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I'll be here by the ocean just waiting for proof

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Gerard tries to make Frankie better while Alicia and Mikey bump into a girl named Hanna :)

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Haha! Im back in business for a little while! So daily updates with speech marks for the next few days before a weekend trip and then a two week holiday! This summer is my busiest one yet so i apologise! Thankyou for your reading and reviewing! You make this all so worthwhile and give me the encouragement to keep writing! And i love writing for you! :)

Gerards POV
I had been with Frankie all night. Trying to keep my prescense a secret, so far we had succeeded.
I was still thinking. Still mad at myself for allowing this to happen to him. I promised i would save him from hurt this time around, not cause it. But i'd screwed up royally because this time he had done what i'd feared he would do. He had this problem when i first met him those years ago, but he got out of it lightly but this? This was deeper. A whole lot worse than it had ever been for Frankie. I tried to block out my self blame. I couldn't be selfish and think of only myself as usual. It was Frankie who needed to be focused on now and that was my pledge to him. I would shower him with everything he wanted, i was going to take care of him and make him better again. It was the least i owed him. The very least and leaving him again? Hell no. The only thing that could possibly ever tear me away from something this wonderful that i had right there with me was death. And even then i would return to him. He was still curled into me tightly. His head on my chest, the perfect fit as always. The bleeding was over now and the dried blood had been gently wiped away. Tears were still pouring out of those beautiful eyes that kept me strong all through our separation. I gently lifted him so he was sitting opposite me. I took his face in my hands and kissed his temple, then his soft, pink lips. We were going to talk now. I knew he wouldn't want to talk to me. He was always proud and he was scarily good at hiding his emotions from people. Especially me. He glanced up nervously. He was hissing in air trying desperately to breathe. His perfect skin was red and blotchy. He was still the most beautiful person that ever existed. Seeing him like this, however was heart wrenching.
" Frankie?" I asked willing him to look at me.
He tilted his head upwards so i could look at him properly now.
" S-s-So..rr...-y G-Gee." He said trembling still, his voice broken and barely audible. My Frankie was sorry? For what? He had done absolutely nothing to be sorry for.
" Frankie, you don't need to be sorry. You haven't done anything, okay? I'm going to make this better okay? Please believe me when i tell you i'm not going anywhere unless you ask me to. I'm going to make this better Frankie. I'm going to change things. I'll be better. I'll be kinder to people and i'll change the way i look and i'll try harder in school, i'll do everything-"
" Don't change Gee. Please. Everything's changing enough." He started crying hard again, i leaned closer to him as he clutched my shirt and we resumed our earlier position. I rubbed his back in circles as he cursed and apologised and cried. We stayed there for twenty minutes before i noticed Frankie had in fact cried himself to sleep. I gently lifted him from my lap and laid him on the bed. Removing his shoes, jeans and shirt. I rested the quilt over his small frame and lay next to him gently stroking his cheek. I knew Mrs Iero was still here somewhere but i wasn't exactly going to leave Frankie like this was i? If she yelled at me she would wake her son and in total honesty i wasn't sure i'd be able to resist yelling back.I liked Frank's mother but i knew she wasn't overly keen on me. Then again, i had hurt her only child hadn't i? I'd ruined a large chunk of his teenage life that he was never going to get back. I could do nothing