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Chapter 5

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It was none other than

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Lily's POV

My breath caught in my throat. I had no idea how to react to this. All I could do was whisper, "Bob?"

"You were expecting someone else?" He grinned, showing off two very prominent fangs. I took a step back and turned my head to see Gerard sitting on the bed in shock. The next thing I knew though, he was standing next to me. Gerard's face looked livid and he growled at Bob. All I could do was stare at Bob’s black eyes.

"Now that's not very nice, Gerard." Bob smiled, and I guess it would have been warm, but his black eyes were just making it look like he might eat a baby.
"What are you doing back?" Gerard questioned warily.

"You ask that almost as though you were upset that I'm here." Bob accused and his grin never faltered, though he wasn't smiling at Gerard. His eyes were cast on something behind me. I wondered for a moment what he could be staring at but I was snapped out of my thoughts by Gerard sliding his arm around my waist in territorial protective manner.

"How did you get in here?" He demanded and his eyes looked past Bob, into the living room. Our friends were gone.

"Well, you see Gerard, there's this thing that people do. It's called walking. It's a very useful thing. Sometimes when they do it fast, it's called running. That's how I got here." Bob explained slow and carefully.

Gerard rolled his eyes and then raised his next question. "Why are your eyes so black Bob?"
"Now Gerard," Bob's smile didn't break, "I think you know that answer to that."

Gerard went silent at this. I just stared at the two of them. To be honest, I probably looked like a retard, with a dumbfounded expression and my jaw hanging open. Well, I was fairly shocked. Who wouldn't be after their insane vampire friend, that tried to kill himself to avoid vampirism, showed up in their apartment just outside of their room?
"Well, where did the other's go?" Gerard asked in a worried tone.

"I walked in right after they left. They went to go and welcome Frank and Kat back. Those two already saw me, well Frank did." Bob shrugged and glanced past me to something in Gerard and I's room before looking back at me.

"Are you back for good?" I asked tentatively. Bob grinned and nodded. I couldn't help but let my own smile work it's way on to my face, but I also couldn't help but notice Gerard's face become grim.

"Well, I thought I'd just stop by here before I head over to see everyone." Bob said and started towards the front door. "I can't wait to see Alisha."

"Yeah, I'm sure she can't wait to look into your eyes." Gerard said deliberately.
Bob seemed to hesitate for a moment as he grabbed the door handle but the pulled it open and stepped out. He cast one look at me and then at Gerard' and I's room before going though. I'm not sure why, but this worried the hell out of me. I don't know if it was the way he looked at me or that he did it earlier too, but something about it left me very unsettled.
I immediately looked to Gerard. "What the hell did that mean?"

He turned his head towards me and I could fully see the dark expression his face wore. "It means that Bob has been up to some things that his human self might have killed him for."
I was about to ask Gerard just what kind of things he meant and why Bob kept looking into our room, but just then our front door burst back open. Frank and Kat strode right in. One looked panicked and the other looked giddy.


"I mean it was FANTASTIC!" Kat shouted for the twelth time from her seat at our kitchen table. She couldn't help but gush about how awesome her date with Frank had been. I just sat there and nodded, feeling happy for my friend. I was, however, a very annoyed that our boyfriends had left us in here while they talked in Gerard and I's room. I don't doubt that they are trying to keep me out of the big Bob conversation. Men...

"It was a little weird being kidnapped though, and then opening my eyes to find myself on a rooftop. I mean, it was just wow." Kat continued in her rush to express just how awesome it was. I smiled again but inwardly scowled. Gerard still had yet to take me on a date and that was his initial promise to me so he could become my boyfriend. Grr, this is not a good fucking day.

"And then he sang me this song from Aladdin, and- you're totally not into this." Kat said lamely.

I snapped my eyes up at her. "Huh? What? Sure I am!"
"Yeah, you're about as much into this"
"As?" I questioned.

