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Chapter 14

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“By the way, get dressed. We’re meeting up with Lyn and J in about an hour, to talk about who gets what,” he told me, before kissing me on the cheek.

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Chapter 14

“We should have the stag night soon,” I yelled, jumping on my fiancé that morning. He was such a sleepy head, in the morning. His eyes were half open, and his vision was probably as blured as he was confused. His arm stretched over and covered his face.

“Too early, Frankie. Fuck off…” he mumbled. I didn’t blame him; I had just woke him up, at 7 in the morning. “Wait, what?” Obviously, the penny had dropped; he’d finally computed what I’d just said.

“Stag nights, y’know? When we go out with the guys, get ratted and don’t even remember the night,” I grinned. “Oh yeah, you didn’t have one,” I remined him, sticking my tongue out.

“Oh, shut up you little bitch,” he began getting up and grabbing a pillow. I yelped and ran to the door. “Ah, shit. Lyn was bringing Bandit round, what time is it?” Now was my time to be evil.

“3. In the afternonn,” I told him, my hands twiddled behind my back. His hand rubbed his forehead, and his eyes widened as soon as he realised. That’s when it was my queue to jump back onto the bed, and be all sexy and teasing, just to annoy him.

After he’d moved, and began the morning rush, I launched myself at the bed. Lying on my back, my head over the edge, facing the bathroom door, I watched him do all the normal morning things, just so much faster.

“Sexy pants..?” I said, like a daddy’s girl. He gave me a quick glance, his eyes were thin as slits. Here’s to hoping that he hadn’t seen the clock in the bathroom. “What? Why you…” He began walking over to me. I got up and span around.

“You have been very bad,” he growled. I blinked, several times.

“And? What you gunna do about it?” I shrugged, grinning. His hand met my shoulder, and he pushed me backwards. For a second, I thought that he was going to kiss me. But no, the sassy bitch had to do the opposite and walk away; teasing me, like I’d done so many times before. That was revenge, mild, mild revenge.

“Bandit’ll be here in a minute,” he mumbled, quickly, rushing down the stairs. My eyes changed view of either side of the room, as I figured out what he’d just said. It was only 8am. What the hell? He really expected Lyn-Z to get up early! He was almost as bad as her in the mornings, which by the way, is really horrible. I was just lucky today.

As I began to shadow his actions, the doorbell rang. There were exchanged greetings and the door shut again. That’s when I heard a yell and I stopped, there, double took and continued.

“Gerard, what the-- BANDIT!” I shrieked, running full speed to the bundle of joy. “How are ya, you big butt face?”

“Uh, Frank, I’d apprieciate it if you didn’t teach my daughter names, at the moment. Maybe when she starts school, until then: no.” Gerard gave me a stern telling off, I felt like a freakin’ child again! I sighed.

“Does that mean I have to be punished?” I asked, hopefully. Why was I so God damn horny? This was ridiculous.

“No,” well, there was no arguing with that. “By the way, get dressed. We’re meeting up with Lyn and J in about an hour, to talk about who gets what,” he told me, before kissing me on the cheek.

That hour was a pretty slow one. I didn’t like it, it involved a lot of getting ready, a lot of deciding what we wanted and then the travel. Getting there was the worst, Gerard and I had argued about the stag nights. I wanted Mikey to come to mine, but he wanted him to go to his. Aparently, we have to let Mikes chose. He’s bound to come to mine, if I tell him I’m having a unicorn stag night.

We arrived at the coffee shop, just down the road, and found Lyn-Z and Jamia already there. They weren’t arguing thank God. Gerard and I took our seats, opposite them, and I put on a fake smile. Lyn-Z looked nervous as hell, probably paranoid that I’d spilled about her and Bob. Jamia, on the other hand, was being cool as ever.

“Seeing as you two are already in that house, I thought that Frank could move in properly and Lyn could stay with me, until she finds a place,” Jamia proposed. “Of course, you two are welcome to come round anytime you like, to see the twins. And yes, Frank, you can take your dogs too.” She’d obviously noticed that I was bouncing up and down, like a puppy, with my tongue stuck out.

“YES!” I yelled. “Carry on…”

“And the twins can stay with you at the weekends,” she ended. It sounded good to me and Gerard was nodding too, so I guess that had the green light.

“And if me and Jamia are looking after Cherry and Lily, I guess Bandit could stay with you two,” Lyn-Z said, I looked at Gerard, he seemed as if he was about to explode from happiness. “But, I get to see her whenever I want,”

“Did… Did you two talk about this while you were waiting for us?” I asked. They exchanged smiles, Jamia nodded.

“We thought it would have been easier, would have saved arguing,” she explained.

“Ah, we I’m good with it,” I said, getting up. “Does that mean this meeting is over?”

“Actually, Frank, I need to talk to you about something,” Lyn-Z coughed. She walked me over to the cashier. “4 coffees, to go, please,” she said to the cashier. Then she turned to me. “You haven’t said anything, have you?”

“Nope, he has his suspinions, but I haven’t told him,” I gleamed.

“Good,” she said, handing me two coffees. “Thank you,” she told the server.

I waved good-bye to Jamia, and Gerard came straight up to me, at the smell of coffee.

“Can we go have sex now?” I asked, wishing that we could.

“1 word,” he smiled. I grinned at him, it could have been anything. Yes. No. Maybe. “Bandit,”

“YES!” I screamed. “Wait, what?” He began laughing at me.

“Maybe, another day, ‘kay?” he said, hand on my back, pushing me outside. Fucking sexy bitch, keeping me waiting; I knew it’d be worth it though.

“You sir, are a bitch,” I mumbled, coldly, giving him death stares.

“And you, you are a demanding little maniac,” he giggled.

“You love me for it though, right?”

“No,” he laughed, harder at my response to that. “I kid, you’re my everything. I need to love you,”

Finally, things were going right for us. I was happier than a dog with a bone.
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