about that but i definitely could try and make the remainder of his teenage years the greatest memories he would ever have. And all of his adult years would be filled with joy and happiness. We could move out somewhere. Somewhere sunny like Los Angeles. A little penthouse apartment and a flashy car like a Mustang. I would be a comic book writer and designer and Frank could be a music teacher. We would have the perfect life. The money, the fame, the good luck and most importantly the love that could get us through any obstacle that came in our pathways. I would do all of that for him. I would work day in and day out just to get us a decent life that we could both enjoy. Infact, purely so he could enjoy it. Then it dawned on me. He probably would hate that idea. Frankie didn't care about riches or glamour. If it was his way they would be together in a tiny New York apartment where everything was cramped in together. They would bust their asses on some shitty nine to five job that wasn't worth the wage they earned and they would simply get by somehow. To Frankie, love defeated everything. You could be on the streets but with love, you had something to live for at least. Something money couldn't buy, real, true, devoted love. With me? Sure love defeated most things but who doesn't like having money in their pocket? And money could provide Frankie with the materialistic things he deserved and would ever need. He was stirring slowly now. One of his little eyes cautiously opened up. "My Gee." He whispered dreamily. He was speaking okay again so that was a good sign. I knew he must be feeling rough as hell right now but at least the crying had seized and his speech was normal again. " Hey Frankie." I smiled genuinely happy that he seemed okay now, as fragile as he still must remain. He tried to smile back but that was a challenge for him right now. It was there though, just for a flash and that began to lift the cloud that had been over my stay so far since arriving at Frank's side. " Gee?" He started again. " I know you don't like it but- b-but.... are you leaving me again? B-because i need to know G-gerard." he stuttered his eyes darting around the room the way they did when he was scared of what the response may be. He was also clearly unsure of whether the question should be asked or not. He really was adorable. He needed to be cherished and protected and as unworthy as i was, i prayed he was going to allow me that privellege. " Frankie, i will never ever leave you again. I promise you. I know talk means nothing but when i'm still here in seventy years time i want you to remember right now. I want you to know that i didn't let you down again. If i ever do Frankie. You tell me. And i will try for you. I will try to take away your pain. You could have so much more than me Frankie. But you chose me and i am so grateful for that. I am here to stay until you ask me to go." I told him meaning every word as i lay myself down next to him. The tips of our noses just softly tickling one another. " Gerard." He breathed, nuzzling into my neck now. " You need to leave me here. You need to leave me behind. I'm never going to be enough for you. I'm always going to have my doubts and i'll always be scared. I'll never live up to what you need and i'll never be as beautiful as someone you should be with could be." He said and i felt him shutting his eyes tightly as though the pain was physically hurting him. The unmistakable pain was there in his voice. The high pitch and the hushed tone. The trailing off at the end. He honestly thought i wanted to go didn't he?
" Frankie. I know you think i want to leave. But i don't. Ever. and I won't either." I said kissing his temple again softly. Frankie took hold of one of my hands and wrapped his delicate fingers around it. He looked right up at me, his eyes twinkling like the November stars. " I want you to." He said clearly and my heart began to race. " kiss me please." He finished. The relief was overwhelming and i proceeded his request. Gladly, to say the least.

