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(8) Party

by LoveDoesntWantMe

There's drinking and mistakes being made this time around. -Kind of lacked with detail, I apologize. I'm not very good at writing that type of scene-

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Seb and I were waiting in the living room, people should be showing up anytime. Apparently they all planned to throw a party a long time ago and tonight was the party, I wasn't too bummed. I hadn't been to a party in awhile so I was pretty excited, the guys should be here anytime also.

David had work so he would be an hour late which blowed but all the other guys would show on time so it would be fine. People walked in, we looked up to see Pierre, Chuck, and Jeff. They smiled and started the music as other people started filing in. Pierre grabbed my hand and started dancing with me, it was a fast song but it was fun to dance to.

About 40 minutes later the place was packed and I couldn't find anyone until I walked in to the kitchen, Pierre was downing a beer. He looked up and saw me and flashed me a wide playful grin. "Hey glenn!" He slurred. I stepped back as he stepped forward and hugged me.

"Pierre, you are drunk." I stated the obvious. "No I'm not." He slurred, straightening up and taking another drink of the beer. I grabbed the beer from him and set it down. Pierre giggled. "I'm tired." He stated. I nodded and grabbed his arm and dragged him in to my bedroom, shutting the door. I figured I could leave him in there and let him sleep it off but he had other plans because when I turned around he was standing right there and he put his hands on my waist, holding me in place as he forcefully kissed me.

I tried to push him off but he was way stronger than me. He grinned and begged to enter my mouth but I kept my lips firmly together. Finally he removed his lips from mine. "pierre stop it" I told him sternly as he ran his fingers along my jawline.

Pierre shook his head. "You are so beautiful." He muttered before attacking my lips with his own once again.

(Meanwhile downstairs)

David walked in to the party and found Seb. "Hey dude, where's Glenn?" He asked loudly over the music that was blasting. Seb smirked. "I don't know!" He yelled back.

David nodded and took off to look for her, he really wanted to find her. He had been dying to see her ever since he left her place earlier.

He ran in to Chuck. "Where's Glenn?" David yelled.

Chuck smirked. "Last time I saw her she was with Pierre!" He yelled.

David walked on and cursed. Of fucking course.

(Back to Glenn's Room)

I was laying in Pierre's arms, we were both naked and sort of tangled up in each other. He had a firm grip on my waist and I couldn't really get out of the bed. I ached everywhere and tears stung my eyes, there was no use in holding them in anymore so I let them freely flow out.

Great, I lost my fucking virginity to a drunk guy who happens to be my friend. This night has got to be the worst night of my life.

I thought about how I tried to fight back against him and more tears fell from my eyes, he was so cruel even though he is really a nice person. I knew it was just the alcohol but it just made me trust men a little less than before.

**(The next morning***

I woke up and rolled away from another person and the memories from last night flashed through my mind, I shuddered and there was a low moan from Pierre. "Hmm..what the-" He started then he added sadly. "Oh fuck."

"Glenn?" Pierre softly called but I squeezed my eyes shut tight. I heard Pierre give a frustrated noise. "Glenn I know you're awake." He said then he calmed down and added. "I'm so fucking so-" But I cut him off. "GET OUT!" I shouted, my eyes now open and tears running down my face.

Pierre laid there and stared at me with sympathy in his eyes, he reached out but I jumped back. "Don't touch me Pierre." I said quietly. He nodded and got out of bed, put his jeans on then he turned. "I'm sorry." He stated then he walked out.

Pierre walked out to come face to face with David who had just walked out of the bathroom. David's eyes widened then he looked down. "Hey Pierre." He said quietly.

"Hey David, you guys all stay the night last night?" Pierre asked casually.

David nodded and Pierre walked towards the living room. David stared at Glenns door and slowly made his way to it. He didn't knock but instead he just opened the door and walked in. Glenn wasn't facing him, she was laying in bed with the covers pulled tightly over her, facing the wall. "Go away." She said angrily.

"Glenn, it's me." David said softly.

"Please go away David." She begged even though she wanted him to stay.

"What's wrong?" David asked with concern.

Glenn turned over and faced him, tears running down her face. "Nothing." She mumbled, but it was dumb to even try to lie to him.

He saw right through her.

David walked over to the bed and sat down next to Glenn's laying form. "You can tell me." He soothed.

Glenn looked up in to David's eyes, filled with understanding "David, I don't want to talk about it." She told him truthfully. David sighed but nodded. "Okay, do you want me to leave?" He asked. Glenn studied him for a few minutes then shook her head. "No, stay." She said, really wanting him to stay. David smiled and nodded as he laid down. Then he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his chest. She felt safe in his embrace.

"Thank you David." Glenn whispered.

"For what?" David asked.

"For being here." She whispered and then she closed her eyes and relaxed against him.
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