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Where are you Destroya?

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.Welcome to my arena, where you will face things you never imagined and your struggles will be broadcast across the zones to show your comrades that we are not to be messed with.To show that this i...

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For those of you who didnt read the storyline thing i posted ,this is the synopsis of the story just so ya know
“To those of you who have read the Hunger games it might sound familiar .Were ( by we I mean my O/C and her gang- ye guys) are living out In the zones, it's 2020 and BL/ind have come up with a new sadistic idea to punish the rebels . They capture young killjoys roaming the desert and release them into an areana were they pit us against each other or an army of dracs (not sure yet) and we must fight ,Many enter but only one can live.For anyone who's read the books you might have noticed some similarities between Cali 2019 and The Hunger Games world , The are both set in the future , both have rebels fighting against a corupt goverment, The Hunger games have the Capitol and the districts and the KJ universe had battery city and the zones and so on so I thought why not combine the storys to create something new. it'll be an AU keep that in mind so it'll be a combo of KJ world and The HG and some of my own twists,”

“Destroya , Destroya” a familiar voice floated through the darkness. Destroya struggled to open her eyes making out a blurry image of a small pale girl dressed in dark blue jeans and a black tshirt covered by a black jacket.“Five more minutes Scout “ she mumbled “Destroya Now! “ She screeched ,a gloved hand slapping her across the face,shaking her. Her eyes snapped open as the events of last night came rushing back. She shot up. “Sorry D Im just freaked” Scout mumbled, chewing her lip.”Its okay Scout” She said absentmindedly, focusing on their surroundings raking her hands throught her short cherry red hair.Her mouth popped open.

They were in a large clearing , bodies littered the vast empty space. The clearing was surrounded by tall trees on all sides.They certainly weren't in the desert anymore.Scout hauled Destroya to her feet as they picked their way throught the bodies trying to find a familiar face. A small figure coated in silver sharpie drawings sat up not far from them. “Bullet” Destroya cried rushing over and helping her friend from the ground. In the mean time Scout had spotted a familiar pair of red skinnies and had woken a bewildered Chemical Corpse.One by one they gathered their group ,Destroya breathed a sigh of relief.Now that they knew everyone was okay ,she could move onto more pressing matters -Where the fuck were they and why?.

Gradually the killjoys that were strewn across the ground began to wake and the clearing filled with the buzz of panicking voices.The panic spread like wildfire and it was putting Destroya on edge.She couldn’t think straight and her head still hurt like a bitch from where the Drac had bashed his gun into her skull.She nodded to Ruby who looked like she was about to explode. She let loose a earsplitting whistle that silenced the crowd . She bared at her teeth at Destroya who smiled back at her before speaking up “Okay Killjoys we need to stay calm and figure out wh-”

A loud ominous voice boomed through the space cutting Destroya off. Killjoys automatically reached for their guns only to find they had been stripped of their weapons. They cautiously looked around for the source of the voice.A collective gasp went up as they saw Korse’s smug face projected onto the sky above them smirking “Well,well,well Good day my little “Killjoys” - he shuddered at the word - “Shiny” night last night? ,I was quite disappointed i thought you would put up a better fight then that.You foolish ,foolish children,you think you are invincible well who's in control now? Where are your idols now- your "Fabulous Killjoys"? ”- He barked a short harsh laugh. -”Well my little rebels its pay back time for all the trouble you've caused -were going to play a little game”-he gave twisted grin -”its time for the most important fight of your life, for your life.Welcome to my arena, where you will face things you never imagined and your struggles will be broadcast across the zones to show your comrades that we are not to be messed with.To show that this is what happens when you dont conform and come clean . Keep running all you like, but soon you’ll find there’s nowhere left to run”

And with that his image flickered and faded,his voice ending with a hollow echo,a dead silence falling over the arena as the speechless killjoys stared helpless at each other, not knowing what was to come.

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