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You're finally here to save me!

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Hey guys! After this we have the big finale until sequel! I'm planning to begin writing that in september and so after this and between then i'm planning on writing up some one shots and maybe a poem or two! Thankyou for your patience and pure amazingness! :) x

Franks POV
Thank god morning came around fast. It was also our last week of school until next year and the best thing going on? Gerard was coming home today and with Mom at work and a fake phonecall explainng my abscence I was going to be right here waitting for him. Donna was bringing him home and so I'd have to visit the Ways later on tonight. I was so happy he would be back for good. I new he would need a lot of looking after but like I cared. Anything for him. The plan was that thanks to Gerard being the persuasive sassy princess he was I would stay with the ways this week. I was supposed to be in school today to collect work but all I wanted to do was spend every day with Gerard. As if I'd even think of doing school work? Four days and five nights of Gerard Way. Not a second should be wasted. He would be spoiled, waited on hand and foot, lazy, loved and showered with endless days curled up in bed. I owed him that much at the very least. He saved my life and came back to me from his newer home. And in honesty? I would love being with him for all this week too. I was still adjusting to Donna actually agreeing with this arrangement. One thing I had left to do? Get his welcome home gift set up.


I went over to the Ways to set up Gerards homecoming. I decided to throw him a party. Well a kind of party. A dinner and some fireworks afterwards as well as me giving him the concert tickets I bought for him. I knew he loved the band Black Flag and so when someone sent two discount tickets my way how was I supposed to refuse? The dinner was going to be the highlight for sure. Why? Because it was me cooking it all. I wanted to keep it simple, just so I could pull it off and leave the Ways with a usable kitchen. I'd decided to make spaghetti and meatballs and two pizzas. He was half italian and so sure he'd like that. Not only that. I mean it looked prettty simple except for the meatballs. Who gives a fuck though? Its not like I'd be eating them anyways.

Gerards POV
It was time to go now. Thank heavens for that! I couldn't stand the bleachiness of the place anymore. And as for the bleakness? Don't get me started. I would get to see my Frankie again and that was making me the happiest. I wondered how he was. I knew he would have been okay but what had been going on for him. Was his mom okay? He hadn't cut again, had he? Had he gone to see his father yet? I was getting anxious waiting to see him again. I had showered and fluffed up my hair so it looked clean and shiny. I was also of course wearing my bracelet and the tighest ripped jeans I owned. Not that I was wearing them for bribery or provoking sexual excitement or anything. I was excited to see him again though. Normally I have some patience but today the waiting was killing me. "Gee we're going now. You ready?" Mom called at last. Thank fuck for that! Without a word I grabbed my bag and leapt of the bed into the corridor.

Mikeys POV
Frank has destroyed our kitchen. Like actually destroyed the place. He put sauce in the blender? He forgot to put the lid on the blender when he turned it on. You can probably imagine. He was trying for Gee though which was nice. And Gerard? He had a thing or three in store for Frank tonight. Our father and he came to an arrangement. Something Frank will love. "Mikey! The tomatoes are stuck in the lightshade!"

Gerards POV
ome. I could scream out with joy but instead I run straight into the house before the car has even stopped moving. "Frank!" I scream as I see him and we run up to eachother. Flinging our arms around eachother and laughing yet crying at the same time. We kiss passionately without a care in the world and then a cough interupts us. Ricky. As much as I want to smash his face in for ruining that perfect moment we just shared, I resisted as frank laced his fingers through mine and kissed me quickly on the cheek. He and Mom smile at us and then as ricky goes to open his mouth, mikey interupts "dinners ready!" , yeah. Karmas a bitch.


"Frank, thankyou." I said for the wonderful evening he had made happen. We laughed over dinner about how Mikey had to take over after an incident involving tomatoes and a blender. And then he'd created a little firework show. He's so thoughtful and sweet. We stood chest to chest and looked to the sky as colours and stars made the sky look beautiful. He'd gone to all this trouble and all he said was " you're welcome Gee." And smiled cutely like always.

Now it was my turn to surprise him. I took him out of my house and led him to a place he didn't know, two blocks away. I wonder why he's not scared? I'd be terrified in honesty. We stopped outside an apartment block. Little did he know one of these was our new and first home together. He looked at me baffled. "What?" I say to him as I drag him up the pathway to the front door. " Where are we going Gerard?" Frank asked me nervously.
"Its a surprise!" I reply enthusiastically scanning my key on the intercom.
He cautiously follows me up three flights of stairs until we finally reach 28 holly court. AKA our new home.
I usher him inside and announce: "Frank Iero, meet our new place!" I smile at him and put my arms in the air. " W what?!" He asks his jaw dropping. I smile at him again and kiss him with power and desperation almost. "We're going to live here, together." I say again as he snaps back to reality. "Are you fucking kidding me?! Oh my god! Gerard! Thankyou so much! This is perfect!" He screams playing the girl again as he jumps into me with his arms draped around my neck and his thighs level with my waist. "It's not much Frank, but it's ours!" I smile as he kisses me this time. We eve
ntually break for air before our lips become united again and don't break. He begins unbuttoning my shirt gently and I remove his, throwing it to the ground. And well you can guess what happened next. We slept on the floor that night, but wrapped up in Frankie? I couldn't have been more comfortable.

Awww! :) the finale will be up asap! I hope this was okay! Thankyou for reading! :) x
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