"Oh I don't know!" Kat shouted while throwing her hands up in the air. "I do know that you are not into though! So you remember, when Gerard takes you on the date of your life, do not come talking about it to me. Cause, I will be too busy sending my thoughts off into-"
"Bob got into our apartment and talked with Gerard and I. Then he kept staring into our room. I think he was looking for something," I said quietly, interrupting her. A silence came over us.

"HE WHAT?!" Kat suddenly shouted. I immediately threw a hand over her mouth to shut her up before the guys ran in here, but of course, I was too late. Not a half second later did I feel two hands on the back of my chair and see Frank staring down Kat in her own seat.
"What happened?" They both asked quickly and in unison. Kat's eyes darted at the two of them before coming back to me. I very awkwardly removed my hand from her mouth and then said a taut, "Nothing."

"Liar," I heard Gerard accuse from above me. I rolled my eyes and was about to go off on him for calling me a liar but leaving me out of his and Frank's conversation, but Kat spoke up before me.

"Sorry, Gerard. We'd really rather not tell you." She said earnestly in a way that only Kat could.

"And why not?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Well, I was trying to spare you from hearing me talk about Frank, but hey! If you want a blow by blow of how our date went, then by all means, I'd be more than willing to share." Kat smiled sweetly and I noticed Frank grinning above her. "S'not like Lily is doing a fantastic job of listening anyway."
"Hey!" I shouted, annoyed.

"Well you aren't!" She argued back.
"Well maybe it's for the best, I don't know just how graphic your dates get! I would really rather not hear about you and Frank doing the nasty!" I responded without missing a beat.
"Please! This is coming from the girl with the boyfriend that sexually harasses her every time they are in the same room. Why I wouldn't be surprised if-"

"OKAY!" Gerard yelled above both of us. "Fine, we'll leave. Just quit arguing! And don't scream so much. I'm worried and one edge enough as it is..."
Then just like that, both of them were already gone and back to leaving me out of the super important conversation.

"Soooo," Kat began and looked at me. "What exactly happened and why are we not telling the guys we're talking about this?"

"I don't know how he did it, but Bob got his sanity back and snuck into our apartment. Then, he sort of spoke with Gerard and I for a little while, but the whole thing was really weird." I said thinking back on the whole ordeal.

"What kind of weird? Crawling on your walls and eating crickets weird, or like nobody knew what to say weird?" Kat asked and rested her head in one of her palms.

"Not either really." I said, and glanced around the kitchen. "It more like a sort of edgey awkwardness, and he kept looking into Gerard and I's room, and then back to me. I don't know what he could have been searching for though, it's not like we own anything valuable." I said somewhat frustrated.

"Well, what was right behind you when you were standing?" Kat asked casually.
"I dunno," I shrugged, "the bed?"

"Maybe he was worried he walked in on, as Frank calls it, "Gerard's Sexy Time Featuring Lily" and felt bad?" She suggested and sighed.

"No...that doesn't sound like-HEY WAIT!" I said angrily. "Why is it featuring Lily?"
Terra smirked. "Well according to Frank, Gerard used to have sexy time with ALOT of girls, before you started hunting him of course. Frank said they used to joke that a new girl would be featured every time."

"Oh." I said, not really wanting to hear about the other girls Gerard used to be around. Now, I'm sure Kat would have offered me a new (but totally worthless) suggestion in as to what Bob was doing while he was here but just then a crowbar smashed through the kitchen window to from right behind me, and landed on my thirty dollar Ikea table. I jumped back and a few people began to climb through the window. I mean it is kind of a big window.
"There she is!" An all too familiar voice said victoriously and stepped forward. I groaned inwardly at the person before me.

"We're here to rescue you from that conniving huntress seducing vampire!" None other than Henry shouted. Just as he said that, Gerard and Frank also happened to appear in the room. One of them looked pissed beyond human imagination and like he might kill something. Any guesses as to which one it was? Yeah, that's my boyfriend. Lucky, lucky, me.


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