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Time with the Toro!

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Party for Ray's birthday! :)

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Party with Mr Toro! I'd really love to know your opinions on whether i should continue this story! Thankyou for your time! :) x

Gerards POV
"A party? Like a full on party?" I ask Ray raising an eyebrow. The dude sure knows how to rock out and all but a party? Like Jocks, Cheerleaders, No parents, possibly underage sex. That wasn't quite Ray's style or so i thought anyways.
" Yeah! It's gonna be rad! Please say you'll come!" He said excitedly and pleading.
I shuddered at the memory of the last party i went too. Everything that happened that night and how i lost Frankie. I wouldn't and couldn't let that shit happen all over again. But i hadn't been to a party since and Ray was my best friend. I didn't want to let him down or miss celebrating his birthday. I looked at Frank who diverted his gaze to ray. " Yeah, we'll be there buddy. Can't wait." He said with a slight sigh at the end of his sentence. I could see how worried he was. But it would be different this time. We were alot stronger than we were back then. We were engaged for crying out loud. Nothing was going to take that away for us. Especially not some drugged up man whore named Bert. Then again, maybe he wouldn't show up. Maybe he would have other plans. From what i had heard since returning, he went out of state quite alot for surfing competitions and music shows with his band. I guess i'd just have to see what went down later.

Rays POV
Cups. Check. Drinks. Check. Food. Check. Rad tunes. Check. And now it was just the guests i was waiting for. I was really excited for tonight. My eighteenth birthday party, although my actual birthday was 2 days away. But who gives a fuck? Party tonight, hangover tomorrow, and then more partying! Tonight i was a man on a mission. This super adorable girl had caught my eye at school. She wasn't exactly popular. In fact, she spent a lot of her time reading books and visiting historical landmarks. Some would call her a nerd but she was more than that to me. I had actually help up a conversation with her and she was definitely very sweet. Super shy too, which i thought was fucking cute. Anyways, tonight i wanted her to feel popular and so i had invited her over. Not only was this for her benefit, i was hoping tonight i would be able to make her my girlfriend because for whatever reason i was definitely falling for Christa. I guess romance has no reasoning though, does it? I just hoped everything would go to plan and everyone would have a heck of a time! And that was why i was pretty nervous about inviting my friend Jepha. See every invite had a plus one with it and without a doubt i knew Jepha would bring along Bert McCracken. I didn't mind Bert really. But my concern of him being present was that Frank and Gerard were present tonight too. And i could not have a repeat of last time. It had ruined them both. No, tonight was going to be great. Fucking fine.

Franks POV
"Gerard! I have fucking told you! Now stop!" I screamed at him. I was on edge tonight, i had a feeling something really awful was going to happen. And now Gerard was making excuses for himself after i found him texting Bert Mc fucking Cracken. I don't know what runs through his head sometimes. He should already know that i am trying so hard to trust him again, yet he does bullshit things like this which tells me that i shouldn't be with him because he'll only betray me in the long run. " Frank, he text me. I was replying with basic answers. Can you calm the fuck down!" He retaliated, his voice kind of matching the way mine had been moments before.
" Calm down? You fucking cheated with him last time! And you say i should trust you because you've grown up and know what you want now. Fucking hell! Gerard Way, you need to understand that you have let me down before and i don't want it to happen again. I'm trying to trust you Gerard but when you do shit like this, i question my trying." I turned back around buttoning up my shirt so Gerard couldn't see my eyes filling with tears. I hated when we fought. It wasn't exactly a frequent occurrence but when it did happen, shit got out of control. Once we didn't speak for a week the argument was so bad. " Frank! Will you fucking let that go! It was a mistake okay! It's not happening again ever. I told you that." He said his voice quieting down now. I spun around to face him, " Oh i'm sorry i can't exactly forget that Gerard. Because obviously you've gotten over things so quickly when people have cheated on you." That took him right off guard. He didn't understand why. It had never happened to him. And as long as i was with him, despite being pissed at him now, he would never go through it.

