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(12) Drown

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When a tragedy brings about something good.

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"David?" Glenn whispered as she looked around.

Then someone grabbed her leg and she was pulled under, immediately getting water up her nose and in her mouth.

Then she was pulled back up and David was grinning at her. She choked on the water, clearing her throat but her nose still burned. "Oh, sorry. It was just supposed to be fun. I didn't think you'd swallow the water!" He said frantically patting her back.

His patting wasn't all that soft and he was practically hammering her back. She coughed one last time then laughed, "David..stop you dork. That's not helping." He grinned and shrugged. "Sorry." He said, stopping and wrapped his arms around her as they moved slowly in the water.

"Didn't mean to almost drown you on our first date." He said.

Glenn laughed. "It's something I'll remember for sure."

David laughed. "Is that good..or bad?"

Glenn grinned. "Definitely good. All my memories with you...are good." She said, leaning her body up against his and placing her lips sloppily upon his. She was quite nervous as she kissed him for the very first time.

He seemed shocked that she had just kissed him but he kissed back, the kiss started getting intense so Glenn pulled away.

"Eh, let's get out of this water before I freeze to death."

David nodded and they swam back, quickly getting out of the water.

They had taken off their sweaters before they got in so they atleast had that, dry, so they put them under their butts to save the car from drowning in their water.

"Brr." David complained, turning up the heat as they drove to Seb's house.

Glenn laughed. 'It's your fault we are freezing." She joked.

David did a sideways grin. "Yeah, but you are the one who didn't stop me." He laughed.

Then he added. "Instead you joined me."

Then they reached Seb's house and Glenn got out before David could even turn off the engine, she ran inside to the warmth of the house. 'Whats wro-" Seb started then he saw her soaking wet and started laughing.

Then David ran in and Seb couldn't contain himself as he laughed harder and harder.

David and Glenn just shook their heads and rolled their eyes at Seb. "Seb, I'm taking some of your clothes." David said as he went to Seb's room. Seb just turned his attention to the television as they both went to go get dressed.

David and Glenn ran in to each other on the way downstairs, literally, and Glenn was the one to fall down as David simply lost his balance then regained it quickly.

He laughed at her but then helped her up. "Cute." He commented on her PJ's. They had little hearts all over them.

Glenn laughed at him. "Seb's obviously a little bigger than you." She commented as she stared at his clothes.

"Pshh..Seb wears clothes that are bigger than HIM that's the only reason they are so big on me."

"Uh huh." Glenn laughed and walked down the stairs with David behind her.

Seb looked up at them and laughed at David. "Wow, David..that's hot." he joked.

David posed. "Oh I know." He exaggerated.

Glenn playfully punched him. "You are such a loser."

David feigned being hurt then he grabbed Glenn, squeezing her then carrying her to the couch where he gently dropped her and proceeded to attack her by way of tickle.

She was laughing and Seb was strangely snapping pictures.

Finally they both fell on the couch in a sigh, exhausted.

Seb laughed. "Okay so I can tell you guys had fun." He concluded then he added a yawn. "But I'll beat the details out of you tomorrow. I'm going to sleep." And then he was gone.

Leaving David and Glenn.

David stretched out and yawned. "You should sleep out here with me."

Glenn laughed. "Why?"

"So I don't have to sleep alone." David stated with a childish grin.

Glenn laughed. "You could always sleep in my room."

"Really? You wouldn't mind?" He asked.

Glenn laughed. "I'd rather you sleep in there with me instead of me sleeping out here." She reasoned and he nodded.

"Cool let's go then."

Glenn nodded and started up the stairs, surprised by how tired she just got.

They both went in and got ready, crawling in to bed then Glenn turned off the lights.

She was thinking she would be less trusting of guys or that she wouldn't want to sleep with another guy after the incident but with David everything was different. She trusted him and he made her feel safe. And with Pierre... Well she just couldn't bring herself to hate him.

So that night she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

And so did David.
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