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(11) Our Own Party

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Glenn and David go on a date.

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Glenn was standing in front of her mirror, staring at herself in distaste, David was supposed to pick her up in about 10 minutes and Glenn was unsure about how she looked, Seb was standing behind her grinning. "You look great, stop worrying." Seb scolded her.

Glenn was wearing a black tank top and some light blue jeans with sneakers, she felt so average it was unsettling. "Er, I'm not unique in any way!" Glenn complained to Seb.

Seb laughed. "Look Glenn, David likes you! You look great and I'm sure he'll agree with me."

Right then the doorbell rang and Glenn sighed. "I ..don't know." She said then she started out her bedroom door with Seb behind her laughing at her nervousness.

"I'll beat you to the door." Seb challenged, Glenn rose an eyebrow in challenge and then the two took off, racing down the rest of the stairs.

They pushed and shoved each other through the hall then Seb reached the door and Glenn started skidding, Seb opened the door and Glenn practically flew right in to David! David caught her in surprise and looked down at her with amusement. "You look gorgeous." He commented and she blushed, grinning, she stood up, off of David.

Seb was laughing behind the door. "Umm thanks." Glenn said then she quickly went behind the door, David heard an 'oww' and laughed when Glenn came back and shut the door. They walked to David's car and then he smirked. "Want to go to a party?" He asked.

Glenn thought back to how her last party ended. "Uhh not really." She replied honestly then she saw David's smile fall. "Umm wait! No, I mean yes." she said really quickly, David barely had time to process her words.

"Not really, no, yes?" David asked.

Glenn laughed. "Whatever you want to do I guess." She told him.

David sighed. "What I want is for you to tell me what you want." He told her softly and Glenn felt bad, her first date with him and she was already fucking things up, so much for the second one.

They got in the car and David drove, for a few minutes it was just quiet then Glenn spoke up. "" She said, trying for conversation.

David grinned childishly. "We aren't going to some party, we can just go off and have our own little party. How does that sound?" he asked.

Glenn smiled widely. "That sounds great." She confirmed as they pulled up to a park and David parked.

They got out and started walking towards the lake that was next to the park. It was beautiful and at night it was even more interesting to be there. As they were walking David pulled a bold move and grabbed Glenn's hand, she didn't resist so they walked together to the lake until they reached the end of the dock and sat down.

"Let's go swimming." David suggested suddenly.

Glenn looked at him as if he was crazy..since he was being crazy. It was freezing cold and the lake was not filled with warm water.

David. "Hey it'll be fun." He stated.

Glenn smirked. "Sure, why not?" She asked.

David smiled. "That's the spirit!"

Then he stood up and helped her up. "Let's jump in together." He proposed. Glenn nodded.

They held hands and jumped in at the same time. Glenn felt the cold water hit her body and she almost swallowed some water but she quickly resurfaced, David with her. He was grinning like a maniac but he was also obviously freezing from the shivery noises he made.

Then he started swimming out, Glenn watching him and getting used to the water as the cold air blew past her face. She knew she would get a cold but this was the best time of her life.

"Come on out!" David screamed.

Glenn laughed but started swimming out until she reached David.

Or where she thought David was.

When she opened her eyes he was no where to be seen.

Panic shot through her.
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