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The Calm Before The Storm

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“Hyper Thrust fuck ya” Ruby Explosion crowed pulling on her purple beanie and kick-starting her shiny black and purple motorbike.Colourful Shadow followed suit starting up her bright red bike ....

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Two Weeks Later]
A gentle warm night breeze blew as Destroya sat crossed legged on the sandy ground tuning their precious battered boom box ,chewing at her lip ring.The whole gang sat around the crackling fire singing loudly laughing and scarfing down Power Pup as Contemplation Bomb Sunshine expertly strummed at her guitar. An uneasy calm had settled over the zones.There had been no DracAttacks in nearly two weeks.Gradually ,one by one everyone had begun to relax and enjoy the peace because they all knew it couldn't and wouldn't last for ever.”Got it“ Destroya called triumphantly as there was a sudden burst of static and Dr Deathdefyings familiar bark cut sharply through the air “That was the new rave audiowave from the Fabulous Killjoys ,Now listen up CrashQueens and DustPunks , The zones are going wild to night The HyperThrust is back in action. You heard me -HyperThrust is back for one night and one night only ,Go forth Zonerunners and make some noise!”Excited cheers erupted from around the fire .

Screaming Revolver jumped up flicking back her long red multi-streaked hair “Aweshit! Well dangerdolls what are we waiting for- Lets Go“ They looked at their leader ,waiting for her verdict. Destroya smiled up at them before getting up and dusting down her ripped grey skinnies. ”Why not , Lets have some fun” She whooped, fixing her studded turquiose eyemask ,skipping over to their beat up gratified trans am and revving the engine. “Hyper Thrust fuck yeah ” Ruby Explosion crowed pulling on her purple beanie and kick-starting her shiny black and purple motorbike.Colourful Shadow followed suit starting up her bright red bike .The others piled into the trans am , excitement mounting as they sped off into the darkening night leaving behind a cloud of dust and glowing embers.

The party was well under way as they pulled up upside the normally deserted warehouse that was home to the infamous nightclub The Hyperthrust. Pounding rock music shook the building and the place was swarming with masked killjoys from zones over.They spilled out of the car into the warm night "Wow this shit is shiny" Rev whistled adjusting her gold mask.They strode into the heaving warehouse, it was packed tightly with sweating moshing killjoys."Oh its been way to long -Honey im home!" sang Toxic V diving head-first into the crowd. The others laughed as they followed suit.The song morphed into a familiar beat earning a wild roar from the crowd. The night wore on with no signs of stopping.

“Now motorbabies This is a golden oldie straight from the vault this next one takes us all the way back to the year 2005 - Dustangels, Im Radio Active Ripper and this is Im Not Okay!” Destroya pumped her fist in the air squealing .After much persuasion she had the exhausted gang back on their feet head-banging and singing along. She hadn't had this much fun in a long time and it was exactly what they needed, to cut lose and enjoy themselves for once.

Suddenly there was a deafening bang and Screams of terror rippled through the crowd .Draculoids . They were everywhere.Spilling in the doors, dropping through the windows. Destroya felt her heart plop to her stomach. Sunny let loose a stream of Spanish expletives, her jaw dropping to the floor.This was bad. Very bad. Ray guns exploded from every angle. Killjoys stampeded trying to escape but they were out numbered .The white suits swarmed into the warehouse surrounding them.This was it. “For the love of all things retarded”Ruby Explosion muttered ,drawing her purple raygun with “Let this world explode” etched on the side from the holster slung around her shoulder and striding into the fray before anyone could stop her. Destroya ran her hands through her flame red hair repeatedly.She should have known something like this would happen.

It all clicked into place - Why there were no dracs for two whole weeks. They wanted to lull them into thinking that they were safe and the partying killjoys were like sitting ducks dancing while the dracs built up their numbers and trapped them like rabbits once they had let their guard down. They had practically handed themselves to the draculoids on a silver platter“Fuck fuck fuck, Okay Neon Angels,Lets split , Stay Alive, reassemble at the lair “she nodded to her group, saluting them, taking in their frighten worried faces as they saluted back. She wondered would this be the last time she saw them as they scattered quickly,ray guns drawn, losing themselves in the fray. She didn't have time to dwell on the thought any longer before she heard a sickening crunch.All too late she realised it was a butt of a ray gun colliding with her head .She struggled to stay alert She could make out a blurred Silver Shadow screaming and shooting at the drac that was carrying Destroya before being captured herself.”No“ Destroya whispered before the darkness pulled her under.

Hey Crashqueens Just a shorty to finish introducing the characters and all that now the real action starts dundundun :O Pweease R&&R and ket me know what you think ,It makes my day and helps me write hint hint :L ^.^
Stay Alive
-DisenchantedDestroya XOXO

PS Omgee apparently MCR announced last night at a concert that they wouldnt be touring for a while because there making a new album SO FRANKING EXCITED EEEPPP :D Oooooh and we got #NaNaNaMCR trending worldwide so good day :D
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