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1- Moving on in the wrong direction

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Juliette finds herself facing a bad break up and makes the worst decision possible...

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Juliette could still feel him touching her; it was as if he was still there but she knew he wasn’t. She had to face the facts.

“You’re gone.” She whispered, dropping a photograph in to the trash can. It seemed to take forever before it landed neatly inside. Juliette dropped a match on it and watched the smiling faces burn away.

She thought things were perfect with Pierre. It seemed as if they were. She was happy but he must not have been. Happy people didn’t cheat. She had seen him with her own eyes when she came to surprise him. He didn’t know she knew. Juliette wasn’t one for big scenes so she’d simply disappeared from his life. He could be the one to worry and wonder, she didn’t want to have to do that anymore. It had already been two weeks. He was busy touring but he had called a few times. Juliette didn’t answer nor did she listen to the voice mails. She did finally change her number though.

Standing up and facing herself in the mirror Juliette sighed. She had let herself go. Her hair had not been washed in days and she wasn’t even trying to look good. She had simply gone out to the bar down the road every night for the last two weeks trying to make herself forget. She had plenty offers still but had turned down every single one. No more though! She deserved fun. She deserved healing.

The shower only took Juliette twenty minutes and then she started her once familiar beauty routine of applying make up and picking out an outfit. She decided upon a black loose shirt that hung off her shoulders and some tight ripped light blue jeans. Once finished she faced herself in the mirror and found she still wasn’t pleased. She didn’t want to go out fishing. She wanted to be good enough for Pierre. Shaking her head of the nonsense Juliette grabbed her phone and wallet then left her motel room to head down the road to her new favorite bar.

It was strange because before this she hadn’t been much in to drinking. Alcohol really was an effective way to heal the heart. Well not heal; but help in some way or another. Juliette took a seat at the bar but only got a glass of ice water. She wasn’t yet sure of her goal for tonight. She looked across the bar to find a man looking at her. She stared back curiously and lifted her hand, sending him a partial wave. He hesitated but then waved back. Juliette thought he looked familiar but shook it off and stopped staring, it wasn’t polite. He was quite good looking though.

**(Pierre Bouvier’s POV)--

Pierre was pacing back and forth. He had dialed Juliette’s number nearly a million times but it was now disconnected. He kept trying though. He sent her a postcard but it was returned. Where was she? David, one of his band mates, walked in to the room.

“It will be okay. We can go back to Los Angeles and look for her if you’d like.” He said.

“What about the shows we would have to cancel?” Pierre asked.

“Seb is taking care of it man and Jeff is calling around trying to see if anyone has seen her.” David said.

Pierre was thankful for his friends but right now he was worried about Juliette. They had been together for over three years, this wasn’t like her. “She wouldn’t just disappear and not tell me.” Pierre said softly, cradling his head in his hands.

“By Monday we will be in Los Angeles. We will find out what’s going on Pierre.” David said softly.

He knew Juliette too and Pierre was right… She wasn’t a flake at all nor was she a person to cause unnecessary drama by disappearing. Pierre had just recently asked her to marry him! You don’t run away after something like that. Juliette had accepted happily and couldn’t wait to start making plans with her family and Pierre’s family but unfortunately she never made it that far.

**(Brendon’s POV)

Brendon was sipping a glass of water, watching the girl steadily. She had been moving around talking to people all night yet she hadn’t had a single drink. He had been watching her for the last two weeks and usually she started drinking immediately. He wanted her to be a part of his collection. She didn’t need to mess it up by acting differently all of a sudden.

She disappeared in to the restroom and Brendon looked around at the others, planning a strategic way to get her to come to the playroom with him. While his band was in town he had rented a BDSM club house all to himself. He had it for the next three weeks. He had already had it for a week and started his fun but he really wanted this girl. He never had too many play dates.

“What’s the fun of being in a bar if you aren’t going to drink?” A soft enchanting voice asked.

Brendon turned and came face to face with the girl he had been watching and before he could stop himself from sounding creepy he responded. “You tell me… It seems you haven’t been drinking tonight either.”

She nodded, not seeming put off by the observation in the least bit. “That’s true but I’m not exactly here looking for fun.” She admitted.

“Oh?” Brendon asked as she sat next to him.

She sighed and took another sip of water. “What’s the point in drinking? Headaches and nausea? Not my favorite feelings.”

Brendon nodded and decided to keep on with the creep factor, curious as to how she would react. “But you’ve been here every night for quite awhile getting drunk.”

She simply nodded. “My point of view changed. It does that.”

“What changed it?” Brendon asked.

She laughed. “Do you really want my story?”

“Yes.” Was his honest answer.

**(Third person)--

Juliette played with her glass of water, hearing the ice clink around. “I was happy with someone and he proved to me that my commitment was nothing more than a joke. I fell down, hence the drinking but I got back up. Granted I came back here… But I’m not drunk. Step one.”

“What’s step two?” Brendon asked, still looking at the table instead of the girl.

“Feeling good.” Juliette whispered and then she made a bold move and turned the guy’s face towards hers and planted a firm kiss on his lips. Brendon took a few seconds to respond but then he kissed back eagerly, deepening the kiss and starting to use his tongue. Breathless they both pulled away.

“Now for step three.” Juliette said, standing.

Brendon felt himself smiling as he stood as well; this was easier than he imagined it would be.
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