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I brought to you my razor blades

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Frank and Gee talk things over whilst Donna has some news for the family also, but someone isn't too thrilled.

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I'm sorry kiddos but its caps for speech again! Good Morning btw! I'm so sorry this story has been slacking so much! I have a few things in store for it and so hopefully this will be okay for you lovely people to read! However your welcome to suggest plot ideas and the type of ending you'd like to see for Frankie and his Gerard :) Thankyou.

Gerards POV
We sat there for a while in the silence. He wasn't calming down yet. He was choking on his tears and trying to allow words to escape from his mouth, but despite his best attempts they were getting stuck somewhere along the line. I too could barely talk. Why had he done this to himself again? He fought so hard to beat it last time i had been here. When i first met him, it was at a counsellors office. Not exactly a romantic setting i know, but that was the truth. To this day i swear it was Frank who fixed me, not my counselling sessions. I had been dealing with a few things back then but thanks to Frankie i had battled them and now i needed to help him battle this. I wasn't going to let him hurt himself any more. He shouldn't be damaging himself in that way, he didn't deserve to be like that.

But i'd done it again hadn't i? Because it was my name carved into his beautiful skin. I had destroyed him yet again. The one thing i swore i wouldn't do again. Suddenly, he said something after so much emptiness IM SORRY Frankie whispered to me. Why was he sorry? He hadn't done anything at all. NO FRANKIE. DON'T SAY THAT. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE SORRY FOR. I said hugging him to my chest a little bit tighter. Lightly kissing the corners of his pretty eyes to stop his tears from falling so rapidly. He was calming down a little bit now. I rubbed his back and rested my hand on top of his, letting him know i was there for him and i wasn't going anywhere. But one thing i knew. I could not keep doing this to Frankie.

Donnas POV
That son of mine. Just running from me like that. That is not the way he was raised. I was a little bit worried for him though. We hadn't been back in Belleville long and i had barely seen him in honesty. He had spent most of the day goodness knows where and now he wasn't even staying for dinner. He had gone off in a panic though. That was scaring me slightly. The quick way he left, normally he would have stopped and listened to me first. I needed him here tonight especially, i had some news for him and Mikey. And i was anxious about how they would react. At least Mikey had Alicia here, she always calmed him if things got alot for him and this was good. When he was strained his Bipolar disorder became more aggressive. Luckily he had meds which kept his state stable but i didn't want to make things hard on him, not only because of his Bipolar but because he, just like Gerard is my son and their happiness is my one most important priority.

WELL SINCE THERE IS NO GERARD TONIGHT. MIKEY, ALICIA ME AND RICKY HERE HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS. I smiled as Mikey looked at me concerned slightly. More baffled really. He used to look like that when he was tiny. He was still my little boy deep down and i loved that.
WELL IF THIS IS HARD FOR YOU PLEASE SAY BECAUSE YOU KNOW I WONT MIND ALTERING IT AT ALL. BUT WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. I blurted out unable to resist, grabbing Ricky's hand and smiling up at him. I was so excited and delighted to feel this content once more.
BUT ITS BEEN LIKE-NOT LONG. Mikey added choking on a carrot stick, Alicia laughing at him. They were cute those two. I couldn't deny watching them together made me a really happy woman. And seeing how happy Mikey was too made me feel on top of the world. I was so proud of both boys and them finding love was what i had always hoped for them. I guess Gerard must be lonely right now though. But he will find someone, he always does, bless him.
I KNOW HONEY BUT HE PROPOSED AND IVE AGREED. IS THAT OKAY WITH YOU? I asked softly taking Mikey's hand instead now.
WHAT!? YEAH! MOM YOU DESERVE THIS! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH. He said hugging us both and then rejoining Alicia. She was smiling too. It was a shame Gerard wasn't there with us, but at least i had the thumbs up from one of my favourite boys in the universe. Where was Gee? Was he okay? I couldn't help panicking. We were home now, what if things had caught up with him again? I couldn't bear to see him like he was before, ever again.

Alicias POV
What the fuck?! Donna was getting married! Fucking tying the fucking knot! No, she couldn't do that. She had to come home to Miami sometime. She couldn't keep Mikey here. And fucking Ricky? That bastard! He had broke my mother's heart last time i'd seen him. He didn't recognise me although he'd practically lived with me for four fucking years! Seriously! He was going to hurt the Ways wasn't he? Yeah Fucking Right. Like i'm going to sit back and let that massacre happen. I need to think fast. I need to make sure he gets out of their lives before he destroys them. And if it kills me, oh i'll fucking make sure of that.

Ohhh! Girl has sass! I'll update ASAP! Thankyou for reading! You look stunning today! :) x
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