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(10) Let's Go On A Date

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Her way of healing is unconventional at best.

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Pierre took a deep breath and started up the stairs to Glenn's room, he had to make this right. Seriously the kitchen scene was screwed up but he didn't expect her to just 'bounce' back, he still couldn't believe what he had done. But it was done. He still felt the guilt though and at the moment he was just afraid of losing Glenn.

He opened the door and walked in, Glenn was curled up in bed and looked like she was sleeping, Pierre smile slightly then closed the door and sat on the bed next to her, being quiet so he wouldn't wake her up. Pierre gently stroked Glenn's hair and whispered to her. "This never should have happened, I'm such a dick. I can't believe I fucking did this." He muttered, feeling he needed to get it out to her somehow, she probably wouldn't listen when she was awake since she just wanted to forget about it completely.

Glenn's eyes fluttered open. "Pierre?" She questioned, somewhat afraid since she couldn't really see him clearly.

"Shh, it's okay. It's just me." Pierre assured her.

"I'm sorry." Glenn said sighing.

"For what?" Pierre asked curiously.

"For running out when you walked in to the kitchen. I really need to get over this-it's just, Pierre it's not that simple! When I see you I keep remembering the things that happened. And I just-I don't know what to do. I don't want to think of you that way, because I care about you and I know you're my friend and you never meant to do it..but..I just don't know." Glenn said sounding and feeling exasperated.

"Do you want me to stay away from you?" Pierre questioned.

"No." Glenn replied. "I need to get over this. And I don't want you gone." She assured him.

Pierre felt her shivering and he felt like such an ass. Glenn was so vulnerable in the first place, why did he have to go and make her even more hurt? He laid down next to her and hugged her to him tightly, warming her up but mainly making her feel safe.

"It's going to be okay." Pierre assured Glenn. She nodded. "I know." Then she sighed and after awhile Pierre heard her steady breathing and knew she had fallen asleep. He smiled as he relaxed and felt himself start to fall to sleep.


The next morning Glenn woke up slightly tired, she rolled over and saw Pierre sleeping peacefully. She smiled at him and quietly got up and started getting dressed and ready for the day, without waking Pierre. She had just decided to pretend it had never happened.

Glenn slipped out of the room and walked downstairs to hear chit chat and she realized the guys were already there, she was proven correct as she walked in to the kitchen and saw all the guys seated at the table, except David was up and cooking. She smiled, he looked so cute. "Hey, want help?" She asked him since none of the guys seemed like they were going to help him.

"Umm sure. You can hand them there plates, get the drinks, do you like your eggs?" He asked, smiling at her. "You look fantastic by the way." He added and she grinned like an idiot. "Umm scrambled and okay I can do that."

She got the plates that had the food on it and set them in front of the sleepy looking guys then she poured them each orange juice, she poured David and herself a cup of orange juice then set their plates down, they were sitting right next to each other. Then they sat down and got ready to eat.

"Mm it smells good." Glenn commented and David smiled. "I hope it tastes as good." he stated and she grinned.

Glenn stared down at the bacon, sausage, eggs, waffle, and toast and smirked. This has got to be the best breakfast she had ever seen. She started eating and it tasted amazing, David was staring at her so she stopped and stared back at him. He smiled. "Oh sorry, got lost in thought." He explained and stared down at his food as he ate.

Pierre made his way down the stairs and smiled at the group, "Hey everyone." He said and everyone nodded to him as he grabbed a plate and got the food that was made for him, then he got orange juice and sat across from David.

"Thanks David." He said and David nodded, "No prob."

"So what are you guys doing today?" Glenn asked.

"Well, I'm leaving town and heading to my parent's since I promised them I'd stay the weekend, I haven't visited in awhile." Pierre said.

"We are just doing the norm." The group stated.

David spoke. "Hey, Glenn I know this is sudden and we don't know each other very well...but I was wondering." David paused and all eyes were on him. "Would you go on a date with me tonight?" He asked, looking nervous.

Glenn smiled and Seb winked in her direction. There's no reason why she shouldn't give him a chance..and he's so sweet. He's so unlike Ben. He's so unlike any guy she had ever met. "Sure." Glenn heard herself say and David had the biggest grin on his face, it made her smile.

Pierre stood up and rinsed his plate off, "Well I'd better be going. Have fun on your date." He told either David or Glenn then he walked out of the house.

Jeff grinned. "I think Pierre is jealous." He stated.

Chuck laughed. "Probably."

Glenn shrugged. "I don't know why he would be."

Chuck and Jeff laughed. "Are you that oblivious?" They asked together.

"To what?" Glenn asked, confused and David grinned at her then frowned at the guys.

"They think Pierre likes you." David informed her.

Glenns eyes widened and she shook her head. "he doesn't." She assured them...and herself.
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