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(7) ChocolateCakeFace

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It's a wonderful feeling to feel free.

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I took a long hot shower and tried to wash away all of my worries about going back to get my stuff, but it only worked temporarily because as soon as I stepped out of the warmth of the shower I was greeted by cold fear.

I was going to confront Ben and I knew he wouldn't let me get my stuff that easily, he always had to make things difficult plus there was his stupid temper, but having the guys there did make me feel safe. But I was worried for them too.

Walking out in to the living room I saw all of the guys relaxing. "Hey you ready?" David asked with a smile. I nodded. "As ready as I'll ever be." I told him.

David laughed and got up then hugged me tightly, whispering 'it will go fine.' in my ear.

On our way to my old place I started getting nervous, I didn't really even realize that I was tightly holding on to David's hand. He frowned. "Are you really that afraid of him?" He asked. I shook my head. "Not really..I'm just nervous. Sorry." I muttered, pulling my hand away from his. He chuckled, grabbed my hand and held it.

We pulled up and I cursed as I saw Ben's truck in the driveway, I had been hoping that he wouldn't be home. Damn it.

David got out and put his hand out for me which I took, we all walked up to the front door, David and I holding hands. Chuck knocked and a few minutes later the door flew open and Ben was staring us all down, his eyes lingered on my hand, the one that was holding tightly on to David's.

"We came to get her stuff. She's moving out." David said pointedly.

"Where are you moving?" Ben asked me with confusion.

I was about to speak when Seb spoke up. "She's moving in with me."

"So what, is she banging all of you?" He asked harshly.

"Just let us in." Pierre said while glaring.

Ben smirked and stepped aside, all of the guys filed in, David and me coming in last. Ben slapped my ass and David turned and stopped, glaring straight at him. "Don't touch her." He warned and I gently tugged him along so we could get this over with.

I started gathering my stuff and I put it in a bag, I didn't have much and it all fit so it worked out fine. Pierre took the bag from me to carry it out. "Sure this is all you have?" He asked skeptically. I smiled at him. "It's all that's worth keeping."

As we were leaving Ben stopped us and stood right in front of me, he looked down at me pleadingly. "Please don't leave me Glenn. I love you." He begged. I almost felt bad for him but then I remembered all those nights I would lay on the floor in pain, he would just kick me and tell me it was my fault. Well it wasn't and I was sick of thinking it was.

Because when I did, that just made the pain 10 times worse. I stared in to his eyes and shook my head. "No." I told him with determination. "I never meant to hurt you Glenn! I really didn't. You know I just lose control sometimes but please stay. I'll work on it! I"ll get better, I promise. Please Glenn?" He begged with sadness in his eyes.

"NO! The way you made me feel, I never want to feel that again. I'm done with the abuse. I'll never ever come back to you. I'll never make that mistake again." I said, remembering how I had planned on breaking up with him a few times and I failed each time. I vowed I wouldn't do that again...

Ben's eyes flashed with anger. "You ungrateful little bitch, after all I've done for you!" He yelled and the right side of my face was filled with pain as he roughly backhanded me. He raised his hand again but he was roughly pulled away by..David who looked pissed off. I stood there and watched as David slammed his fist in to Ben's face, again and again.

I had to blink back tears, this isn't what I wanted, more violence. The guy's were watching David beat Ben up. Ben was definetely losing, he couldn't even hit David at all. I stepped forward, determined to stop them. "David." I called softly, not sure of myself but the next step I took made me more determined. "DAVID! Stop it!" I cried out and his fist paused in midair.

He turned to me and his expression softened. He stepped away from Ben who was just laying on the floor, not daring to get up. "It's over, for good." I told Ben and then I walked past the guys and out the door, I heard there footsteps so I was sure they were following me.

When we got outside I leaned against the wall and took a deep breath, closing my eyes. I felt arms wrap around me and I opened my eyes, David was hugging me. I took in his wonderful smell and the feel of him against me, everything was perfect in this moment.

Finally he let go and we all got in to the car. David touched my cheek lightly. "Ow, I'm sorry I let that happen." He said. I shrugged. "It wasn't your fault." I told him like it was nothing. He frowned. "I shouldn't have even let you get that close to him." He mumbled. I laughed and his eyes widened in surprise. "It barely even hurt." I lied. Then I added "Plus it's NOT your fault."

He smiled. "I'm sorry about the fight. I just..lost control. Usually I'm not violent at all." He told me. I smiled at him. "I believe that." And I really did, he was way too gentle to be abusive in any way.

"Good." He said, holding my hand once again. Then Seb, Chuck and Jeff all started 'awwing'. Pierre didn't seem to be paying any attention at all, he was mopping in the front seat, or staring out blankly at the world.

We pulled up to Seb's house and we all hopped out, Pierre and I went to my room since he was carrying my stuff plus he told me he would help me put some stuff away while the other boys all went in to the living room.

I grinned at Pierre as he folded my stuff and put it in the drawers, he grinned back. "That guy was an idiot." He declared. I raised an eyebrow. "Huh?" I asked. Pierre smiled sweetly. "Ben, he was an idiot for ever hurting you." He said.

I laughed then frowned. "I don't know what I did wrong to deserve him." I stated sadly. Seconds later Pierre was in front of me. He lifted my chin and made me look up at him. "You didn't deserve him. Don't ever think that, you deserve so much more." He said, his voice going lower and lower until he was whispering.

The moment was intense but thankfully the door opened and Chuck grinned in at us, not understanding the tenseness in the air. "Come on guys, you done? Let's go eat. Seb has chocolate cake!" He declared. Pierre gasped in fake shock and tore out of the room making Chuck and me laugh.

We walked back to the kitchen. Pierre ran up to me and handed me a piece of cake, he already had cake on his face, as if he had smashed his face in to his cake, which I didn't doubt he would do..

Chuck laughed and grabbed some cake. I took a seat in between David and Pierre, they were both smiling as was I. Then Pierre got another piece of cake on his plate and all was going well until....

Pierre smashed the cake in to my face. Everyone started laughing, including me as I wiped chocolate from my face so that I could make out a grinning Pierre. I launched myself on to him and once I was on top of him, straddling him, I took the cake on my plate and smashed more in to his face. Everyone was laughing at us, on the floor, wrestling with cake on our faces..

Finally I got off of Pierre and dusted myself off.

He did the same thing although we both still had major chocolateface.

"So did you tell her?" David asked curiously.

Seb shrugged. "Not yet." Now I was curious.

"Tell me." I ordered.

Seb grinned. "We are having a party tonight."
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