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Chapter 2

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I'm back... sort of. I start school in like, two days. So not really 'back', considering it'll take me forever to write once my schedule gets packed again. I guess I'm just here for a visit and a quick update, then :)

Gerard Way fidgeted slightly in the uncomfortable church pew, trying to find a better position than the one he'd been stuck in for the past fifteen minutes. Occasionally, someone would go over to his quiet corner where he sat, quietly voicing their condolences. Mostly, though, he was just unnoticed. Being Mikey's older brother was a tough role to fill for someone with history like his. And his previous mistakes hadn't been ignored. Gerard was sickening to friends of the family, and even to a few of his own relatives. The constant glares and whispers proved that.

The Way's had always been a clean-cut family. Donald and Donna grew up in strict catholic families of their own, so their sons were expected to choose the same path. They didn't, of course. But Mikey seemed smarter than his older brother in religious situations. Even though he wasn't a saint, Mikey never got into too much trouble. He rarely even missed church. Gerard, on the other hand, was usually too wasted to even move in the morning, making it a chore to even pull himself out of bed to make it to 9:00 Mass, let alone attempt to go to confession and reconciliation.

There were other differences between the brothers, but that was to be expected. No two siblings are ever the same. But the differences between the Way brothers were because of their own choices and mostly Gerard's mistakes, not because of their personalities.

Gerard turned in his seat, hoping to find a somewhat friendly face from the past, no matter who it might be. Mostly it was his distant cousins who were in his line of sight, with the exception of Mikey's friends who were scattered around. His brother's schoolmates and peers were those who he'd never had the pleasure (or displeasure) of meeting. Gerard had just dropped out of college only a few weeks before his brother had been killed, so he hadn't had the chance to come home yet. Gerard started college the same year Mikey started high school, and since Gerard never liked being around his parents too much anyway, he hadn't seen his younger brother in two and a half years.

The doors of the church opened, and finally someone Gerard recognized strode in. Frank was gently pulling someone behind him, talking in a seemingly hushed voice. A moment later, a frail girl with sad eyes appeared from behind Frank. She glanced around and whispered something to the teen, and he turned to her. He gently brushed her dark hair out of her eyes and pulled her into a small hug before he started weaving through Gerard's relatives.

Gerard continued to watch them in curiosity as they continued walking, obviously looking for someone. The girl's eyes met Gerard's for a split second. She stopped moving and glanced back at him, this time holding her gaze. Her expression was unreadable to Gerard, and he couldn't really comprehend why. Frank tugged on the girl's hand, but when she didn't respond, he turned and followed her stare. Frank smiled slightly and started pulling her toward Gerard.

"Jesus, Winnie..." Gerard heard Frank say when they got close enough for him to actually hear their voices. "Leave it to you to find him and not me!"

Gerard adjusted his position yet again so that the back of the wooden pew wasn't digging into his ribcage. The girl was still staring at him with no expression, and it was starting to make him feel like he was under a microscope with the way her blue eyes seemed to bore into his own essence. And oddly, it was a pleasant feeling to know that she couldn't tear her eyes away from him.

Frank smiled and walked up to Gerard, invading the personal bubble he'd worked so hard to create. "Gee! I haven't seen you in forever, you know? Who woulda thought we'd be reunited under these conditions, huh?" Frank laughed, a slight awkward tone playing in his bubbly voice. Gerard knew he was faking. He'd walked in the doors looking like a zombie, and suddenly he had the pep of a ten year old who just had a cup of caffeinated coffee. No, Frank's smile was just an act to make him feel better. And it was a pretty sad attempt, for sure.

Frank gave the girl a light push towards Gerard. "Winnie, this is Gee. He's Mikey's big brother."

Wynne's eyes seemed to widen a bit, and her expression was finally readable. Pain. Pure, scarlet colored pain. Frank put his arm around Wynne affectionately. "And Gee, this is Wynne. She was dating Mikey for a couple years, you know. I think you two have met before, but it's definitely been a while."

Wynne nodded silently, her eyes slowly welling up with tears. "Yes, Frankie. We've met before."

Gerard glanced between the two of them. "It was nice seeing you two again." He kept his gaze locked with Wynne's, wondering what she was thinking that made her hurt so much. There weren't too many girls that he knew who would start to cry in front of someone who was virtually a stranger. But then, that wasn't exactly true...
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