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Betting Odds

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Mr O and his associates discuss who the favorites to win are.

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"Ahahaha!" Mr O laughed, slapping his thighs and rocking back in his reclining leather chair. "Now THAT was classic!"
"Sir?" questioned the SDF soldier standing next to him.
"Boy tries to get known slut to give him head and she bites his cock off!" the bald instructor laughed, wiping a tear from his eye. "Irony, thy name is The Program."
Rising from his seat and stepping around the edge of the large wooden desk, Mr O walked up behind another soldier who was currently sat at a computer. He had headphones on.
Tapping the man on the shoulder, Mr O broke into a grin and pointed up towards the 50 inch screen fixed in the centre of the numerous monitors on the wall.
"Can I have the student list up there?" he smiled, his yellow teeth shining between his lips.
The soldier began to rapidly tap on the keyboard in front of him.
"With some visual aid please!" the instructor added, his smile broadening.
Within a matter of seconds, the screen now displayed forty images of the students. Their names were in large block capitals beneath their respective photos.
"Who's up for a little wager!" the teacher beamed, swinging his arms out to his sides and spinning on the spot. Several of the soldiers were staring inquisitively at him. "Taking all bets! Who do you think is going to win?!"
Pointing over at the soldier, still standing next to his desk, he broke into a grin.
"What're your thoughts?!" he exclaimed.
"That Dean boy, sir," the SDF officer answered, matter-of-factly. "The transfer student."
"Very nice choice," Mr O beamed, his bald head shining in the light of the ceiling panels and his voice cutting through the hum of the generator. "Swift, effective. And completely amoral." Pointing up towards the picture of the wild haired young man, he exclaimed: "Get some numbers up there! £50 on Dean to win, courtesy of Mr Sullivan here!"
The suggested amount appeared below Dean's name on the screen.
"What about you?!" the psychopathic teacher gleefully shouted, coming up behind one of the soldiers still seated at a computer, and placing his hands on his shoulder.
"Um...Will?" the soldier responded uneasily.
"Come now, sir," Mr O grinned. "There are two Wills. Be specific now."
"Well obviously not the one with the spoon," the soldier elaborated, gaining some confidence. "The one with that stockpile of weapons."
"Another £50 on Mr William Pryer this time, if you please!" the instructor shouted out, turning back towards the screen. "I like the way you think! Armed up to his eyeballs and with in-depth knowledge on game dynamics. A favourite to win if I'd ever seen one!"
"What about Beau?" arose the voice of a Special Defence Force soldier from across the room.
"Hmmm..." hummed Mr O, rubbing his hand across his shaved head. "Trained in the handling of firearms; probably the most athletic of the contestants. And now teamed up with Will. He may end up being killed in his sleep, but I'd call you a fool for not putting money on him. £50 on Beau, if you would be so kind!"
Spinning on the spot, he swung his arms to his sides again. Needless to say, all of the SDF personnel thought him insane.
"Anyone backing a young lady?" he gleefully chimed in.
"With all due respect, sir, that Steph girl is the only choice," a young man situated at a computer commented.
"How so, soldier boy?"
"She's out for blood now," the man smirked. "After this first one, I want to bet that she will kill more."
"You willing to put money in that?" Mr O grinned, his pink shirt billowing around his large body as he strode forwards.
"My good sir, put some money on little miss Night!"
A small £50 became visible below Steph's photo. "Now am I forgetting anyone?"
"Sir?" arose another voice.
"What about that Jarve boy?" the soldier stated.
"He's smart," the SDF employee began, looking up from his computer monitor and removing his headphones. "His plan to hack our system might not work, now he explained it to that Emma girl, but he could put those brains to other uses. Plus he has the collar tracking device."
"Hmm...Well stranger things have happened...."


Jordan Jarve (Male Student #16, and Transfer Student) gritted his teeth as he looked down at the device he had clasped in his hand. The shimmering display screen was now highlighting a single star icon. It was an indication of his collar.
In front of him was a large bush. He was sure that there was no-one on the other side. It was safe to proceed.
Pushing through the leaves and twigs, Jordan entered into the field on the other side of the large shrub.
The first thing that hit him was the stench. Almost immediately, he was assaulted by the coppery reek of blood. The smell, however, was different from when he was marched into the classroom to be faced with the already dead student slumped in the corner (was his name Matt Halsmon?). The difference was in the quantity. There was enough blood splashed around the area to fill a bathtub.
Strewn across the grassy landscape in front of him were several bodies. Three.
Why the fuck hadn't his tracking device picked these u-
He suddenly noticed something. None of the recently discovered corpses were wearing the telltale metal collars of Program contestants.
Well this could probably be due to the fact that they were all missing their heads. This could have also served as an explanation for the copious amounts of blood.
Jordan resisted the urge to vomit. But only barely.
What kind of sick freak would actually do something like this?!
His thoughts were cut of by a static charged crackled emanating from a small speaker on the side of his collar.


FZZTT "Hello there ladies and (not so) gentlemen! This is your beloved homeroom teacher coming in with the lunch time role call!
"The first casualty of the morning is little Miss Beks Donn, Female Student #4. Next, we have Male Student #10, Mr Rajan Lail. And now, for a Program record, Male Students #5, #9 and #13, Jeremy, Luke and Jonah, all rack in for our first ever triple kill! I'm so excited I can barely think straight! Next to clock into the waiting line for a new coffin is our first transfer student casualty, Male Student #17 Brynn Jones. Then we have Miss Emma Kynde, Female Student #6. And then...oh, this must be some kind of record. First a triple and then a double kill. Female Students #s 9 and 10. Finally, we round things of with my personal favourite kill of the series, Mr Joe Thompson! Male Student #18!
"Ten students in six hours! Just when I thought that you had no hope of redemption, you pull this out of the bag! You've made me so proud!
"Now keep your ears up for the Dead Zones!"

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