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2 Years Later, Tuesday at seven years of age
Tuesday's P.O.V, Middlestrange Orphanage May 8

"guess whose here?" Connie a girl I had befriended in the orphanage asked. I looked at her. To signify that I wanted to know. "families that have come looking for kids" Connie smiled. She is twelve. Her curly red hair up in a bow. she was so nice to me. Her eyebrows lifted up in happiness. Connie didn't understand why I didn't speak. No one did. A few people believe I'm insane. But I don't care. I'm trying to keep my promise to my mother. I promised it to her on her death bed. After she died. I wouldn't speak. And I haven't, I won't.
"so I think you should put that million dollar smile on so you don't have to stay here." Connie said as she pinched my cheeks. I laid back against the cot I slept on. I looked up at the green high ceiling that was slowly peeling off. The once white tiles on the floor are black and had marks all over the place. Over twenty coats where in this rotting, decaying, green mucky colored room.

Middlestrange wasn't the best place. But the care takers are kind and caring. All but Mrs. Ludington. She was the owner of the place. She was angry all the time. She had the worst temper. If there is anything on the floor that does not belong we would be punished. Our punishment were usually chores, or no eating dinner. Usually people are relieved. Dinner was just boiled spinach. Breakfast are hard lumps of bread. I always skipped breakfast. I sneak off into the library. Reading books, dictionary's, encyclopedias, thesauruses. But Lunch had to be the best. Oatmeal. But we only ate about ten spoonfuls.
"come on, come on" Connie smiled. I glared at her as I sat up. I hid the book I had taken from the library to read at night when I wouldn’t go to sleep. It was The Secret Garden. I looked at the page I was on before hiding it under the pillow. 89 "are you ready yet?" Connie asked as she returned from her cot that was across from mine. I nodded. Connie was the only person that understood me. Not completely. I had to write notes to her when she didn’t know what I met with a certain look. But I didn't mind. One person is just fine with me. Connie grabbed my hand and she dragged me out of the room. The double doors slammed behind us as we lined up with the other boys and girls that wanted a family all there own in the so called 'living area' of Middlestrange. Nothing was really living in Middlestrange.
"Well Mrs. Toro welcome to Middlestrange. We are extremely happy you have decided to come and meet the children today" Mrs. Ludington said with a smile. Her hair was gray and un-groomed. The long worn brown skirt she wore looked like it was cutting off her circulation. The matching brown colored blouse she wore looked like the buttons were about to bounce off and hit someone. Her green socks barely covered her hairy like legs. Her manly, rough hands shook those of the woman that walked in. But Mrs. Toro, Her eyes seemed to be a honey like color. Her long lashes curled. She wore a gray colored skirt, with a matching blazer. She had a black diamond like broach by the collar of her blazer. Her hair fell carelessly over her shoulders. Mrs. Ludington took her into her office and as she did other families walked in. Some bringing children others coming alone. Some just a pair of a man and woman. But us, orphan children had to stand straight and be polite as we stood next to each other. In a prefect line. So we wouldn't seem unorganized. Connie squeezed my hand in reassurance. I was nervous. Afraid. My heart was beating wildly. This wasn't the first time families have come. It was the 24th in total for me. Families would come once a month every year. To look for children to adopt. But I was never picked. For the reason that I never spoke. When I was asked a question I wouldn't answer. Unless it was a simple shake of the head. But all that would come up to me would become aggravated and just give up on me. I was always left alone. Connie came to the orphanage just eight months ago. At first she became stubborn and would hide under the her cot. Not wanting a new family. Wanting her old one. Her mother had committed suicide and her father had died of lung cancer when Connie was only three years old. But right now she was happy. And smiling widely. A couple walked up to her, the woman a blonde, her eye a aqua color, she wore casual clothing. A red long sleeve shirt and skin tight jeans. The shoes she wore must've made her three inches taller. The man was scruffy looking, but in a nice business suit that fits a lawyers well. He wore rimless glasses. His lips where thin. His nose big and pointed. His hairline reciting.
"I'm Connie Duncan" Connie said letting my hand go. My reassurance slipping out of my hands and into hers. I watched as the blonde woman grabbed her by her hand and walked towards a couch. Sitting down to talk to her. Slowly but surely everyone was either with someone or back in there cots. Hating everything. I was one of the ten that were back in there cots. Instead of crying, since I was use to the rejection I opened The Secret Garden and started reading. Silent tears fell onto the pages of the book. Moistening certain words as I read. I wiped my tears with a sniffle. As I continued reading. I laid back and like times before I made my self comfortable In the cot. Which was impossible. I might be use to rejection. Just because I say I won't cry doesn't mean I can't cry. The doesn't mean I shouldn't be upset that I'm so alone. That I am left alone.
"I can't believe it I’m leaving this place" A boy that I knew as Steven said with his fist in the air as he walked back in. He walked to his cot and stuffed his things in a box. Everyone had a box. Soon after a few other children came in happily packing there things while others were angry and upset crawling back into there cots. One of the lucky, happy kids was Connie.
"They are so nice Tuesday" Connie smiled. I sat up and watched as she finished putting things in her box. I hated her. From the way she smiled. To the way that the smile couldn't be washed off. I never had that. She was here for just a few months. She was stubborn and now she has a family, a warm place to go to. She doesn't even know. "well…I have to go" Connie said with a croak. I looked at her with fury and crashed back onto my cot. Covering myself with the thin now yellow blanket. Hiding my rolled up emotions in it. Her footsteps echoed. Clanking away in my brain. I watched as shadows of the dark slowly consumed the room. Once I knew everyone was either asleep or not in the room I sat up and turned on a small flashlight I had stolen from one of the care takers. Just because I'm quite doesn't mean I'm perfect!
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