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(1) Leaving

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Glenn decides it's about time she stand up for herself.

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Sitting on the bed I looked at the pictures spread before me. They were fake and beautiful, showing a happiness that didn't exist. In each of the pictures there were two people, Ben and me. In every picture we were both smiling.

Pictures can't tell you anything, if you ask me.

By looking at the pictures you wouldn't be able to tell that the very handsome man was a horrible abusive man, no that smile was fake. You couldn't tell that the girl was emotionally suffering, her smile covered all the complications of life.

Pictures don't mean anything.

Ben was my abusive fiancee, you would think I would leave him with the way he treats me and all. One would hope anyway but no I was too damn stupid to just get up and leave.

The first time he hit me, a year ago, I should have realized that I was way in over my head and I should have left but I didn't. He promised he was sorry and that it would never happen again but he only got worse.

The more I stayed the more I cried and each and every day my heart broke just a little more, I couldn't handle this. I couldn't handle him.

I'm only 18 years old and my life is already ending, I think it's about time I learned to stand up for myself and get out, while I still have the chance. What am I so afraid of?

Standing up I grabbed all of the pictures and ripped them up, throwing them on the floor of the bedroom that i shared with Ben. "It's over." I whispered.

I grabbed a bag and threw a few things in to it then I headed out of the door, not sure where I was going but I didn't care, anywhere is better than here.

It's time I take control.

Now that I was out of the house I had no idea where to go. For the past year I had lived with Ben. I had no one else to go with, I didn't have any friends any more, after I moved in with Ben I practically became isolated from everyone and everything.

My parents wouldn't let me move back with them. They made themselves pretty clear when they told me they never wanted to see me again. They found out about Ben hitting me and they told me that I was a disappointment and that they were ashamed of me, then they told me I was no longer their daughter and they never wanted to see or hear from me again.

Ouch. It hurt and I'm still not over it.

I needed them and they turned their backs on me.

Some parents...

It was cold out and I had no idea where to go, maybe I should just head back. Maybe I'd be better off with Ben..

No. I can not let myself think like that, I'm never going back, not now, not ever. I need to get away from him.

After walking for awhile I ended up in the mall, I sat on one of the benches. Atleast it was warm in here but I needed to find somewhere to go when it closed. I had never been so uncertain about my future.

Then my cell phone rang and I looked at the callerid, 'Ben.'

I ignored it but then a few seconds later I recieved a text from Ben.

Glenn, pick up the damn phone.
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