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This cruel, complicated world

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Mikey gets weary of Bert and some life altering changes occur!

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Franks POV
"Marry me."
What? Had i heard him correctly? He asked [/me
to marry him. That just couldn't be true. He wouldn't have asked that question, even if he does love me like he says he does. Especially not right now. Everyone knew about us now and even ust being a couple had proven to be a shocker to them. An engaged couple? That was on a whole new level. Disaproval wouldn't cut the reaction i would get from those close to me. My Grandpa for example. Of course he was always supportive of me and i adored the man but he was unaware of my feelings for Gerard. He was unaware of my sexuality. He may be accepting but i couldn't risk losing the bond we shared if he didn't like it. He was too important to me. But then, so was Gerard. Damn. The black haired angel was staring at me intently as he had done since asking the question. If he did actually ask the question, that is. He was waiting for some kind of noise or something. I had been silent for a while i now realised. Lost in shock and consideration.
" I'm sorry Frankie, i shouldn't have pushed that on you. It's alright, forget i ever said anything." He broke the silence running a hand through his hair.
He really meant it didn't he? He wasn't just saying that to try and keep me longer. He actually wanted to marry me! Fireworks should have been going off, my heart was beating so fast and i couldn't contain myself much longer. A wide smile overtook my features as i launched myself at him, throwing my arms around his neck and then burying my face into that ivory white skin i liked so much. Gerard groaned as i had startled him and probably hurt him in the process of taking him down. " You want to marry me?" I laughed looking up at him now.
" Yes." He said after a few seconds, blushing furiously. " But i know it's not what you want so it's okay." He finished, forcing a fake smile.
" It's ok? I'm sorry Mr Way, but it's not okay. Nothing is. Everything's fucking amazing! I want to marry you! I really do, i swear!" I exclaimed kissing him as he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and smiled into the lip lock. We broke apart and smiled at eachother, forehead to forehead. " So are we engaged then?" Gerard asked giggling slightly, already knowing what my response was going to be.
" Yes." I smiled. And as he went to kiss me i moved away from him quickly. " But theres a few rules. First, no drugs or alcohol. And second, you're stuck with me forever now." I smiled.
" I wouldn't have it any other way." He said as we lay side by side, our legs and hands entwined soaking up the pure bliss that was this moment.

Hannas POV
Eliza burst in through the front door. " We have been looking for you everywhere!" she shrieked until she faced me sitting in the darkness on the couch. I had been crying for a long time now. I had ran home as fast as i could, just to feel secure again. I had ruined the evening. I felt terrible for Mrs Way and her son Mikey. As far as Gerard was concerned, i had no feelings towards him whatsoever. He had waltzed into the kitchen holding Frankie's hand. That should of been me. Eliza's Gerard too. And my Frankie. It was just so much to take. It was so hard to take too. I had just flipped and now as i was calming, the pain came flooding back to my heart. Eliza went silent and cautiously stepped forwards towards where i was sitting. I watched her with sadness filling my eyes that matched hers so much, and without another word or moment she wrapped her arms around my frame as i cried and cried, until morning finally came.

The next day

Gerards POV
I woke up that next morning feeling more than just happy. I was ecstatic and felt so safe. Yet i still got the familiar adrenaline rush i always got when i had Frankie near to me. He lay sleeping soundly next to me, his chest gently rising and falling as the rain beat down softly on my window pane. I slowly broke free from the embrace we had spent the entire night breathing in and gently covered Frankie with a blanket. I then crept downstairs into the kitchen, only to find my mother and Ricky sitting at the table looking deadly serious as they held hands across from one another. " Mom?" I asked. She turned slowly and looked up at me. " Sit down Sweetheart." She said in a soft voice, trying her best to be as quiet as possible. In this house the walls were like paper. Every single little noise could be heard through every little nook and cranny. It was one of the very few flaws the place held. " Gee, i'm sorry for not telling you about Eliza being here. You had a right to know she would be here. Is Frankie alright?" She asked meaningfully. Bless her. If only i had half the heart she had. " It's ok Mom. I'm sorry it went so sour. Frankie's sleeping still." I replied patting her on the shoulder gently and looking at her straight. " I'm glad he's ok, honey. And don't worry. It wasn't your fault. Or Franks for that matter. It was silly fo me not to tell everyone who would and wouldn't be here. I also want to tell you something son. I'm accepting you and Frankie. I love you and my job is to be there for you. And so if Frankie is what you want, then i want him for you too." She said smiling and now taking my hand. I nodded gratefully resisiting the urge to scream out with pure joy. I had Frankie forever and my family loved it. What could possibly go wrong now?

Mikeys POV
We were on our way into Town to meet Shreddie and Matt. Me, Alicia, Ray, Bob, Gerard and Frankie. It was a dark, dull day. The rain not letting any sunlight through but in our lives? Sunshine was the only thing that existed today. We had all properly had a good catch up and it felt as though we had never left. Me and Alicia had talked last night about Ricky and we both decided to be mature about it. Nothing is changing the fact that he is going to marry my mother and so Alicia will only visit when he goes away on business trips in future unless he is just completely unavoidable. He goes away at least twice a month with work and so this would be fine for us all. Not just me and her but Mom and Ricky too. And Frank and Gee? They were fucking cute! They were barely apart for more than two minutes at a time and i was so happy for them both. They needed eachother, i could see that. And i prayed nothing in this cruel, complicated world could break them apart. Especially not something that started with the letter B.

Aww! Engagement! :) x

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