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Chapter Five

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Short chapter, I'm so sorry D':

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"Get out of the car!" Korse barked, stopping a few steps away from the car "I know that my bride is in there."
Jet-Star rolled down the window "You have no proof!"
"Get out the car and this will all be over."
"Hey Korse," Agent Anarchy called "When this is over, I'm gonna go get my hair done. Wanna come? I think your roots need doing."
He glared at her "I wouldn't want to ruin your Mexican Parade."
"For fucks sake!" Agent Anarchy yelled, trying to climb out of the car. Me and Fun Ghoul had to hold her in "Let me go! I don't like being called Mexican!"
"I know but getting out there and starting a fight with Korse wouldn't be the best thing to do right now," I told her "Just let it go. You did insult his hair."
"He doesn't have any!" She snapped, settling back into her seat "I bet his Mother took one look at him and ran away."
"What are we going to do?" Screaming Revolver asked.
"We should give up Lady Mandess!" Colorful Shadow whispered "And then he'll leave us alone."
Lady Madness blushed while I hissed "Korse? Leave us alone? Have you been drugged up on Better Living crap?"
"Don't be stupid," Party Poison hissed "I've ran over a couple of dracs before. No big deal."
"As I re-call, you all died." Missile Kid giggled "And I got away."
Fun Ghoul rolled her eyes "Typical, you die trying to save a kids life and they laugh at you."
"I'm not laughing!" Missile Kid told him, pulling a straight face while trying not to laugh "See. Totally not laughing."
"Just fucking drive already!" Agent Anarchy complained.
Party Poison stepped on it and drove forwards. He knocked over two dracs and continued to drive.
"Do you think they saw that I was in the car?" Lady Madness asked.
"Why do you think they surrounded us?" Agent Anarchy replied.
I shook my head "We'd be the first suspects. We're BLI's most wanted."
"I still blame her," Agent Anarchy sniffed "Where are we going now?"
"No clue." Party Poison replied with a small.
Jet-Star sighed heavily "Jeez, you never have a clue do you? I have a clue. It involves an awful lot of sand."
"Shut up."
"Don't start again!" Colorful Shadow cried.

[A/N] - Sorry about the stupidly short chapter D': I promise I'll make up for it tomorrow :')
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