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I Fell In Love At The Drive-Thru

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Frank and Mikey meet at McDonalds. .:FRIKEY:.

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A/N: I think I'm gonna conitnue this one. I'm gonna make it like five chapters or something. Maybe. Anywho hope you like this QueenOfNewYork and everybody else! Rate and Rview! Also, you can still request a story if you want...

Frank’s P.O.V.

Lame. Stupid. Annoying. Weird. Boring. Those were all words to describe my job for this summer. I was working at McDonalds in the drive thru section. It sucked. Especially because I was a vegetarian. I’d much rather be at the park hanging out with my friends or something. Just anything but this. I heard a beep and answered the people in the car.
“Welcome to McDonalds. What may I get you today?” I said in the peppiest voice I could. I heard a couple of laughs in the background. Must be teenagers. Yippee.
“Um, can we get 4 burgers, 3 cokes, and a sprite?” A boy asked. I heard two guys singing the McDonalds theme song. Uh. I hated this job.
Another voice cut in, shouting into the speaker, "Make sure this order is 'to-go!'" He yelled.
"Uh...?" I said slowly.
"TO-GO! Get it right or we're never coming back here again!" He said again. Some snickers were heard in the background.
"Shut the fuck up, Ray!" A cute voice warned.
I paused before I finally spoke, "Um, yea. Your total comes to $11.23. Please pull around to the second window and don't worry, I'll make sure your order is 'TO-GO!'" I gradually made my voice louder, until I screamed the last part.
I heard another voice quietly whisper, "Sounds like a fag to me.” A voice said.
"Shut up, Bob!" The cute voice shouted.
The car pulled around and I set my eyes upon a cute guy with nerdy glasses in the passenger seat. The guy in the front seat looked up from his wallet, slowly handing me the money. I handed them their food, before putting the money away. All of the sudden I felt something really cold run down the back of my shirt. I jumped up form the seat and glared at Jeff. I have had enough of this fucking place.
“That’s it! I quit! I fucking quit this idiotic job!” I said bursting with anger. Jeff just laughed.
“Finally shorty. I thought you would never leave.” He said. I saw the black car with the teenagers pull into a spot in the parking lot. I heard a couple of laughs in the car as they passed though. I threw the microphone thingy to Jeff and walked into the employee bathroom and changed into my regular clothes. I had on white skinnies, a Black Flag shirt, beat up black converse, and black sunglasses. I sighed walking out of McDonalds taking out my car keys and walking over to my blue car that was covered in band stickers. I frowned and took out a cigarette lighting it and taking a drag. I saw the nerdy boy from the black car walking over to me. Wow. He was pretty damn hot. He was tall, he had really cool hair and glasses. He was wearing black skinnies, a batman shirt, and a black beanie. Wow. Wow. Wow. He walked over to me and smiled a bit.
“Hey, you okay? You seemed pretty pissed back there.” He said. I smiled and nodded a bit.
“I’m okay. Trust me. I mean I have wanted to get rid of that job all summer. Just haven’t had the chance to quit. Now I only have 2 more weeks until college starts and I have wasted my whole summer.” I said shrugging. He smiled.
“I’m starting college this year.” He said. I smiled.
“Really? Where are you going?” I asked.
“Rutgers University.” He said. I almost choked and had a heart attack.
“Seriously?!” I said. He smiled and nodded. “I go there! Maybe we will see each other.” I said hopeful. He smiled and his friends honked the horn.
“Mikey! Come on!” The guy with longish black hair said. Mikey smiled at me and pulled me into a hug slipping something into my back pocket.
“See you around.” He said in my ear before running off to the car. Wow. His name was Mikey. I liked it. It was cute and sexy and cute and sexy and it fit him perfectly. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper that had written on it in neat handwriting with hearts instead of dots for the i’s.

Mikey =]
Call me whenever you want. We can fill up these last 2 weeks with fun stuff ;) and I would love for you to give me a tour around the campus one day soon.
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