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So long and Goodnight

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Hey lovelies! This is the big finale! I hope its okay :) x

Gerards POV
I woke up to two golden pools staring at my face. A nice feeling hung in the air although I couldn't place it exactly. It was a warm atmosphere, kind of right and very new. I smiled and pressed my forehead against the more beautiful person lying by my side. He put an arm around my waist as we just lay together on the cold, hard floor. Today we were moving in for good, well I was. Frankie? He had to break it to his mother and because of him still being young we also needed permission which was unlikely. Linda was vert protective over frankie and she was also fragile as of lately. However,this was our future together and so she could understand. Ray and Bob were close by too. Just across the hall in fact. They were sharing one apartment, now this was going to be fun. They would be up all night making a mess and playing video games, probably keeping me awake in the process. Those guys lived loud! I was excited though and I hoped Frank
could join me and become my constant company.

Franks POV
Clothes? Yep. Crockery? Uh huh. Lamp? Yeah. Bookcase? You got it! I was moving in with Gerard today, well, kind of. I was going to stay there while Mom worked away and also every weekend. I was allowed to move some of my things in. About a quarter of the clothes I owned. Some posters and some things to help me study. I was excited beyond belief though and tonight I was allowed to stay with him just to get settled and to create our home. I couldn't wait.


Gerards POV
The apartment was finally finished. Cleaned to perfection. Wallpaper freshly pasted down. Photographs I'd ept hung all around the place. We had a bed, a couch, a tiny TV, a second hand fridge and no hot water. I had a job at a book store which sucked majorly but was also a blessing. The electric and heating barely worked and we had the world against us. Barely any money to our names but guess what? We had eachother and that is all that we needed.
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