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Do we know each other enough yet?

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more FRIKEY! yay.

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Frank’s P.O.V.
I was still smiling at Mikey when the roller coaster lurched on the tracks, beginning it's steep climb up to the stars. Mikey squeezed my hand tighter when he saw my expression. "I'll protect you, Frank..." he said softly. The cars were poised at the top of the large drop long enough for my heart to fly up into my throat. "Close your eyes, Frank." I heard Mikey's words and obeyed, squeezing my eyes closed as tightly as I could manage. I felt my back hit the seat behind me with force and winced from the sudden impact. A few sharp turns and dips later, the ride slammed to a halt and I felt the bar being raised from my shoulders. "Frank..." Mikey whispered. "You can let go now. It's over." I opened my eyes slowly and saw that I was still alive. I looked over at Mikey, smiled and released my death grip on his hand before getting out of the car after him. Back out on the boardwalk, I stopped to lean against the bicycle rack. "You okay?" Mikey asked me, his beautiful face full of concern. "I-I think so. But I think I need to sit down for a minute." "Come on," Mikey took my hand and led me to a bench facing the ocean. We sat next to each other on the bench. Mikey took my hand again, pressed it to his lips and smiled at me. "Better?" he asked me. "I am NOW," I smiled back. "Frank, can I ask you a personal question?" Mikey looked deep into my eyes. I nodded in response, unable to speak, afraid of what the question would be. "Frank, do you have a boyfriend?" I looked deeply into Mikey's sparkling hazel eyes and shook my head slowly. "Will you be my boyfriend, Frank?" Those were the six most beautiful words I had ever heard. I thought my heart would leap from my chest. Before I knew what was happening, I grabbed Mikey and pulled him close, nearly crushing him, my arms wrapped tightly around his back. "Yes. Yes, I will," I whispered into Mikey's hair. After Mikey pulled away, I looked into his eye more deeply than before, trying to get a bead on what he was thinking. "What do we do now?" I asked him. "This..." Mikey smiled, leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. Time stood still for me as my perfect guy wound his perfect fingers into my messy, roller coaster blown hair. My excitement was increased a hundred times when I felt Mikey's tongue prying my lips apart. I gladly parted my lips, wanting so desperately to taste him. Mikey tasted like cotton candy and my sweet tooth was craving more and more. I felt Mikey's hands slide down my face, lower and lower down my body until I thought I would burst.
"Mikey..." I whispered, coming up for air.
"Yes?" he whispered back, licking my bottom lip.
"I...I want you so badly..." I looked up at my new boyfriend, feeling emotions stirring deep inside of me that I hadn't felt in a very long time.
Since Vince, my childhood crush.
When I was 13, and this kind of love was strictly forbidden.
Now I was 18 and free to love.
And I wanted to love Mikey.
"I want you too Frankie, but I think we should wait a little while."
I put my hands on Mikey's perfect face.
"But why? I want you Mikey...I need you...I...I think I love you."
Mikey took my hands. "Baby, we have time for all of that. Let's get to know each other better."
"I already feel like I've known you forever, but if you want to wait..." I let my fingers slide over Mikey's beautiful lips.
"I've never met anyone like you before," Mikey whispered into my fingers, sending a shiver down my spine, despite the summer heat. "Let's take a walk."
Mikey stood and reached for my hand.
" long are you here for? Until school starts." he asked me.
"Two weeks," I pouted, realizing how short of a time period it really was. "You?"
"My parents aren’t sure yet.” He said.
"What's wrong, baby?" Mikey squeezed my hand.
"In two weeks, I'm..." I trailed off, starting to regret saying anything.
Mikey sensed my discomfort.
"Well, we'll just have to make this the best two weeks ever, and then we only have one more week after that until school starts." Mikey said, raising my hand to his lips.
I had no doubt that it would be.
Mikey and I walked the boards and talked until after midnight.
"Where are you staying?" Mikey asked me as we saw the shops on the boardwalk starting to close.
"The Seaside," I said softly, not wanting the night to end.
"Come on, I'll walk you home."
In less than five minutes, we had reached the motel.
We stood around the corner from the building to say goodnight.
My parents knew about my sexual preference, but I don't think they would be too thrilled with me kissing a boy on my first day of vacation.
"Until tomorrow, my beauty..." Mikey brushed the hair from my forehead and kissed me sweetly.
"Where should I meet you?" I asked him, mesmerized by his beautiful brown eyes staring deeply into mine.
"I'll treat you to Mickey D's for breakfast. Around 8?"
I smiled. We could spend the whole day together. I was glad he was an early riser, like me.
"I don't think I'll sleep tonight," I smiled.
"You are too adorable for words..." Mikey smiled and pushed me up against the side of the building, kissing me passionately.
My mouth had never tasted anything so glorious.
I felt my hips grinding into Mikey's, wanting much more intimate contact.
And much less clothing.
"Do we know each other better yet?" I breathed, sliding my hand under Mikey's tee shirt and stroking his soft skin.
Mikey gave me a smile that could melt the Arctic Circle.
"No. But tomorrow we will."
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