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Mina Baker was Brendon next target. Why? Simple; he was sick of Matt, Johnny, Brian, Jimmy and Zackary thinking they were better than him. He would show them. He wanted to do this just for his sick satisfaction; he loved killing young girls and Mina fit right into that at fifteen years old. That and the fact that he wanted them to suffer.
He had been watching her for two weeks now, he had followed Matt skilfully and only now realised how close she was to them all.
Sitting in some filthy little bar on the out skirts of town did he find himself watching them, beer bottles and shot glasses sat on the table although he was sure Zackary wouldn't be letting his little sister drink.
"Oh Mina" Matt said wrapping his tattoo encrusted arms around the small girl "Would you just marry?" he said clearly drunk. Brendon laughed to himself because, in his mind, Matt would never- could never- settle down with a nice girl and play the role of a devoted husband.
The table erupted with laughter except from Zacky; who looked like he would kill his best friend at that moment.
"Matt" he said "That's my little sister." which caused more laughter at the table.
"Sorry, Matt" the small girl smiled shyly "No" she pushed some stray black hair from her face.
Brendon knew that tonight would be the est night to get her, her brother and his friends would be intoxicated so it would be almost easy.

He climbed the dead tree outside the Baker residence know what room his latest victim was in. He cursed lightly as he caught himself on a branch. He peered in the window of her bedroom, knowing that her brother, Jimmy, Johnny and Brian where passed out downstairs as for Matt he wasn't sure. He was about to push himself into the room when the door opened and Matt stepped into the room silently. That was the one thing Brendon never could under stand how such a big tall muscle guy like Matt could be so quiet.
He walked up behind Mina wrapping his arms around her tiny frame, she was small enough -or he was tall enough- that Matt could rest his chin on the crown of Mina's head.
He placed his lips on her cheek "I meant what I said earlier." he said, Brendon could hear what was being said and had to still a laugh.
"About marring me?" Mina laughed almost perfectly at ease in his arms.
"I like you." Matt confessed, Brendon knew he had to be quiet or he would get caught but, fuck, this was so funny to him.
Matt turned her round so she was facing him, he placed his lips on her's, a simple kiss at first but then grew more passionate as Matt's tongue slithered into her mouth.
She broke it suddenly "No" she said "Matt we can't I'm under-age and you're one of Zacky's best friends."
Brendon stiffened another life thinking of what she might say if she knew what he, her brother and the others had done while they where away.
"Okay but your only under-age for another year." Matt said
"Matt, it's eighteen here." she explained killing whatever hope he had.
Matt sighed out, knowing he would get nowhere, because, like her brother, she was strong minded. He mumbled something along the lines of a good night before leaving the room.
Brendon smiled to himself. Just as Mina was leaning out the window- getting some fresh air, in the hope that new oxygen would clear her head- he sunk into the room and up behind her. He twisted a blade carefully, dangerously close to her throat and whispered happily.
"You scream and you die right here, right now."
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