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A One-shot read if you want ft Avenged Sevenfold

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Walking through the empty hall of the house, Ryan knew that no-one would be awake: maybe Spencer but that was highly unlikely. The wood floors creaked under his feet as if he would go through them any minute. The boarded up window-which where maggot eaten and crumpling- letting in pale strikes of yellow sun.
“What are you doing down here?” the gruff voice of Brain Hanner said as he walked through the splintered door of the large deserted house.
“Nothing, sorry, I’ll just get out your way” Ryan stuttered as he scrambled up the stairs back into his room. He didn’t want to pick a fight with anyone around here
“Ryan” someone growled as Ryan shut the door behind him “Where the fuck where you?”
“I was just looking around Brendon” Ryan shook
“You fucking twat” He said storming toward Ryan grasping his collar “You could get yourself killed”
Ryan whimpered, looking at Brendon his eyes meeting Brendon’s whose where dark with anger and sin. Ryan’s where filled with fear.
“Urie” someone barked from the door, Brendon let go of Ryan; who slide away into a safe corner of the room.
“What the fuck do you want? Matthew” Brendon said to the taller man
“You bastard” Zacky tried to get by Brian and Johnny who where holding him back , the man looked as if he was trying to fight back the tearing in his eyes.
“That was low, even for you” Matt said to Brendon “Have you no fucking honor” he twisted the baseball bat in his hand.
“You bastard” Zacky screamed again at Brendon “My fifteen year old sister, you asshole she was so young, I hope you burn in hell for what you did to her”
“Yeah, yeah” Brendon said a smirk twisting in his features “and your virgin little sister she loved it and when she asked why I was doing this to her, I just said your names.”
At this point Matt could no longer contain his anger; he took that bat and smashed it into Brendon’s face.
As this happened the four other burley men stepped forward weapons raised as they pounced on the smaller man and all Ryan could do was sit and watch.
They finally stopped beating him after sometime each one standing panting hard, they knew he was at deaths door and they were happy to leave him there.
“That was for her” Matt said then spat on him as did Johnny, Brain, jimmy and Zacky.
They left the weedy man beaten and bloodied on the creaking floor. Ryan crawled over to him
“Brendon” he whispered fearfully
The dark haired man looked at him with one eye; the other swollen shut
“Matthew can blow me”

A/N: so first off this is what i came up with when me and warsweater listen to Build Good then we'll talk 5 times and came up with a story
secondly i'm sorry that i havent really updated my stories resiliently, i have had writers block but i will have something up soon
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