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Frank opens up to his Mom whilst it's time to say goodbye to Alicia.

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YAY! I am loving writing this story and it's getting closer to the end! I am thinking of making a prequel to this story and possibly also a sequel! On top of that i'm going to try and write up some adulthood frerard stories :) If you don't like these ideas then dw! I can scrap those!

Frankie's POV
"Mr Way was very lucky.. But he will need a week or so to recover. I've given you a sheet telling you when to administrate him his medications and they're best taken with a meal, although one side affect of these pills is loss of appetite." The doctor told me, eyeing me seriously over his glasses. Gerard was healing up well enough, but he still had a pretty bad concussion and needed alot of care. He was going to be needing a lot of bed rest and the least amount of stress possible. Gerard? No stress? That doesn't sound very likely. And to make matters worse? He had been instructed to avoid caffeine... for two weeks. No coffee for fourteen days?!?!?!? Gerard Freaking Way! I don't know how how is going to last. " Okay Doctor R- R-a-p-lio?" I asked, this dudes name was hard to remember. " Dr Rapiello." He corrected me sighing, as this was the fiftieth time he had needed to correct me today. " Oh. Sorry doctor, thanks again." I said as he strolled down the whitewashed corridors. At least Gee could come home again. He was going insane in this place and the needles were scaring the hell out of him. Donna was wanting him home again too. She wanted both of her sons to play a part in helping her plan her big day and Mikey had said the house was just too quiet, although with Bob and Ray practically living there these days I wondered how on earth that was possible. I walked back into the dingy, vomit coloured room Gerard was occupying to deliver the good news " Gee." I shook him slightly as he seemed to be sleeping. " Gee!" I raised my voice a little and shook him more aggressively. Suddenly, a machine began bleeping and I yelled frantically for a nurse. " Help me! Help! Somebody, Please!" I cried hitting the panic button. In seconds a herd of doctors and nurses burst into the room surrounding the small metal bed. Needles were being poked into him and I almost heard him scream in my mind. " Stop! You're hurting him!" I yelled as two tall, burly doctors bundled me out of the room. " Mr Iero! Calm Down!" One yelled as they released me.I slipped down the wall onto the cold, hard floor sobbing as shouts and instructions were being flung around the room. I heard the buzz of a machine burst into life as I glanced through the small window. They were shocking him, his heart had stopped. Suddenly, an overwhelming calm swept across the room. The doctors and nurses froze and began packing up their equipment. I shuddered in horror. He was gone.

Gerards POV
Where had he gone? I could see all these doctors and nurses but no Frankie. Was I dead? This must be heaven, well it sure is overrated. I mean, eurgh. " Mr Way, you had us all terrified for a second there." A man in a white coat smiled down at me, leaning over me slightly. " I'll have someone send for that boy outside. He's crazy about you. Hang onto him." He said as a nurse left the room. Everyone then left in unison. I was left alone for a few moments. Frankie? Who was the boy outside? It was Frankie I hoped. Then, a smallish boy burst through the door crying and laughing slightly. He hugged me tight. " I thought you were dead you bastard! You had me terrified!" He laughed, his face pressed into the stubble on my neck. We stayed there for a couple of minutes. " I told you i wouldn't leave you again didn't i?" I smiled at him pushing his fringe out of his eyes. " Am i allowed to go home yet?" I asked him. He bit his lip like he always did when he was uncertain. " You were Gee. But they want to keep you in for observations after you went into cardiac arrest." He said nervously. He knew i hated it in here. And who wouldn't? There were needles everywhere and everywhere was just bare and white. Not even crisp clean white. Like bleak, sickly white. And the overpowering stench of disinfectant was beginning to hurt my nostrils. " Please Frank. Make them change their minds. Please." I pleaded with him. I knew he was powerless, but i couldn't say no to him and hopefully neither could the doctors. Then we could skip off home and never come back here again. Ever. " Gee, I tried just now. They said no... but maybe tomorrow. And i'll stay with you again, ok?" He smiled weakly. He looked awful though. I couldn't let him stay with me again. His eyes were bleary, his mouth was dry and his skin was rough and unclean. Stubble was forming all over his face and his hair stuck to his red, blotchy face. " No Frankie. Go home. Take a shower and get some sleep." I said hugging him tighter. " No, i'm fine. I'll stay-" He protested before i interrupted him. With a deep breath and few rapid blinks of my eyes I called out " Nurse! Nurse!" She came rushing to me from out of nowhere. " Tell my visitor to leave and not come back tonight! He won't leave me alone! He's stalking me!" I exaggerated. She laughed understanding the facade while Frank looked at me with wide eyes and a blank face. " Ok Sweetie. Mr Way needs some rest and so do you by the looks of things. So head home ok? You can come back tomorrow to see if he can come home." She smiled as Frank gave me a quick kiss and left. " Smug little Fucker!" He said on his way out giving me the finger. I giggled. He was a funny kid my fiancée.

