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Chapter Six

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The car stops.

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[A/N] - I was too tired to write the FanFic chapter last night so I'm writing it now :L Sorry if it's really short. Been decorating with my Mom all day to have my Step-dad come home and say "It's crap!" then finish it all of for us... Yep.

After a few hours driving the car halted to a stop. "Why'd you stop?" I asked my older brother.
He didn't say anything. Jet supplied his answer for me "He didn't stop. The car ran out of gas. Didn't it Party?"
"Okay it might have run out of gas," Party said almost sulkily "What are you gonna do about it?"
"I think we have a thing of thing in the thing." Ghoul stated.
Colorful Shadow rolled her eyes "That sentence made so much sense."
Fun Ghoul stuck his tongue out at her and jumped out of the car. He ran round to the trunk of the car and poured some gas into the car before hopping back inside "That should keep us going for about fifteen minutes. And it's the last we've got so I hope one of you has a plan."
"Why can't you think of a plan?" Colorful Shadow asked him.
Fun Ghoul stuck his tongue out again and said "It was me who put the gas in the car. It's thanks to me that we're going to get somewhere in the next fifteen minutes. I was the last one to think of something! It's someone elses turn!"
"That's a brilliant attitude." Colorful Shadow mumbled but Fun Ghoul just chose to ignore her this time.
"We'll drive to the gas station." Party Poison said "Give me the map whoever has it."
Lady Madness was already reading it "I've found where we are," She told us "I think the next gas station is in that direction..." She pointed.
Agent Anarchy snatched the map away from her "Gimme that! Where do you think we are?" Lady Madness pointed to a place on the map and Agent Anarchy looked through it "Yeah... I think she's right actually."
"Tell me the directions then," Party Poison said to Agent Anarchy, starting up the engine "We'll fill up and then we'll go make camp somewhere. It's starting to get dark."
"Can't we just go back to headquarters?" Screaming Revolver asked "There was something I was kinda hoping to tell you..."
"It'll take us all night to get back to headquarters," Party Poison told her "Just tell me another time."
"But it's important..."
"More important than survivng?" Party snapped "I'm sorry, I'm just stressed out. Now be quiet while Agent Anarchy points out the directions to the gas station."
Agent Anarchy got into the front of the car, sitting in between Party and Jet. I edged over to Lady Madness and whispered "You might've just earned her respect."
"You sure?"
"Pretty sure. Unless she's mad that you read the map before she got a chance too."
"I was only trying to help," Lady Madness whispered back "Make myself usefull you know. I feel like I'm getting in the way so much. I'd go off by myself but I wouldn't last two minutes."
"I wouldn't go off by yourself. Korse is gonna be pretty pissed off that you've now run away from him twice."
"It's really weird driving everywhere," She told me "Since I've been stuck in Better Living all my life I always wanted to see what I was missing."
We both looked out the window and I laughed "You weren't missing a lot."
"It's a lot better than being locked up in there. It was so boring, there was nothing to do."
"I thought Korse showed you all that stuff?"
"Yeah but watching isn't the same as getting involved," She sighed "That's why I was so eager to read the map. I wanted to do something usefull. And I kinda didn't wanna feel like I was just taking up space."
"It's not like that," I told her "Nobody thinks you're a waste of space."
"I do."
I didn't know what to say so I just said "Well I don't think you are. I'm really glad you're here actually."
She smiled at me gratefully before turning her attention back to the world zooming past us outside. I know she's been shut up at headquarters for years but I still don't see how she finds the desert so fascinating. As far as I can see, it's just a bunch of sand and the occasional plant.
We made it to the gas station. Just about. We stopped just a few metres before it. We all had to get out and push the car to the gas pump. Party filled it while the rest of had a look at what was on display.
Me and Missile Kid managed to hack a vending machine. Half of the stuff in there were Better Living Industries supplies so it meant that we were stealing from them. Added bonus!
"Now to find somewhere to set up a camp," Party told us as well got back into the car.
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