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(9) Protection

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Can Glenn forgive a friend for his terrible mistake?

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Glenn woke up and rushed to the bathroom and started puking, she realized she was naked and blushed, she was laying right next to David, naked! Jeez. She grabbed a robe and pulled it around herself then she went back to puking. A few seconds later she felt gentle hands pulling back her hair as she puked. As soon as she was done she wiped her mouth and looked up to see Pierre, not exactly who she hoped to see again.

He smiled weakly. "You ok?" He asked with concern as he poured her a cup of water to down the taste of vomit from her mouth. Glenn shrugged. "I'm fine I guess."

"What I did-" Pierre started but Glenn cut him off, wiping the tears that started rolling down her cheeks from the horrible memories. "Don't. Pierre just don't." Glenn whispered, setting the empty cup on the sink.

"Will we ever talk about it?" Pierre asked desperately. "I don't want to." Glenn said with slight anger in her voice. "But Glenn it's not just going to go away. I'm sorry for what I did, I don't want this friendship to be ruined though!" He practically screamed and Glenn shushed him.

"Just forget about it." Glenn argued. Pierre sighed. "I can't forget and I know you'll never forget." Glenn broke down in sobs and Pierre wrapped his arms around her, she tried pushing him away but eventually gave in to the hug.

Pierre kept saying 'i'm sorry' over and over again then there was a knock on the door. Pierre opened the door and David was standing there, his eyes widened when he saw Pierre and Glenn. "What's going on?" He asked casually.

"Nothing. We were just talking." Glenn said quietly.

"In the bathroom?" David questioned curiously.

Then he studied Glenn's face. "You were crying." He pointed out.

Glenn pushed past him and Pierre shot David a glare. "Dude leave her alone." Pierre growled at David.

David looked shocked. "You made her cry!" He screamed at Pierre, angry and confused about what was going on.

"Dude, just drop it." Pierre said, walking past him.


Seb walked in to Glenn's room to see if she wanted to come down and watch a movie, she was crying in bed, feeling pathetic. Seb quietly sat on her bed next to her. "Are you ok?' He asked quietly. Glenn shook her head. "Not really." She muttered.

"Want to talk about it?" He asked. "I made a mistake." Glenn replied.

"What was the mistake?" Seb asked.

"Are the guys still here?" Glenn asked seb.

Seb nodded. "yeah, want me to tell them to leave?" He asked.

Glenn laughed. "No it's okay. Just tell me when they leave?" She asked. Seb nodded, kissed her on the forehead and walked out of her room and down the stairs wondering what happened to Glenn to make her so sad all of a sudden, something at the party, he was sure of that, but what?

Seb looked at each of the guys. "Okay, which one of you pissed Glenn off?" He asked.

They all looked bewildered. "What do you mean?" Chuck asked.

"I don't know but she's crying." Seb said, David stood up but Seb motioned for him to sit. "And she doesn't want company." He added. "But you should all leave. Come tomorrow around noon and I'll have her ready to go out and have fun with us, ok?" he asked. They all nodded, Pierre and David were a little reluctant to go but Seb eventually got them out of the door then he headed back up to Glenn's room.

"They're gone." He announced and she laughed at him.

He smirked. "Are you ready to come down and have fun now?" He questioned.

She laughed and nodded, wiping tears from her eyes, she followed him down in to the living room where he switched on the TV, just to hear the noise. It did help. "Eh, I'm just all emotional all of a sudden." Glenn said nervously.

Seb laughed then he turned serious. "But what was the mistake you were talking about?" He questioned her, narrowing his eyes slightly as he studied her.

"Seb..I-I slept with someone last night." Glenn said then she instantly regretted it. She couldn't say that it was Pierre and now she would have to completely make up some stupid lie. How stupid could she get?

"Who?" Seb asked shocked.

"I-I don't know." Glenn lied and shook her head. "Please, just it's over. Let's not discuss it anymore, ok?" She asked him.

He looked reluctant then shrugged and put on a smile. "Okay. But did you-you know?" He asked, trying not to voice it.

"Did I what?" Glenn asked, thoroughly confused.

"Use protection." He said, his voice strained.

Glenn forced a smile. "Of course." She lied, not sure whether Pierre did or not. But she wouldn't worry about that. She couldn't.

"Great, want some chocolate cake?" Seb asked, changing the subject, but that did sound great at the moment. "Yeah!" Glenn said, cheering up now that she had told somebody. Seb laughed at her enthusiasm and went to go get the chocolate cake in the kitchen, Glenn joined him and got them both a coke.

They sat at the table in silence and Glenn broke it. "This won't change the way you think of me, right?" She asked nervously.

Seb smirked. "Don't worry, we are still buddies." he laughed and so did Glenn.

"Glad to see your feeling better." A voice said from the kitchen doorway. Both Seb and Glenn turned to face the newcomer.

"Pierre, what's up dude?" Seb asked, motioning for him to sit down.

Pierre grabbed a plate and got some cake then sat next to Glenn.

She stared down at her uneaten cake then stood up. "Sorry, I -umm I'm going to go upstairs." And then she was gone.

"Jeez, scare her away!" Seb joked to Pierre.

Pierre didn't laugh though.

People may assume she's getting sick because of pregnancy symptoms and then criticize me for being incorrect since the signs wouldn't be immediate but I apologize... I meant for it to be a sign of the stress she went through.
I can understand how that could be confused though but that's what I meant for it to mean at the time =) Thank you!
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