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He's A Killer ?! [Part 3]

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The gunshot that had echoed through the trees before the 12:00 announcement had reached Will and Beau. Already, it was getting to be a familiar sound.
Will had finished crossing off the Dead Zones from his map. Their zone wasn't announced.
After hearing of his girlfriend's death, Beau had become quiet. Almost painfully so.
Smirking to himself, Will thrust his hand inside his bag and turned towards his new companion before saying: "I know you don't, but you wanna smoke?" He broke into a chuckle.
Beau normally detested smoking. Will as well. But, in times like these, they needed something to calm themselves down.
"Sure," he muttered, rising to his knees and moving forwards, holding out his hand.
Tossing the packet and disposable lighter towards his friend, Will said: "You can keep 'em. I got loads."
"Where from?" Beau questioned, pocketing the packet and lighter. "You go to any of the shops in that village?"
"I did have a look round the village, but that's not where I got the smokes from," he laughed. "Brought 'em myself."
"They let you keep your bags?" Beau said, genuine surprise lining his voice.
"Yeah!" the curly haired boy said. "Our bags were on the floor by our desks. I took mine with me when I left. There were...things in it that I needed. You didn't have yours when they gassed us in the ILC so yours wasn't by your desk."
"What were you doing with those cigarettes then?" Beau asked. "I thought you didn't smoke."
"I don't," Will grinned. "I sell 'em. I get them cheap when I go abroad. Bring them back and sell them cheaper than they are in the shops but more than I spent on them. Make myself a bit of money."
Beau laughed.
Leaning across the clearing, Beau was moving to give Will a 'high five'. Sure it was immature and inappropriate, but he felt it was needed.
Suddenly, something caught Beau's eye. Jutting from within the opening of Will's duffle bag, it seemed like the handle of a knife.
"What's that?" Beau suddenly said, pointing towards Will's bag.
Around them, the air suddenly grew still. The rising tension almost suffocating the two boys as they stared across at each other.
Reaching into the bag, Will pulled out an almost ludicrously large blade.
"You mean this?" he asked, raising it into the light and removing the leather sheath. The glinting silver blade was slightly speckled with blood.
"Yeah," Beau's vision thinned, his sight focussing on the knife.
"It's a knife."
"Where'd you get it..." Beau stated, slowly, almost purposefully pronouncing every syllable.
"It's mine."
"It's your weapon, or you already had it before the game started?" Oh, fuck. Now he was calling this madness a game.
"It's my supplied weapon," Will said, locking eyes with Beau.
"Then where'd you get that gun?"
Will paused. "I picked it up."
"Did you kill the person that you picked it up from?" Beau said, sudden unease plaguing his nervous system. His distrust for his friend was growing more and more by the second.
Will didn't say a word.
"So what are you playing for?" Beau persisted, returning to their former topic of conversation. "Fear? Staying alive? Fun? Or do you simply not care?"
Again, Will provided no response.
Beau focussed on Will's duffle bag. Aside from the shape of the water bottles, other items could be visible through the fabric.
"What else do you have in that bag?"
Suddenly, Beau's mind leapt to an insane conclusion. What if Will had killed his companions. What if his friend had mercilessly gunned down the girls. What if the machine gun used to kill them was inside his duffle bag.
Earlier on, when questioned about the blood in his sleeve, Will had told Beau that it was from checking Jake Booth's body. What if he were lying? What if Will had been the one to kill him!
Will himself had stated that he was glad Beau was there. What if he had killed the girls and let him get away, just so that he could trick him into joining him. As he had said, if they were together, they would be unstoppable.
His mind was running into overdrive. It was probably due to a mixture of fatigue, paranoia and the pain felt at the loss of his girlfriend, but his thoughts seemed to make so much sense.
"That sound," Will suddenly said. "You're wondering if something in my bag was responsible for that sound that happened earlier."
Will had caught on to what Beau was thinking. As was typical of a student studying to become a doctor, his logical reasoning was fast. Indisputably so.
"Do you have a machine gun in there?" Beau said harshly, getting to the point.
"You mean, something like this?" Will said, reaching into his bag and pulling out a crude lump of metal. It resembled something like a tin desert box.
Beau's eyes snapped open wide.
It was an Ingram Mac-10 9mm Sub Machine-Gun.
Scrambling to his feet, Beau backed up against Will's makeshift covering camouflage. He could feel the lump in the small of his back where he had tucked Alice's gun into his waistband. But...he wouldn't have enough time to draw it. He was certain that the moment he tried to pull the gun out, Will would fill him so full of lead that he'd be shitting pencils.
"I'm not going to shoot you," Will uttered attempting to calm his friend down.
"Why? Cos u need me!?" Beau shouted, attempting to back up even more.
"Keep your voice down...!" Will hissed. "You want people to know we're here? You want us to die...!?"
Beau wasn't listening. All his attention was focussed on the duffle bag clasped in his hand. Previously belonging to Lauren, it was his only piece of kit that he didn't need. His own duffle bag held the bullets and the kitchen knife. The only reason that he'd picked it earlier was for the food and water inside it.
Fuck it!
Heaving, Beau threw the bag with all his might towards Will. Upon it's collision, a clanking sound was heard as the 'psycho' dropped the Ingram.
Now was his chance.
Sprinting with all his might, the former star athlete tore through the shrubbery and disappeared into the trees.
There was another clattering as he caught the wire and pulled the can from the tree branch.

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