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2- The other girl

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Brendon makes plans with Juliette but it's more than she could have ever imagined...

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Juliette moaned as Brendon threw her against the wall and kissed her neck desperately. He had brought her to the bdsm club but they were too preoccupied to even discuss the strange location. Brendon was surprised at how fiercely she kissed him back, shoving him backwards until he fell. Juliette then straddled him and kissed at his neck and mouth, pulling off his shirt.

They hadn’t even formally introduced themselves yet though that was far from their minds. Brendon grabbed her by the throat and shoved her off of him roughly, changing positions so that he was now straddling her. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face up to kiss her passionately.

Juliette started unzipping Brendon’s pants but then she suddenly stopped. Brendon could’ve pushed it but he didn’t. Instead he simply watched her, curious of what the problem was.
“I didn’t break up with him.” She whispered.

Brendon released her hair and sat next to her instead, he could see bruises forming on her neck already. She had such pale skin that bruises formed easily. He found that delicious.

“So you’re cheating.” Brendon said, not softening the blow at all.

“He cheated.” That surprised Brendon. “I didn’t have the guts to start a fight with him about it. I didn’t want that drama so instead I ran. We were engaged. I didn’t even give him the courtesy of knowing that I knew. I meant it to hurt him but it’s more just hurting me.” She admitted.

Brendon shrugged. “Sounds over to me.”

Juliette nodded and sighed. “Will you scream with me?” She asked.

Brendon watched her in confusion. “What?”

“Scream with me. This place is secluded enough. I want to feel free.” She whispered. “I want relief.”

Brendon stood up and offered Juliette his hand. “Yes.” He wanted to scream. Freedom sounded nice though he was unable to free himself from his mind. He never expected to be able to. The sick fantasies swirling around inside of his head were what drove him yet he was unpleased with having to hide them.

Once Juliette was standing they both looked at each other as if daring the other one to scream first. Juliette opened her mouth wide and screamed at the top of her lungs. The sound was like music to Brendon’s ears and then he found his own mouth opening and soon enough their screams mixed together to fill the silence.

Finally they winded down and Juliette laughed, first to refill the silence. “Wow that felt good. My throat is slightly sore though.”

Brendon smiled at her but it made her shiver. Juliette felt something wrong with this man yet she was tempting fate by coming to a secluded place with him.

“So what’s with this place anyway?” Juliette asked as Brendon handed her a glass of water.

“It’s a bdsm studio. Hence all the toys.” Brendon said, grinning as he thought of using them on her. He wanted to bruise her pale skin so badly but he didn’t feel that right now was the right moment. “I rented it for a big party.” He lied.

“Sounds fun.” Juliette said, truthfully.

“I hope it will be… though I’ll need some help.” Another lie.

‘With?” Juliette asked.

“Decorations.” Brendon said, looking around at the surroundings.

“I can help… If you would like.” Juliette said, looking around as well.

“That would be great. How does tomorrow night sound?” Brendon asked.

“It sounds like a date.” Juliette said, smiling and offering her hand to shake. “I’m Juliette.”

“Brendon.” Brendon said, shaking her hand firmly with a seductive smile in place. It wouldn’t be long until she was his to do with as he pleased.

“Well I have to get going… I’ll see you here tomorrow?” Juliette asked.

Brendon nodded. “Great. Do you need me to drive you home?” Town was awhile away.

Juliette bit her lip. “That’d be nice.” She admitted, walking quite a few miles didn’t sound so fun.
Brendon got back to the club, stretching. He was excited for tomorrow. He walked through the club and in to another room that was soundproofed for screamers. He put the key back in to his pocket after unlocking the door and his eyes fell upon the girl he had started with at this location. She was staring at him in horror, curling herself in to the corner of the room trying to make herself as small as possible.

The girl was covered in bruises and completely naked. She had a gash on her stomach where Brendon had decided to start playing around with a knife. He hadn’t bandaged it so it was starting to look pretty gruesome. He assumed the girl had been scratching at it.

“Ready to play?” Brendon asked in a sadistic tone.

The girl shook her head. “Go away. You’re just a nightmare.” She whispered, horrified.

“I’m a very real nightmare little girl.” Brendon whispered, coming closer to her. He grabbed her hair as he had Juliette’s earlier and he lifted her by it, listening to her pathetic cries of pain as she tried to stand and prevent any further pulling of her hair.

Brendon threw her to the ground and placed his foot against her throat, his shoe pressing in to her throat painfully as she choked but he wasn’t ready to let her die. He just wanted to have some fun so he let go and sighed, pulling a lighter out of his pocket.

The girl trembled as she watched Brendon light a cigarette. He smiled sinisterly as he offered it to her. The girl shook her head, tears in her eyes.

Brendon shrugged and grabbed her suddenly, pulling her to him. She thrashed but he was stronger and he brought the cigarette down on her cheek, burning her. She shrieked and Brendon rolled his eyes. Her screams and cries of pain bordered more on annoying than pleasing.

He put his fingers over her nose to plug that airway, making sure she kept her mouth open and then he shoved his lit cigarette in her mouth and covered her mouth, feeling her struggle against him pathetically.

Finally he let her go and she coughed out the cigarette, sobbing. Brendon tossed her some clothing he had brought in. It was the clothing she had come in. He had meant to burn them but was now glad he had not. "Put these on. We have a visitor coming tomorrow." The girl stared at him in terror.

Brendon laughed and got up, leaving the room. He had to get some sleep so he would be energized for tomorrow.
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