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Silent as a Mouse

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Just please read? Its good. Its a Frankie fanfic.

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Third Person P.O.V. Tuesday Gallo at five years of age
"Tuesday" Nicole called from her hospital bed. Today was the day she had to part with the world. But the hardest part was to say good-bye to her beautiful little courageous girl. The cancer that is leukemia turned her skin a pasty yellow color. Bruises covered her arms. The hospital room was bleak and was fumigated with the smell of rubbing alcohol. Everything in it was dead. Everything but the little courageous girl.
"yes Mommy?" Tuesday asked as she stood up on the chair to be the same level as her mother. The way Nicole looked at her daughter with such worry could've scared any one. Tuesday didn't know what was happening. All she knew was that her mother was sick and she wasn't getting better.
"you be a good girl okay"
"I always am mommy" Tuesday said placing her small hand on her mothers face. Her fingers delicately moving around wiping away tears that escaped her mothers eyes.
"I know" she smiled "I know" her last words. Her death had finally taken her. Tuesday watched as her mother's smile faded and her eyes closed and never opened.
"mommy?" She questioned. "mommy" she said again but with intense worry. She started shaking her. She didn't know what was happening. She didn't want to know what was happening. She started crying. Not receiving any sort of response. She quickly jumped off the chair stumbling slightly but ran out the door. With tears in her eyes she called for help. A young doctor with bright white teeth kneeled down to the little girls level.
"What's wrong?" he asked his thin lips turning into a frown.
"My mommy isn't waking up" She said pointing at the room. Her tiny hands shaking. The doctor quickly ran into the room. As he stared at the beautiful young mother lay in a sleep she will never wake up from, he looked down. The little girl stood there. Staring at her mother.
"Wake her up!" she screamed
"god, why me?" the doctor said as he looked up at the ceiling. This had been the third person he had to tell today. The third person that had to hear that there loved one had past away. It wasn’t simple. Not at all. He knew that being a doctor had its downers. This had to be the biggest. He sighed sadly and knelt to the little girls level. She looked adorable. Her short hair messy. Her nose bright red. Her green eyes searching for something in his gray ones.
"what's your name?" he asked
"Tuesday" she sniffled
"okay, Tuesday?" he asked unsure. Tuesday nodded. "your mother. Is um" this was so hard. How is he going to tell this little girl that her mother died. That the person that made her who she is won't be with her anymore. "she's in a better place" he said with a sad smile. Hoping to cheer her up. It didn't help. Her eyes still leaked tears. "you mother is dead Tuesday" he said quickly.
Dead. The only thing Tuesday knew about death was that if it happened things are lost forever. It will never be back. There will never be a chance to say I love you. There will never be a chance for hugs. There will never be a chance for hellos. There was only a chance for goodbye. But that goodbye wasn't given. Tuesday didn't say anything. She was angry. That the doctor couldn't wake up her mommy. That she didn't get to say anything to her mommy before she was gone. The doctor said something but Tuesday wasn't listening. She watched her mother. Silently. This little girl vowed to herself that she wouldn't speak. She lost her mother. She lost her words.
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