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Ryan hated school; possibly because he got bullied and bullied bad. He got beat-up, name calling you name it, it happened to him. He guessed that was the reason why he put the knife in his bag case he was sick of it all.
He walked to school one foot in front of the other, breathing lightly before he heard the first taunt of the day.
"Oi, fag!" Daniel yelled at Ryan.
Ryan walked a bit faster, fingering the knife at his side, his breathing a little heavier.
"Mother fucker, he's talking to you!" Kyle shouted at Ryan.
Ryan started to tremble as adrenalin and fear coursed through his veins.
"Look I don't want to hurt you." Ryan said, nervously.
"What you going to do, Georgey?" Daniel retorted.
At this Ryan lost it; he took the knife and slammed it into Daniels gut, he watched as the warm blood splashed on to his hand. His face was filled with shock and fear for what would wait for him in the afterlife. Daniel slumped to the ground; knife still buried in his stomach, at an awkward angle.
Ryan was shaking for pure fear and terror, what was he going to do, he would go to jail; he would never survive in prison.
Kyle walked towards Ryan as if to hit him; Ryan would have welcomed it but as Kyle tossed the punch it was caught but a stranger. the stranger had dark hair and darker eyes.
The stranger twisted his Kyles arm behind his back the smashed his face viscously into the nearest wall, Kyles nose gushed as the stranger dropped him to the ground the kicked into him. the stranger went down to his level and smacked his head into the ground until a he heard a horrid crack come from his skull. He smiled wickedly to himself.
The stranger looked at Daniel who grunted as the stranger pulled the knife from his belly.
Daniel looked helplessly at the stranger "What you going to do, Danny?" he said then but the knife back into Daniel and pulled it up so it made a deep gash in his stomach this causing internal organs to spew on to the concrete.
The stranger turned to Ryan he was sure he was next but the stranger dropped the knife and ran next to the crying boy and wrapped him in an embrace.
"Shh it's okay." The stranger said his voice was smooth like Italian coffee. "You'll be okay."
Ryan soon found himself leaning against the wall, in the strangers embrace.
The stranger kissed him lightly on the neck, "You'll be okay." he whispered huskily on Ryan's ear. Ryan turned slightly, the stranger caught his lips and soon forced his tongue into Ryan's mouth. He moaned,then the strangers hand made his way down to Ryan's pants, he cups him and when Ryan made no protest, he popped the button and undid the fly. Ryan broke the kiss cursing the fact that the human body couldn't do anything without lungs full of air. The stranger lowered himself on to his knees.
"What are you...?" Ryan asked but was cut of by the stranger hushing him.
He started to stroke Ryan, who groaned and gritted his teeth; he wasn't quite sure what to make of all this, but seeing as he'd effectively ended a man's life, this little sin wouldn't count for much.
The stranger's hand was soon replaced by his mouth, after a few brisk tugs and a couple of ambiguous noises. Ryan began to feel dizzy; pleasure swirling around and up into his guts, mind racing with over-analytical thoughts that eventually sunk out through his mouth in form of moaning.
"I'm..." Ryan started but the stranger flicked his wrist in a way that told him to shut his mouth, as the stranger moved faster.
Ryan tried not to relax, tried to keep every muscle in his body tensed, but he just couldn't with the the way the stranger was working. His eyes flickered and his face calmed, his hands unclenched and his knees buckled. Suddenly, he was shaking and more dizzy than before, sweating more than before, much more tired than before, and the stranger slid upwards like a snake, until his face was a blur in front of Ryan's eyes. He wiped his mouth and helped Ryan into his pants again.
"I'll take care of you, give you a place to live- with me and... my associates." he explained.
Ryan thought for a second, then nodded. He hummed as he nodded. "Yes- I- I'd like that. I want to come with you."
The stranger smiled, then began to walk off, Ryan following suit.
"I'm Brendon by the way." the stranger told him, just as Ryan was beginning to wonder.
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