked confused.

“Don’t worry about it I used to run with a rough crowd.” she smirked slyly at me.

“Should I be worried?” I laughed.

“Oh very.” she looked at me deviously.

We both cracked up laughing, and everyone in the small Starbucks looked at us like we were interrupting there very important novels they were writing, that were probably pieces of shit anyway.

“Well I better go. I’ll see you at whatever party everyone goes to later.” I winked at her and gave her a quick hug.

Yeah I still had feeling for her, but I was getting extremely good at hiding them.

“Yeah see ya.” she called as I got into my car. She stood their and waved at me, I stared until she was out of sight.

Rachel’s POV:

As soon as Frank winked at me I felt the butterflies in my stomach come back. It was weird because I hadn’t felt any feelings towards Frank in long time. But now they were all coming back but I wasn’t going to let it affect me. I had a great relationship with Gerard and I didn’t want to spoil it. I was so happy; Gerard had even stopped flirting with other girls, and to me that said a lot. I wasn’t sure why Gerard and I were such a good fit but we just were. But in the back of my head there was something about Frank, something that drew me in. I knew that Frank and I could be great, but something had given me doubts. The whole reason I went for Gerard in the first place was because he came after me first. Frank was just so shy about it until after Gerard and I had gotten together, plus he had that whore of a girlfriend who he was back with now. I couldn’t stand her. No matter. After I had realized I had been standing in the same spot I was in when Frank left for about ten minutes I finally decided to leave. I could feel the cold air infect me. I looked up at the sky and saw that it was a bleak grey color. The kind of color it was when it was about to snow. I could breathe in a smell the smoke from the fires that were burning inside everyone else’s homes. It had to be one of my favorite smells of all time. I tightened my pea coat and walked to my car. I wasn’t even going to go home, I was probably gonna go straight to Gerard’s which was rather close to my home, or pretty much my home these days. I loved Gerard’s family they were all pretty strange like me. My Dad was bitter and my Mother was beyond cheery. The two mixed together didn’t create a very pleasant environment for me. I climbed into the car and shoved my Bad Rabbits CD into the player and cranked it up. I needed something to get me in the party mood and this was just the kind of music. As the music circulated through my car I could feel my mood being lifted. I was going about 30 when I saw the light in front of me turn red; I immediately slammed my foot on the brake pedal making the car come to a halt. I took a deep breath and turned my music down just so I could focus on the rode a little more. I decided this would be a great moment to call Laura up; I dug in my purse until I found the navy rectangular phone. I fished through all the contact names of half the people I never talked too, but I kept there numbers anyway because it made me feel slightly more important. I finally found her name and pressed send. The phone rang twice and I heard Laura’s voice, it was surprisingly cheerful.

“Hello hello hello.” she sang,

“Ay girl, I just wanted to see if you were at the Way house, because then I can just park over there and get ready with you, and not have to go to your house.” I said staring at the road as the light turned green, determined to focus on the road.

“Why yes I am! Ow! Mikey stop pinching me!” I heard her yell out playfully.

“Oh okay well is Gee there?” I asked, trying to make it quick because I could tell her and Mikey were in the middle of something.

“Uh no. He’s out with Bob getting ‘supplies’ if ya catch my drift.” she replied back to me.

“Okay well I’m heading over! Make sure you and Mikey are done with whatever until I get there.” I laughed into the phone.

“Yeah yeah bye!” Laura said quickly and hung up abruptly.

Gerard’s POV:

“So I got you guys’ four cases of corona, mikes hard, and three big bottles of absolute.” Bob’s brother said as he loaded the bags into the trunk of my car. “You guys have a good time tonight!” Bob’s brother patted on the top of the car and walked away.

“Nice I am ready to get traaaashed.” I said excitedly, as I high fived Bob.

“Yeaaah, get some ladies.” Bob smiled as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“Well minus that part I got one.” I smiled satisfied, knowing Rachel was all mine.

“You’ll slip up Gerard you always do. But its okay you’re just a free spirited being.” Bob patted my shoulder as we headed back to his house. We always had parties at his place.

“Nah, it’s different this time I know it.” I reassured myself.

“Yeah that’s what you said about Ashley. Then you met Sarah….and Jessie…” Bob smirked at me, I pretended not to notice. But I could see it out of my peripheral vision.

“That was different!” I exclaimed back, remembering my past.

“HOW!” Bob laughed.

“It just was.” I retorted.

“But you were so good at sneaking around, and even when the girls did find out. Even if they did, you would charm away their anger or some shit like that.” Bob rambled on, I didn’t reply to it, but I did think about.

He was right. I was excellent at sneaking around. God I missed sex, Rachel wanted to wait, which I respected a lot. It just meant more nights with the aveno. I mean Rachel and I had such a great relationship without sex, but then again I did love it so much. I would never do that to Rachel, if she ever found out it would kill her. That is if she ever found out…No Gerard shut up. You couldn’t do that to her…maybe you could. What she doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her. No, no, no, no. Gerard you’re fucking stupid. I mean what if---

“GERARD WATCH THE FUCKING ROAD!” I heard Bob scream yanking me out of my thoughts.

I focused on the road and saw a white pick truck right in front of me, and I was about to ram into it. I turned the wheel rapidly and thankfully avoided it. I just needed to drink tonight, let myself go, everything would be fine.
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