Frankies POV
He kissed me passionately. Exploring my mouth again. Suddenly, everything was right in the world again. My parents were getting a divorce still and my arm stung like a bitch but everything i could ever need to help me survive was right here. And he wanted to stay. I was starting to believe again. Falling into him deeper by the minute. Every perk he had, every remark he made, every word he spoke. All of it made me love him just that touch more. A touch more than i thought could ever be possible. I knew he would help me through the changes that were flying in my direction and just laying next to him like this was perfection. I wouldn't mind staying here forever. " Frankie?" Gerard nudged me gently as ever.
" Yes." I said to him tilting my head so i could see his face fully.
" Would you like to come and stay with me this weekend? I want to take you away from here until it gets better. You'll get a little break from everything. Plus, there's somewhere i can't wait to take you to." He said, eyes wide with pleading and a hint of mischief. I couldn't refuse those eyes of his. The worst part? He absolutely knew it.
" Okay Gerard. If that's okay." I smiled snuggling back down as Gerard began kissing my cuts. Magic was happening here. My cuts were suddenly feeling better and part of my heart was being puzzled back together. I was being fixed as promised. Then i knew, he was never leaving. And i may just never let him.

Alicias POV
"Mikey! We gotta go, come on!" I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish his hair. Again. I wasn't exactly super speedy myself but Mikey? This was fucking ridiculous. He was already handsome enough in the mornings. And if he embraced himself more, he'd save loads of fucking time. The he raced down the stairs almost tripping up in the process. When he was pissed, he didn't speak to me. So i knew he was pissed with me. Probably because i'd just yelled at him and because of our fight last night that resulted in him sleeping in Gerards room. Gerard had some situation or some shit going down, he'd called last night to tell Donna he wasn't going to be home. She had freaked of course. And then after Mikey's stepdaddy to be's little freak session, i freaked. Fucking loser. Why was he concerned? He didn't care for anyone but his pathetic little self. What a heartless, selfish bastard. I had again thought for maybe the thousandth if not more times today. Me and Mikey's fight was the worst one yet and now, i wanted to just cut this trip short and go home again. But we couldn't leave it like this. I knew that and if i went early it would be ages before our next chance to see eachother so i was staying put but only if things didn't get any worse with Mikey. Our fight had started over something small. He's been talking to this girl called Hanna online. Giving her advice and stuff about her boyfriend and their break up. Was i fucking born yesterday? Hell fucking no. He was taking a fancy to her wasn't he? And she wasn't exactly putting him off either. Skank. He got all defensive anyways and it ended up turning into a full on screaming match. I won as always but felt pretty terrible in honesty. I hadn't meant to upset him or be mean even, it just got to me though. Freaking chicks all over him? No person wants people trying to take their possessions. Not their precious ones especially. The ones they want to keep close forever.

Today we were heading into town for breakfast and to do some music shopping. We were buying posters and some Cd's so Mikey could expand his collection. Donna had decorated he and Gerard's bedrooms and they were amazing! Yet Mikey wanted to make a few adjustments by adding to it and Donna hadn't minded in the slightest. " It's your room honey. You do what you like with it." she had smiled as they discussed it. Why she was dating THAT I don't understand at all.

Mikey took my hand gently as we began to stroll through town. I looked at him, pleased with his gesture. His eyes met with mine and he kissed me quickly yet softly. "I'm sorry." He mumbled into my lips, wrapping both of his arms around my waist. He was so fucking sweet and irresistable. I could never stay mad at him for long. " It's okay babe. I was a bitch anyway. Sorry." I said to him as he put his arm tightly around my shoulders, kissing my hair as we walked. Then as everything was perfect i saw her. That red headed skinny wretch called Hanna. She waved at us both enthusiastically before skipping over and introducing herself." Hey i'm Hanna! You must be Mikey's girlfriend. Wow you're just as pretty as he described you! And you play bass? Fucking rad." she smiled at me. She was sweet i'll give her that. " Mikey!" ahe suddenly gasped. " Have you met my sister?" She exclaimed, her eyes lighting up. Her sister? I don't get that importance.

Within seconds we were met by a rather orange looking young girl with cropped black hair and expertly applied eyeliner. " Mikey, Alicia. This is my sister Eliza." Hanna smiled. They were nothing alike. Similar smiles maybe and similar tastes in make up but that was where it ended. " Eliza is your sister?" Mikey sounded shocked, i glanced at him confused. Then it dawned on me! She was Gerards Eliza from what seemed like a century ago! We had been really close when they were together, i did miss her! " Oh my god! How have you been? You look fucking amazing El!" I exclaimed hugging her tightly." Too freaking long lish! I've missed you!" She exclaimed. The pleasnatries contonued before Mikey made an excuse for us to leave. " Al. Please don't talk to her. I know she's Hanna's sister and Hanna and i are friends and you love Eliza but remember? Gee was so upset." He looked sad and disappointed.

He was more important anyways. His happiness often depended on Gerard when they were in the house and so i agreed not to talk to Eliza again. I'm not gonna lie though. I did miss her. And i did wish we could rebegin the great friendship we had shared. She was orange again today. She had spray tanned twice again hadn't she? Total accident of course but typical Eliza. Just too funny. I remember the first time! I had been there!

" Oh!" Mikey added. " Hannas coming for dinner tonight." He kissed my cheek and skipped off happily. The little....

ooh! Next chapter some old faces meet over the chicken pie!
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