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Desolation Row at Dinnertime

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Dinner at the Ways house gets interesting :)

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Thankyou for all of your amazing reviews and reading! I caould not ask for a better audience! You look beautiful today!

Donnas POV
Dinner tonight. I'm cooking up Elena's famous chicken pie. It's been so long since we've been able to eat something that's close to our family and even better? We're all going to be together. Gerard especially will not be leaving tonight. Alicia was telling me that she bumped into an old friend of ours today. Eliza Cutley. She was a wonderful girl but it had been so long since last time i'd seen her! After she and Gerard broke up i suppose holding onto that bond became difficult and as a mother my loyalty was to my son of course. It's been so long and we all need a good catch up. And so she and her family are coming over too! Well, her parents are out of town on business and so it's her and her younger sister. Anna? Honor? Something like that anyways. I was so excited! And my little sweetheart was going to be with us all too! He's going to make a wonderful father figure for my boys. I hope they grow up to be even half of what he is. Although, he seems to become very edgy when Alicia is around. I guess he just gets on better with boys and that's perfect with me regarding my children. The boys dad had called earlier to check up on them but they were both busy. Donald should be leaving them alone for a little while anyways, they need to settle first. I understand he is their father and yes he has rights but the reason we're here is partly because of his betrayal. It didn't matter though. Everyone was fine. And we were going to have this wonderful evening together, as a family.

Mikey's POV
Fucking Eliza Fucking Cutz? Really? Hanna was so sweet and Eliza had been pretty harsh when she broke up with Gee, then again before hand she was generally kind. This was freaking weird though. Hanna and Eliza. Eliza had dated Gerard and Hanna had been dumped by someone named Frankie and come to think of it, Gerard used to date a Frankie. They couldn't be the same person could they? A love square? No thankyou. Life is complicated enough with Alicia getting all into seeing Eliza and getting to know her again. She tried to get me in the spirit of things too. I was dreading tonight's dinner. I hoped i would be struck down by some illness that would last for at least tonight.

Alicias POV
Blue dress? Nah, skinnies and my avenged sevenfold shirt should be ok. I may as well go to dinner as Alicia Simmons. They all knew dresses didn't come out on my body very often. And as far as i was concerned they liked how i dressed. Sure, fucking hubby to be thought i looked unfeminine but screw him, he looks like yoda but do i complain? Nosiree. Mikey was all tensed up for tonight. I don't know why, we were going to have a great time and from what i learned about Hannas latest troubles, she needed tonight too. It was going to be awesome!

Hannas POV
"Lize?" I called through the door, she had been in the bathroom for ages and i still hadn't showered.
" Hanna, i'll be two seconds okay? Just finishing my make up." She kept applying her eyeliner too thick and it was smudging all over her eyebrows and upper cheeks. Like she needed make up anyway. She had beautiful eyes like our fathers. And the rest of her face was so dainty. Lucky bitch.
Tonight we were going to have dinner with some of Eliza's friends. The Way family. I already knew Mikey and Alicia seemed to be nice. I hadn't seen Gerard since Eliza broke up with him though. I only saw him that one time anyway. I never used to hang out with her much, i was usually at home playing my violin, trying to carry on the family tradition. I quit, it freaking sucked. Big time. Anyways, this Gerard kid and my sister were all good for a long time and then suddenly something just went bad and Eliza ending up breaking up with him. I know what you're thinking. Bitch! Skank! How could she do such a thing? Well it wasn't the easiest thing for her either in honesty. She couldn't find the right words for a while and it took her weeks to actually end it. The last few weeks were pretty unhappy for them both. They fought all the time and they knew it was all breaking down. Me and Frankie? Everything was just perfect until a few days ago. He's with some kid called Gerard. Not Eliza's Gerard though, i mean there's so many people with that name. The chance of it being Eliza's Gerard is pretty unlikely. That would be creepy too. As long as i don't see him i can pretend i'm coping just fine. Just working my way through. Little does anyone know, it's killing me.

