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"Wallet with ten dollars," the warden said to Brendon as he handed him back the fold of leather "a set of house keys and one lighter." Brendon looks at the lighter remembering the man who had given him it.
"I won't be needing this." he remarked coldly as he handed the lighter back to the warden; who simply shrugged and placed it back on the table.
"Hopefully we won't see you in here again." he said
Brendon turned on his heels and left the grey concrete building. Knowing his exacted way to go to get where he wanted to be.
He was soon walking up the wooden steps of the old house,
God he thought to himself This shit hole still looks like its about to fall apart
He placed one of the keys on the ring in the door hoping that they hadn't changed the locks; they hadn't. Brendon walked into the-what was supposed to be- living room, Jimmy lay on the beat up discoloured sofa passed out with a knife in his hand, Brendon would bet his right arm that there was some dead girl upstairs. he walked into the kitchen which was still the same after all these years. still white and blue tiles that looked as if they needed a good scrub and a creaky wooden table that had a bible holding one of the legs so it was level with the rest.
And thee he sat, his eyes hidden by sunglasses and a baseball cap on his head. Brendon noticed he had collected a few more tattoos over the years. he held some paper in his hand, he was reading intently they is possibly why he didn't notice Brendon.
"Fuck this girl's got talent." he murmured to himself "I really wish Zacky would stop smoking in here it's pissing me off."
"Smoking still bothers you Matt." Brendon said dryly, Matt didn't jump or reacted in anyway to Brendon's presents.
"You know I really shouldn't have trusted you." Brendon said "Cause I dont know if you've been to prison Matthew but it's not fun"
Matt flinched at the use of his full name "Well Brendon it wasn't my fault." Matt shot back
"It wasn't your fault!" Brendon yelled "I've been in prison for five years, I've had my bones broken, lumps beaten out of me, been put in solitary confinement and all you can say is it wasn't your fault!"
Matt noticed how different Brendon was; he wasn't the shy kid who he was first introducer to a little over five years ago.
"So what?" Matt said standing up- Brendon also noted he had grown at least five inches since he had last saw him- placing his hands on the table "You here to kill me and the others, for revenge."
"No," Brendon said "That would be too easy, I'm here to make you suffer,you" Brendon said coldly pointing at Matt "Matthew Charles Sanders brought this upon yourself and the others just a quick warning." he tossed his key at Matt.
Matt sighed as he heard the door shut, taking off his cap he ran a hand through his short hair.
"Was that Brendon?" Zacky asked
"Yeah and he's pissed at us." Matt said
"Matt what happened wasn't our fault." Zacky said
"I know, I know." Matt placed the cap back on his head "Still set to go see your sister?"
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