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(13) Suckers

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Fairly boring chapter. I'm sorry. I realize I don't keep you guys updated on the timeline. A few weeks have passed over the last few chapters. =)

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Well they slept peacefully until they heard some snapping noises and opened their eyes to see Seb taking pictures with a crazy grin on his face. "What the fuck Seb?" David asked tiredly.

Seb smirked. "For the memories." He said, leaving the room.

David groaned something that made no sense to Glenn then his face fell back in to the pillow. Glenn laughed causing David to turn and look at her. "What?" He practically moaned, tiredly.

Glenn laughed again. "Nothing, you're just cute." She commented.

David laughed this time with her and he stretched a little, throwing his arm in to her face practically but she dodged it. "You think I'm cute?" He questioned her.

"Don't get all big headed." Glenn said with amusement.

"Not that his head could get any bigger." Seb said.

"You're STILL in here?" David asked, turning around again.

Seb got up from the ground, grinning. "Okay..this time I'm REALLY leaving." He promised, walking out.

David sighed. "Freak." He said under his breath but Glenn heard it and she smiled, not quite laughing. Then she yawned and drifted off in to sleep again.


"I'M BACK!" Pierre yelled as he walked in to the kitchen where everyone was sitting. David had his arm around Glenn and all the guys were just relaxing so Pierre sat next to Seb. "So, what'd I miss?" He asked.

Seb grinned and pointed at David and Glenn. "Woah, what's up with you two?" Pierre asked.

"Nothing." Glenn and David said at the same time. Which was the truth. They went on a date but they weren't dating ...atleast not yet.

"Ok?" Pierre sort of stated as a question as he looked at them skeptically then he got up and got something to eat, not paying much more attention to the subject after that.

Jeff got up suddenly and so did Chuck and Seb. "Well we have to go." Chuck said.

"Why? Where are you guys going?" David asked.

"Eh, we promised Jeff's girlfriend that we would help her move things." Chuck said, not so happily.

Pierre laughed. "Suckers." He said.

David laughed too. "That blows for you guys. Glenn, want to go to the mall or something?" He asked.

"Sure." Glenn said absentmindedly.

"You too?" David asked Pierre, who just nodded.

Chuck and Seb glared. "You all suck." They said darkly although Jeff looked a little excited, although it was his girlfriend so he had something to be excited about. While Chuck and Seb just had to work for free.


David stuck his tongue out at them. "Best get moving, I'm sure she has a lot for you to move."

Seb and Chuck both flipped him off as Jeff walked out of the door, they followed looking extremely bummed as they knocked in to each other, getting a few laughs.

Glenn yawned and stretched. "I'm taking a shower before I do anything." She notified both boys.

David nodded with a smile. "Yeah, I'm gonna go home and take a shower and get some clothes."

Pierre laughed. "I'm just gonna watch some television. David you gonna pick us up in about an hour?" He asked.

David nodded then left.

Glenn didnt say anything, she just went upstairs to start getting ready as Pierre went and laid on the couch, turning the television on but quickly falling to sleep instead of watching the show that was on.

Glenn took a quick shower and got out and got dressed, wearing some blue jeans and a black t shirt, that said rolemodel. Then she applied some black eyeliner and pink eyeshadow, and she was good to go.

Going downstairs and entering the living room she saw Pierre passed out. Sort of on the couch but some of his body falling off on to the floor. He looked adorably weird.

She stepped closer and poked him softly, trying to wake him up, but he didn't budge so she applied more pressure, pushing on him. As she was about to pull away he grabbed her and pulled her on to him, she screamed in surprise and he laughed.

"Gotcha!" He called, tickling her.

Then David walked in.
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