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(2) Hand To Hold

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She was a girl that really needed a friend, He was a boy that was always ready to be someones friend.

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Glenn's phone rang again.

"Hi?" She asked timidly in to the phone.

"Glenn, why in the hell didn't you answer the damn phone?" Came a familar aggitated voice. Ben's.

"Umm sorry." Glenn replied, not sure whether or not he was home and he had seen the ripped pictures.

"Well baby I'm not going to be home until 8. Ok?" Ben said and Glenn could hear giggling of another girl in the background. That bastard..

"Ok." Glenn replied quietly, hanging up.

Glenn stared down at her shoes, tears coming to her eyes but she was pushing them back.

"Hey, you look like something's on your mind. Care to talk about it?" A smooth voice asked.

"No." Glenn said softly.

The guy's smile could be heard in his voice. "Come on. I'm a good listener." He replied.

Glenn looked up and the smile that was on the guy's face slowly faded as he studied her face. Glenn sighed, knowing that he was looking at her bruises.

Glenn started to stand up but the guy grabbed her wrist and pulled her back down, gently. The smile reappearing, his hand found hers and he held it gently.

"I'm David." He said, smiling.

His smile was contagious. "Glenn." Glenn responded.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful lady." David said.

Glenn smiled and her heartbeat increased. David was still holding her hand.

Glenn grinned. "it's a guy's name." She said.

David pouted. "Jeez can't take a compliment." He said with a laugh.

"David! Come on, we are leaving." Seb yelled.

David stood up, letting go of Glenn's hand. He paused and turned to Glenn with a huge smile. "Come with?" he asked.

Glenn laughed. "No it's alright." She didn't want to impose on him and his friends.

David pouted again. "Well I'm not leaving without you." He said, crossing his arms stubbornly.

Glenn laughed. "Why?"

"Why what?" David asked, clearly confused.

"Why do you want me to go?" Glenn asked.

"Because you are my friend and friends hang out together." David said plainly.

Glenn laughed and got up. "Fine." She smiled, sure made friends fast.

David grabbed Glenn's hand and dragged her out of the mall and to a car where four boys were standing, they smiled and shot confused looks in the direction of David and Glenn.

"Have a new girlfriend?" One of the guys asked with a laugh.

David grinned. "Guy's this is Glenn, my friend. Glenn this is: Pierre, Seb,Jeff and Chuck." He said.

(Switches to Glenns POV)

I waved to the guys and they all waved back except for seb. He stepped forward and hugged me, I smiled, then Chuck, Jeff and Pierre stepped forward and hugged me as well.

David pouted. "I never got a hug!" He complained. I laughed as his arms wrapped around me and he gave me a small squeeze.

Today was turning out great so far.

We all got in to the car, Pierre and Seb in the front, David, me, jeff and Chuck in the back.

"Ouch. What happened?" Chuck asked, pointing at my face.

The car got quiet and I didn't know what to say. David grabbed my hand and squeezed it. "So what are we going to watch?" He asked, completely changing the subject. Chuck and Jeff shot me a quizzical look but smiled. "The Simpsons." They said at once.

I grinned and gave David's hand a squeeze.

We all got out of the car and walked up to the movie theater. Everyone was talking happily, I felt a smile tugging at my lips.

David hadn't let go of my hand so we were walking up to the movie theater, holding hands.

I don't know why but that gave me butterflies and the silliest grin made it's way on to my face.
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