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Danger Days:The Neon Angels

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The story you auditioned for ^.^ Life is good for the Neon Angels but its about to go all Costa Rica

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The blazing afternoon sun beat down on the dust track as Disenchanted Destroya bladed down the path , dust clouds rising as she went, racing against Bullet and Rev. Blading was the easiest way to move around without being detected and she loved it. The crystal clear blue sky over head, The glorious heat , the gentle breeze. It was a beautiful day but the young killjoys couldn't help shake the feeling that they were was being watched . There was the sound of a ray gun being fired, Then she spotted them. Three drac's hiding in a bunch of sparse shrubs just off the track. "Sneaky Bastards" Destroya muttered under her breath as she whirled around , drawing her electric blue ray gun from the holster strapped around her left leg as Bullets Embrace drew hers. "Come and get us boys" Destroya called out in a sing song voice . The dracs rushed out from were they were hiding.Bullet fired taking the first one out as soon as it came into range, the second one still coming at Destroya, She sped towards him and screeched to a halt in front of him, punching him in the nose and shooting him square between the eyes.

Radical Reverie kneed the last one in the groin and shot him straight through the heart with her zebra striped ray gun. Destroya blew the top of her raygun,placing it back in the holster, feeling the tiniest pang of guilt as She prised the dracs rayguns from their hands.All these years in the zone and She still felt bad every-time she shot down a drac.She shook it off pushing the thought from her mind " Good Team Work " Destroya smiled high -fiving her companions as Bullet pulled off her star print helmet, shaking out her short reddish blonde hair,her hazel eyes sparkling,smiling. She looked around. They seemed to be the only ones around but they weren't gonna stay and find out."Last one backs a rotten bitch-bot" Bullet called taking off suddenly, followed sharply by a laughing Rev and Destroya.

The girls slowed down as they reached the hideout. To a passer-by it looked like a typical abandoned run-down shack but they knew better .Rev pushed the graffiti covered board that covered the doorway.Inside it was empty bar a battered sunken red couch and a dress makers dummy. Lifting the Americian flag rug and flinging open the trap door hidden underneath ,Destroya jumped down ,slipping and landing on her ass. A high peal of laughter came from the corner of the room where Toxic Bite sat on the couch, her long black jean clad legs sprawled out in front of her, lovingly cleaning her purple ray gun , touching up the music notes that adorned it. "Smooth Dizzy" Bullet cackled , dropping gracefully from the ladder beside her and ruffling Destroyas flame red hair "Where's everyone" asked Destroya dropping to the couch beside Toxic pulling off her beloved winged rollerblades ands slipping on her black docs that she had painstakingly decorated with old lyrics . " Every where and anywhere,Chem's around i think" She shrugged plaiting a strand of purple tinted hair.No sooner had she spoke then Chemical Corpse strode into the room dressed in red skinnies and a white anti BLi t-shirt and high top converse sneakers adorned with stickers and patches. "411, motorbabies?" She sang grinning widely "So what do you -".

Suddenly there was a loud bang upstairs followed by a stream of swears "For fuck sake Silver" "Sorry Shadow" "Guys focus stop bickering" "Sounds like the Shadows " Toxic giggled "Crashqueens we have invalids " Colourful Shadow grunted.Silver Shadow carefully stepped down the ladder a small brown haired boy in her arms, a bruise was starting to flower over his left eye.He winced as she lay him on the couch, Colourful Shadow dropped through the hole her arms full of stolen drac guns.She stashed them in a bag full of spare guns ,brushing down her floral top and black shorts. Slowly Toxic Vengeance backed down the ladder followed by Vengeful Scout awkwardly carrying an unconscious girl between them.They gently lay her down on the neon pink lounge. She had on dark blue skinnies, a yellow vest that was hidden under a black leather jacket with radioactive signs with gasmasks in the centre on either shoulder and battered black converse. Her face was hidden under her long wavy brown hair and black and yellow bandana."What happened ,Whats your name" Destroya asked kneeling beside the boy.

He gingerly sat up "Well my name is Upside-down mushroom and thats my sister Apocalyto. We were moving through the zones and we stopped to rest we were ambushed and Apocalyto tried to protect me and it all happened so fast and she - he pointed at Scout - pulled up and they rescued us " He finished smiling gratefully at the four girls who had saved them. They smiled back . The girl on the lounge began to stir , her blue eyes widening in shock as she took in the unfamiliar surroundings. "What happened "She asked warily "Wheres Shroom" panic sounding in her voice."Its okay Apocalyto, I'm here" He ran over to his sister to comforting her. "So tell us about yourselves" Toxic Venegance said brushing her long caramel hair from her face, breaking the silence. Apocalyto sat up slowly wincing " Well We moved here after the war and lived in Battery City.My parents and sisters took the pills we didn't ,We left and have been on the run ever since. " She finished sighing. "Who are ye" she asked cautiously looking around the room at the 8 killjoys that had taken them in. "We are the Neon Angels , We all have similar stories to you ,We escaped ,We ran and here we are" She smiled a fake cheery smile, hoping that was the end of the questions. The past was a painfully thing for all those in the room.

Destroya excused herself as the others made themselves comfortable, debating about best drac kills and made her way up onto the tin roof of the shack.She lay back hands behind her head watching as the sky began to darken and the first stars began to twinkle. Her mind wandered back to a different time, a different place. When she thought about her past it seemed like the plot of one of those old drama movies.She had grown up in Ireland and had moved to California with her family when she was young, Her father had fought and been killed in the Helium Wars. BL/ind took over and her mother was murdered trying to protect her.Her fathers best friend and war comrade, Dr D had taken her in. He had been like a father to her, he had raised her to be tough- she need to be.You didn't get far in the zones if you were soft, If a drac didn't take you out -the past would.She had met the others on her travels through the zones as a messenger for Dr D and slowly but surely the Neon Angels had formed - a big mismatched jumbled family of zonerunners. She could hear the sounds of laughter and singing floating up from below. She smiled to herself. Life wasnt perfect, but in this messed up world this was as good as it got.

Hey Guys Welcome to my new fic :D I know its a bit boring now but Im just laying that all important fountain and background that makes a story :L I promise it'll pick up Heres a quick synopsis of this story Please Rate and Review ^.^ Will finish introducing the characters in the next chap so dont fret if your not in it yet :D
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