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Rollercoaster ride

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Frank’s P.O.V.
I saw him on the beach on that warm August afternoon, walking along the water alone, his head lowered.
He was tan, fit and beautiful, his hair shinning in the sun's rays.
He was dressed in baggy surfer shorts while I was dressed in black jeans, tee shirt and sneakers, not liking the whole sunshine thing.
But the way it bounced off of his tan shoulders was making me like it more and more.
His name was Mikey, the boy from Mc Donalds.
I really wanted to talk to him.
Damn my shyness.
I watched as this boy walked up the sand, on to the boardwalk, and out of sight.
Great, I thought to myself. You blew your perfect chance.
I never imagined that my perfect chance would come again.
I was sitting on a railing up on the boardwalk just watching the people come out of the restaurants after dinner and heading to the rides on the pier.
The boy had added a black Iron Maiden tee shirt and red flip flops to his baggy surfer shorts, but was even more beautiful the closer he came to me.
He looked like everyone else, but then again so did I, so that was no indication.
I decided to follow him. I stayed about ten feet behind him as he strolled along the boardwalk, looking like he did this every single night.
I followed him until he got in line for a very large, very high roller coaster.
I took a deep breath and got in line right behind him, despite my fear of heights, going fast, and roller coasters in general. I had never been on one before, and the prospect was scaring the living shit out of me.
"God, that looks high..." I mumbled.
The boy turned to me. "You afraid of heights?"
"Yes," I said nervously.
The boy giggled.
Oh my god, I thought I was going to faint dead away.
He had most beautiful laugh I had ever heard.
"If you're afraid, then why are you in line?"
"I'm trying to be brave." I felt myself doing some serious blushing.
From behind me, some jerks were messing around and I felt myself being shoved forward, pushing me into my perfect guy.
I grabbed his shoulders as we were forced together, trying to keep us both from tumbing to the hard ground.
I realized that I still had my hands on his shoulders and pulled them away quickly.
"Sorry," I lowered my head.
"I kinda liked it...ummm?" he smiled seductively. He obviously didn’t remember.
"Frank," I said softly.
"Mikey." He smiled what was possibly the most adorable smile that I had ever seen, his beautiful perfect white teeth gleaming in the neon pier lights.
“Do I know you?” He asked.
“I don’t know. You know, after this I really want to get McDonalds to go.” I said smirking. He smiled.
“You never called. Why?” He asked. I sighed.
“Long story. Just some family drama. I really did want to call.” I said.
“Its okay. Better late than never.” He said smiling.
I had to take my eyes off of his face before I melted like a snowman in August.
"You like Iron Maiden?" I pointed to his tee shirt.
"My favorite band," Mikey smiled again.
He was gonna have to stop that if he expected me to stay upright.
"Mine too," I smiled back.
"No way."
I nodded.
"Holy shit." I saw Mikey looking over my shoulder.
I turned to see what he was looking at. "What?"
"Is that Springsteen?" Mikey asked me.
"Over there, with that group of people."
"Sure looks like him," I said.
Mikey turned back to me. "I think it is. Too cool. That was my very first concert."
"I saw him three years ago at the Meadowlands," I said, trying hard not to stare at Mikey's perfect face.
"Oh my god...I was there!" Mikey almost screamed.
"Nuh uh," I said in disbelief.
"Yuh huh."
We both laughed at the same time.
His laugh being much cuter than mine of course.
When it was our turn for the ride, Mikey turned to me.
"Wanna share a car?"
I nodded.
Like the answer was gonna be no, right?
This was my perfect chance.
Mikey got into the car first. I sat next to him and waited for the attendant to lower the bar over our heads.
It was possible that everyone in New Jersey could hear my heart beating from the combination of fear and excitement.
You can guess which emotion Mikey was causing.
It wasn't the fear.
My eyes closed tightly, I didn't see Mikey take my hand.
When I felt his warm fingers laced with mine, I looked up at him, questioning his actions.
I saw that beautiful smile again.
"Just in case you get scared."
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