At the Party

Gerards POV
Me and Frankie hadn't spoken since our row. As soon as we arrived here, he went off to find Bob and i headed for the drinks table. Soft Drinks, obviously. I pulled out a red platic cup and poured myself some Dr Pepper when i was met by a familiar face. " Baby, you need something stronger than that." The voice cooed into my ear as the aroma of Jack Daniels floated in the air surrounding me. It was unmistakable then. I turned around, met by the face of Bert McCracken. " I'm not drinking tonight Bert. I'm driving me and my boyf- fiancee home." I said shrugging my shoulders. " But it will do you good. Just the one won't hurt will it?" I admitted i was indeed tempted. Bert snaked his arms around my waist in an effort of persuasion. " No." I said pushing him off me to be met by a horrified looking Frankie. He shook his head at me in disgust. " This is why Gerard." He said. " You couldn't resist going back. Well have him then." He said looking hurt before disappearing. I tried to go after him only to be pulled back by Bert. " Who was that?" He asked suddenly looking very interested in my fiancee. The look in his eye was scaring me slightly. " My Fiancee. His name's Frankie, we had a fight and we haven't quite made up yet." I said sighing. I hated our rows. Other couples did that. But not me and Frankie. We usually discussed problems calmly. Yet i knew he had been pissed earlier. He probably had good reasons to be too in all honesty. I would have freaked if i was him. Bert wandered off as i pondered my thoughts in silence. I headed to the Sofas and found myself awkwardly resting in between two couples who desperately needed a bedroom. One of them was Ray and this chick called Christa, i smiled. He'd wanted her for a long time now and it seems as though they're getting along just fine. Not so much to my joy was my baby brother and Alicia. Sweet too but fucking disturbing when it's the kid you happen to share DNA with. I sighed, wondering where Frank was and how i could make it up to him. I realised now that i had let him down again. And i was being a total Jerk about the whole scenario. And Frankie didn't and may not ever fully trust me.

Berts POV
Frankie? What a cute little name! He was hot these days, not as scrawny as i remembered him. He needed to loosen up though. And trust me, i knew exactly how i was going to show that tease a good time. I slipped two white capsules into what appeared as a normal glass of cola. I had also spiked it with a hint of JD. Just for some extra effect. There he was. Moping in the garden. " Hey sweetie. You're looking down." I said pouting at him slightly. He looked up at me quite alarmed. Wow he was cute. Really fucking cute. " What do you want Bert?" He said with a Sigh. I sat down next to him and threw an arm around his shoulders as he tried to squirm away. " Oh come one baby, don't be like that. You need to loosen up a little and cheer up a little too." I smiled handing him the drink. He took it reluctantly and sniffed into the cup a little before, making me nervous. He drank and drank and before i knew it the black liquid was gone. And miserable Frank? He was gone too. He got up quickly, giggling wildly before grabbing my hand and leading me indoors to the makeshift dance floor. I grinded against him seductively, biting his neck every now and again. And i couldn't wait to get him upstairs.

Bobs POV
"Kat." I called out for my girlfriend who had seemed to have disappeared. Oh well. Wait. Frank? Bert? Grinding? What the fuck? Everybody around them looked embarrassed at how dirty their dancing was becoming. Where was Gerard? He of all people should know that Bert was not to be trusted. And with someone like Frank? He could fucking destroy him if he felt like it. Now i was continuing my searching, but this time it was for Gerard. Before any real damage could be done.

Franks POV
I felt fucking great. I was dancing and laughing and flirting with this really hot guy. He was nice to me. Not like Gerard was when he yelled at me. My vision was blurring a little bit and my hearing was lacking slightly. But i carried on dancing and drinking whiskey from the bottle. This was fun. The smashing pumpkins tonight tonight was playing and i was loving it alot. Then my new friend pulled me from the dancers and lead me upstairs.

Berts POV
He was wasted for sure. Fucking drugged out too. I pushed him onto the bed and slowly removed his shoes and shirt. He was hot as well as cute. I ran my tongue from his lower neck all the way to his belly button slowly as he moaned softly. I then unbuckled his belt and removed my own shirt. I was going to have fun tonight. Fiancee, my ass. He needed a good time and i was going to give that to him regardless of who he was fucking. That's all Gerard was to anyone, an easy, quick fuck. I stripped him of his underwear and undressed myself until we were both completely naked. I flipped him onto his stomach as he slurred " Gerard, W wher where is he?" I shushed him and began to hover of his backside. My tip found his entrance and i was just about to give this bitch the best sex ever.