" Frankie!" Mom cried rushing over to me and wrapping me in a huge hug.
" Oh my! Mrs Way called and told me everything! Are you ok? He didn't hurt you did he? Gosh, I can't believe Gerard let that happen to you...."
" Mom. he didn't ok? It wasn't his fault." I said ending our hug.
She looked at me with sadness. " Ok honey. Well let's get you something nice to eat. You go and shower and it'll be ready when you come back down." She smiled at me. I smiled back and went up the stairs. The warm water felt nice on my skin as it blasted down on me. It was soft like kisses from the rain. The watermelon shampoo's strong yet floral scent was refreshing and new compared to the vile stench of bleach i had been surrounded by previously. It was nice to be home for one night, but i couldn't help worrying about Gerard. What if he needed an injection and nobody was there to hold his hand? What if he got worse during the night? I decided to get out of the shower and call the hospital. I dried myself with a huge fluffy towel and put on my favourite skeleton pyjamas, i still looked a mess. But a whole lot cleaner, at least. I dashed downstairs and went straight for the phone. I pressed in the number at lightnings pace. " Hello there, St. Alexandria's hospital how can i help you?" the friendly voice asked.
" Hello, it's Frank Iero. I'm asking to see if my boyf- fiancée Gerard Way is doing okay? I was told to go home earlier today and i just want to know he's OK, if you know what i mean." i said uncertainly.
" Ah yes, Mr Iero. I know who you are now. Your fiancée is doing just fine. No need to worry. His mother is spending tonight with him and we will call you if there are any changes to his condition." The voice reassured me.
" Okay, Thankyou. Bye now." I said before taking my place at the dining table. It was nice to know he was okay and Donna was there with him but i still felt guilty about not being there. Mom came out of the kitchen carrying a plate of vegetarian chilli con carne and i began to tuck in as she sat down beside me. " I spoke to your father today." She said taking a sip of her wine. I looked up at her and she smiled. " He wants to see you tomorrow. He's found a little apartment not too far from Belleville and he's met a girl." Mom almost whispered the last part, yet she still managed a smile for my sake. " He wants to make sure you're okay and he misses you. He also wants you to take Gerard to meet him once he's better." She said looking down at her hands.
" That's nice." I said simply continuing to eat. " Mom, me and you are okay like this. I like the way we live. I'm happy." I reassured her managing a smile despite all my worries. She looked at me for a few seconds before she spoke again. " Frankie, we are always going to be fine." She smiled and meant it this time. " I need to ask you though son." She said. " Are things with Gerard okay? I hate to bring this all on you now Frank. But, i saw your arm the other day... there were cuts... spelling out Gerard." She said her voice shaking. " He is being good to you, right? Because i can't have everything collapse onto you like last time and like this mess your father and I created." She said looking right at me. I got up and went over to hug her. She stood up and beat me to it. " He is Mom." I mumbled into hear ear and the strain of the past few weeks was unleashed as we stood there together, shaking with kept in teardrops, finally breaking free.

At the Ways House

Mikeys POV
"You got everything then?" I said to her as she stood before me carrying two huge bags.
" Yeah, i checked. Thankyou for letting me stay. Please tell your Mom that. And i'm sorry about Ricky and Eliza and everything i caused." She said looking solemn.
" Hey, it's not your fault. And you're welcome here anytime. I'll come down in a month or so. We have summer break soon." I tried to make the mood lighter but failing. Goodbyes were hard. Especially as this was our first one. It was hard to think it would be weeks before we could see eachother again. " Thanks Mikes. I'll miss you." She said as her eyes began to water like mine.
A cab beeped from outside. " Well this is it." She said lifting up her bags.
" Here." I said taking one from her and following her out of the house. I told the cab driver where to take her and hugged her tighter than i ever had before. " I'll see you soon enough, Ok?" I said to her as we both began to cry softly. " I love you. " I said stroking her new shorter hair.
" I love you too Mikes. I'll see you through summer." She almost whispered climbing into the cab. She waved as the cab pulled away and as the car turned the corner, i imagined the lonely next few weeks I would have to endure.

Aww Milicia! Hope you're all well kiddos! Love Always! :) x
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