Gee's POV
" Okay Mom, i promise. I love you." I snapped my phone shut again.
Mom had been calling me all day to remind me that under any circumstances i HAD to be at dinner later tonight. She said a few old friends were coming over to join us, as well as some new faces. Our kitchen was basically going to consist of burnt food, claustrophobia and 5 bored guests. There was going to be me, Mikey, Alicia, Mom, Ricky and Frankie for sure. I was dragging Frank along so we could announce that we were back together. Sudden i know, but this was forever so people may as well get used to it. Sooner rather than later. Frankie was in the bathroom making himself look presentable. Why he was bothering so much i didn't know. He didn't need to put on some facade for dinner tonight. I wanted him to go as Frankie. The Misfits hoodie and the ripped skinnies were just fine. His Skeleton gloves even. I did love those gloves on him. He had brought them from Pulp back when we first began dating and so many memories were attached to them. As soon as i asked him he had panicked. It was a lot to take in. First he had cut again and his parents were divorcing and the boy who broke his heart had returned to his hometown and reunited with him all in the space of four days. He was still so fragile and there was so much happening to him but me being me i didn't stop to think and before i knew it i was asking him to meet my mother. Talk about a lot on your plate. Frank hadn't refused but he didn't exactly jump at the chance either. He grew pale and his eyes got wide at my request. Then panic set in and Frank being the sweet person he is could not refuse and so here we are getting ready to go public. In total honesty, i'm scared. Who are these friends anyway? Mrs Cassidy maybe? I have no clue. Mom sounded excited though which probably means this is going to be one of the worst nights of my entire life. At least i have someone there who'll keep me going. " Gee?" He called from the bathroom. " I need to look fancy! Can you pull out my black jeans without the rips? They have the chains on." he pleaded, his voice all high pitched and sweet. Now that is the Frank i know and love.

Donnas POV
Wow! My kitchen was crowded tonight. Four extra faces had heard of our plans and had came along. They were friends with Mikey and Gerard. Raymond and Robert. Or Ray and Bob they preferred to be called. And then there was a kid called Micheal who they nicknamed Shredicone and a tall boy named Matt who happened to be a whiz in the kitchen and was playing assistant for the night. The mess was horrifying but everyone was having a lovely time it seemed and one night can't do much harm can it? Dinner was almost ready now. And i was only waiting on my eldest son. He promised me tonight. If he was going to let me down again the consequences would be huge. Then, much to my relief a key twisted in the lock.

Franks POV
I was so nervous. Gee held my hand tightly as my free hand fiddled with my red and blue stripy tie and smoothed my bangs from my face. " Mom!" he called. He was going to tell her first. And out in the hallway, just the three of us. She came bustling out of the kitchen in a floral blouse and black trousers, she looked cheerful yet slightly exhausted. She hugged Gerard and gave him a kiss on the cheek before turning and looking at me smiling. " Hey Sweetheart, I'm Donna. Gerards mother." she said holding out her hand, still smiling brightly. She had a beautiful smile. Enchanting and warm just like my Gerards. " Hey Mrs Way. I'm Frankie." I said shyly, not knowing whether i should add my relationship status with her son to my introduction. I decided i would keep that quiet for now. She proceeded to lead us both into the crowded, apricot coloured kitchen. I could hear loud voices and laughter and for a second i was getting to like the idea of tonight's dinner but then i saw the people in attendance. Hanna? What the fuck was Hanna and her sister doing here? " Fuck! Eliza!" Gerard gasped. " What are you doing here?" He asked, anger radiating off his body now. Hanna looked at me in disbelief as tears filled her eyes and were going to spill at any second. Suddenly she stood up, headed over to Gerard and slapped him hard across the face. " Talk to my sister like that Fucktard! She was fucking right to scrap you! And stealing my boyfriend? Screw you! I fucking hate you! I fucking hate the both of you!" She screamed storming out of the kitchen and slamming the front door as she walked out into the night as an awkward silence filled the once homely atmosphere. " I'd better go after her. I'm sorry guys. Tonight was really nice you guys. I'll call you tomorrow Donna. And Lish? Text me yeah?." And she shoved me out of the way before trying to make her own exit.
" Fucking shove him bitch! Fucking hate you and your little whore of a sister!" He screamed after her, tears filling his own eyes. " Gerard Arthur Way! How dare you treat our guests in such a crude manner." A man who i assumed to be Gerard's future step dad butted in screaming. Alicia was next to join in the argument, " Talk to him like that and i'll fucking push you through the window. No fucker messes with people i love and gets away with it. Not even losers like you. Donna, take my advice and fucking lose this piece of shit, he's worth absolute zilch." She said glaring into the man burning holes into his skin. Donna looked on in disbelief as Mikey and three other boys slowly slunk off to the living room. He grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs to his room. Crying as he ran to the bed and lay down clutching his stomach, shaking violently. I pulled him up into a sitting position and embraced him. "I'm sorry Frankie." He said into my shoulder. " I need to tell you something."

Desolation row's very own dinner party! Thyankyou for reading! :) x
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