Gerards POV
" Dude! Bert's done something to Frank. Hes dancing with him and they're drinking! We need to fucking do something Gee!" Bob panicked as he ran into me. falling on top of Mikey and Alicia and interrupting their dry sex fest. " Fuck! Dude!-" Mikey exclaimed clearly angry. Alicia looked pissed too. " Mikes, no time. Bert's got Frank!" I exclaimed as horror rushed through my brain. We ran through each room finding no trace of either of them. My head was going awol. Mikey and Alicia were panicking now too. " Oh fuck no!" Mikey said shaking his head. " We haven't checked upstairs." He said staring wide eyed at the floor as pure panic set in. We bolted up the stairs crashing into people all the way. They cursed at us something rotten but i didn't give two fucks. I needed to find Frank. After checking two bedrooms and finding couples having drunken sex we were fucking terrified. The Bobs face suddenly became alarmed and he dashed to the end bedroom, the most discreet in the whole house. And to my horror, there was Bert, just about to violate Frank in the worst way imaginable.
I launched myself at him, pulling him off Frank as Frank continued to cry and looks absolutely petrified. Bert smacked my repeatedly around the head and grabbed my hair so hard i could have sworn it was going to fall out of my scalp. Then he lifted up my head. " No!" I heard Franks blood curdling scream as everything went completely black.

Franks POV
I had been here for twelve hours now. Still shaken up and angry with myself for letting it all happen. I was an easy cheap whore wasn't i? And my own sins had ruined the person i cared for most in the world. He was hooked up to several different machines, IV needles in his hand. If he was awake to see them he'd be fucking screaming. His head was all bandaged up tightly. Luckily, the bleeding had subsided and no bones were broken. Most importantly, his skull was still in tact. I gripped his hand tightly again, praying it wouldn't be long before he came around and could go home. I gently kissed his forehead. " I'm sorry Gee. I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have been so mad at you and then he wouldn't have got me. I could have protected you, Gee, like the way you don't let anything get to me. The doctors said you've been very lucky. You could have fractured your skull or been brain damaged. But you haven't. You're okay except for a concussion. Now you just need to wake up. Open your eyes Gee. Please. I love you, you know. I really do and i still want to marry you and stay with you always. But i know I've hurt you so much already. If you want everything gone Gee, I'll understand. I'll be sad but i know this is unforgivable-" I sobbed to the lifeless yet beautiful body lying on the hospital bed at my side.

Gerards POV
Ow. My head was pounding. I could hear something so sweet though. A chorus of angels. Had i died last night? I knew something terrible had happened to my Frankie. Was he alright? What if something had happened to him. " If you want everything gone Gee, I'll understand. I'll be sad but i know this is unforgivable." Sobbing was now all i could hear. It was an angel wasn't it? It was my angel. My Frankie. Memories of the previous night came flooding back to me. Bert had tried to rape him. Bob said he had seen them drinking together. What if he'd drugged him too? Why had i allowed this all to happen? And now he thought i was letting him leave me. He thought i was going to let him be free? I know they say if you love someone you should let them be free. But i wasn't willing to do that. Not now and not ever. I opened my mouth and spoke groggily. " Shut the fuck up. I need you." I said and the angel started to question my response. He touched my cheek gently. " Gee, is that you? Are you awake?" His voice shook. I opened my eyes slowly and he collapsed onto me crying his heart out. " I thought you were dead." He cried into my neck. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him repeatedly. I had missed him so much and i had a lot of making up to do for this boy. I needed top apologise for my mistakes, my immaturity in our argument and above all for letting Bert get him. Although i'm in a hospital, i would do this everyday to save Frankie. He was my reason for living.

Haha Bert is going to be a nice boy from now on i promise! :) Thanks for reading! :) x

Gerards POV
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