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Come back to me

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Hello kids! Sorry about my lack of updates! I will be trying to update more and finish this story hopefully before next week! When I am home I will be starting my new story which I plan to be a sequel to this one! Any other ideas or preferences are much appreciated! So don't hesitate! Also I'm sorry if this sucks as I'm updating on my phone in ikea with my friend and her awesome new converse! :) thanks for all of the help!

Gerards POV
She's scaring me. She wants me to follow her. But why? What is her reason? A sign? She looks familiar. Her flowing blonde hair, her pale complexion and hollow yet comfortiing and sparkling eyes. And then it hits me like a cannonball. This is my grandmother Elena. She looks like my mom. Maybe older but its her for certain. I just follow in a shock induced trance. She leads me to a dark crimson and gold themed room. A black casket lies before me and she's gone. Where is she? I call out her name. No response. Something is taking my hand, I don't see it but its there. I can feel it. Unmistakable. And I'm drawn to the casket as I begin to sweat. The lid is lifted before I can prepare myself and there lies Frankie. Elena's bloodied handprint on his bare torso with I warned you not to hurt him beneath. And then the voices come. "You killed frankie!" "You never loved him, did you?" They whisper
from inside the walls. " You're lying! Shut up! Stop!" I yell, m hands over my ears.
My eyes snap open. "Gerard, are you okay?" Mom stands over me, her face wearing an expression of concern and the long for sleep. I bring my hand up to my forehead. Its clammy and damp with my own perspiration. " I I think I'm f fine." I mumble. She strokes my hair and sits back down at my bedside. It was all just a dream. Frankie was fine without me for years before I got back. He'll last one night.
Me on the other hand? I hadn't had a nightmare since I was 9 and I was missing him with desperation. I tried to get to sleep again but thoughts of the most beautiful person ever were keeping me wide awake. I lay there and looked at my bracelet longing for him.

Frankies POV
I lay awake. Thinking about what rings we would get to represent our engagement. We had temporary ones for the time being. It wasn't like it mattered what rings wed have but it was a nice thing to imagine. I wondered how we would even afford that. Sure, everyone knew now but spending thousand on our rings was unlikely. I'm not even sure they knew we were engaged. They knew we were together again and completely committed but engagement would stil be a shocker. I knew Donna was against marriage at a young age, especially as a teenager, but I imagined we would wait for a few years. Us getting back together happened without a plan and very quickly. Maybe we needed to slow right down for a while. I wish I could tell him these things myself. It was scary though. You know? He might get offended or disagree and end everything there and then. But then again he was one of the most accepting and understanding people I'd ever met. I wondered what he was doing right now. And not being able to guess made me want him home even more. I didn't even know that could be possi
ble, or that I could feel that much for somebody else. I was definitely the girl in this relationship.

Alicias POV
"Mom, this sucks." I tell her through tears on the phone. More sharpness in my voice than I intended. "I know honey. I know." But she doesn't. She's clueless about trying to love someone from so far away. She thinks she knows just because I have to survive with this situation. And now for the next few years I get to hang out with my friends in couples while I stand alone and pretend I'm having the time of my life. Come back to Colorado Mikey Way. Come back to me.

AN: So i plan on 2 more chapters to this and then a sequel if you're happy with that. :) thanks for reading and giving me motivation! Xx
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