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Blank Canvas

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Kenny's life was blank... Then something changed. ((Terrible summary, sorry)) ~UNFINISHED~

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Kenny turned out different to what everyone expected.

Over the years, he had shed all signs of emotion, leaving all traces of humanity behind. He erased over the perverted, unfortunate boy that he was, and became a blank canvas. He eventually became a quiet, apathetic boy who didn't show his face.

No-one questioned the changes in him, but the answer was quite simple: He was protecting himself. Heartbreak is a painful thing, and the thought of it terrified him. So he did what he could to prevent it.

After all, if you don't have a heart, it's impossible to be heartbroken.

And so, he went about his meaningless life, living through identical days, with the same routine. Wake, school, home, sleep. Each day accompanied with countless packets of cigarettes, for Kenny McCormick, that was life.

Does it count as life, if you're not living?

Days, weeks, months pass as one, no event disrupting the repetitive routine. But, one day, his routine was disrupted.


It was just a normal morning, identical to every other as long as I can remember. I had woken up, dressed in the same clothes I always wear, pulled my hood up, and headed out. I got the bus to school, and taken my normal seat at the back of the classroom.

I half paid attention as the teacher drawled on.

"Class, today, you will be pairing up for a two-week project."

I ignored the class break out in hushed whispers, note-passing and desperate eye-contact to confirm that they were partnered with who they wanted. I could probably get away with doing this project on my own.

"No, no, I will be pairing you up. When I say who you're with, go sit with them." The teacher continued.

"Okay, let's see... Eric with Kyle..."

"Goddamn Jew!" "Shut up, fatass!"

"Stan with Bebe... Tweek with Wendy... Craig with Kenny..."
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