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The reason is you

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Gerard has to tell Frankie something, meanwhile, Alicia and Ricky have words as Donna plays peacemaker.

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My second update of today! Haha i want to get this part of the story well underway! :) Thanks again! x

Gerards POV
I owed him that much. I had to tell him, even if i didn't want to. It was about something so awful. Something that should never have happened. It was in the past now, but that would make no difference. I was about to tell him something that could end us for good. " Frankie, i need to tell you something." I said as my tears subsided. He looked scared right away, already fearing the worst before i had even begun to speak. " I did something stupid before i came back to you, Frank. I want you to know that i didn't mean for it to happen and i want you to know that i understand if you leave me because of it." I took in a sharp breath. " I bought some coke Frank. I did some terrible things." I let the words escape from my tongue. Frankie's face fell. I could see his shock, his pure disappointment in me. I swore i was different, i was still the same though wasn't i? Still a scared, pathetic little baby in the body of someone who was soon to become a man. Someone who always took the easy way out and made every excuse and expected every single person to believe what he said which was mostly twisted truths and stupidity. " Who did you buy it from?" Frankie said, his eyes suddenly interested in the floor.
" B-bert..." I said, knowing this was the real blow to Frankie. " We did coke together. He visited and found me somehow. We ended up doing things again. I never meant to hurt you. I was hoping i wouldn't see him again but then i just did. And then the next morning i found you again and-..."
" And everything was right again Gerard? Do you think i haven't heard that before? You went to Bert as soon as you got back here! You didn't come for me! You're supposed to love me!" He cried standing up and trying to head for my door. I grabbed his hand and pulled him back towards me. " Frankie! I do love you, please. I didn't think you would take me back, otherwise i could have resisted Frankie. I know i could have. I'd do anything if it was for you." I begged him as he fell next to me. He cried harder, i released his hand and he sat bolt upright, just looking at me and crying his eyes out. " I can't believe it." He whispered inhaling frequently and quickly. " I can't believe i thought that someone like you would want someone as pathetic and fucked up as me. I love you Gerard. I really do. So fucking much. But i'm never going to be what you need." He wrung his hands together and tried to look at me but failed, his gaze returning to the floor.
" You're the definition of Perfection Frankie. I'm the lucky one. I don't deserve You, not the other way around." I said taking his hands in mine and edging closer to him.
" That's all lies Gerard. You don't really want me." He whispered, his sweet voice cracking.
Then it dawned on me, i would do what i had always wanted to do for him but didn't know when was the right time. Timing was no longer important, all i knew was i loved him and i would care, always.
" Marry me."

Donnas POV
Ricky had dated Alicias Mom. That made sense as to why he had been acting so odd lately. Micheal and Matt had left the house now. Ray and Bob were staying over to help clean up this wreckage of an evening by comforting Mikey who was shaken up by all the revelations that had come out in the space of two minutes. His brother was dating Frankie. Hanna was Frankies ex. And his future stepfather was his girlfriends ex stepfather. Me? I was devastated. Old friends and family for one night. A real; return to Jersey, instead i got a whole lot of mess and a lot of decisions to make.
" You broke my mothers heart, do you honestly think i'm going to let you do that to my boyfriend who i happen to love and Donna? She's worth ten of you! You should be out with the street rats where you fucking belong!" Alicia was screeching and yelling obscenities at the man i loved but now was unsure of what else he could be hiding from me.
" Your mother is different from Donna! She was a psychopath!" Ricky squared up to her.
" You arsehole!" Alicia smacked him straight in the nose causing him to fall backwards onto the kitchen tiles.
" Fucking talk about my mom like that, bitch!" She sneered spitting on him.
This had gone way too far between them two. It was my turn to step in now.
" Alicia honey. Will you go comfort Mikey for me please? Tell his friends they can stay but now they need to go up to Mikeys room and get ready to sleep." I said putting an arm around her.
She exhaled slowly and turned away, heading for our lounge to comfort Mikey. She always knew what to say to make him feel better.
" Rick, get up honey." I said offering him a hand and pulling him up. I passed him a ton of tissues and poured him a glass of juice, just as i used to do for Gerard and Mikey when they had fallen and hurt themselves as children.
" I'm sorry Donna. I'm sorry i never told you about Kathy."
" That's Okay." I said. " Maybe we should just head to bed for the night now. Try and put this disastrous night behind us. But please. We're getting married. If there's anything else you haven't told me i'd rather you said it now so we can look forward to being husband and wife."
" There's a possibility that i am a father." He said quietly and uncertainly.
When will this nightmare end.

I'm sorry this sucks! I'm hoping to twist it up soon and give some new shockers to this story! Thankyou for reading! xx :D
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