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(14) Not Again

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When everything is looking up....

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: David Desrosiers,Pierre Bouvier - Published: 2011-08-22 - Updated: 2011-08-22 - 510 words

"Whoa, what's going on here?" David asked.

Pierre and Glenn laughed as he let her go and she shakily stood up. "Freaking Pierre scared the crap out of me." Glenn said between laughs.

Pierre got up and stretched, pushing Glenn playfully.

"Alright, well are we ready to go people?" David asked, a little impatient due to what he considered their 'flirting'.

Pierre and Glenn nodded, going out behind him.

Glenn sat in the front with David while Pierre took a nap in the back. "So where do you want to go first?" David asked, pulling in to the mall's parking lot about 20 minutes later.

"The pet shop." Glenn said happily.

David laughed. "Alright, cool."

It took them about 5 minutes to wake Pierre up then they finally started in to the mall. "Pet shop! There.." Pierre said, pointing.

Glenn laughed. "Yeah, come on."

They went in, finding some kittens and birds, as well as mice, and that was about it. But Glenn was in love with a little black playful kitten so David walked out for a few minutes and called Seb up. "Hey Seb." David said.

"What David?" Seb asked, a little tired sounding and not so thrilled, must be his working.

"I was wondering if you wanted a kitten." David asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well Glenn really likes this kitten, I was wondering if you'd mind it?" David asked, already knowing the answer.

"Tell her it's fine. Bye." He said, hanging up, David walked back in to the pet shop with a grin on his face.

Glenn laughed. "What are you smiling about?" She asked curiously.

"You can get the kitten." David said.

Glenn laughed. "David I really like it..but..I live with Seb. So it's his call." She concluded.

David held up his cell phone. "I know, I just called him and he okayed it."

"Seriously? You aren't playing around right?" Glenn asked with a smile in her eyes.

"Not kidding, you can really get it." David said with a smile.

Glenn smiled widely and hugged David, surprising him. "This is great." She concluded, already having fallen in love with the kitten and everything.

David laughed. "Let's get it then." He said, grabbing some food and toys for it as well as a litter box, while Glenn got the kitten.

Soon enough they were heading out to the car. Pierre seemed to be really tired so he hadn't said much.

By the time they reached Seb's the kitten was dying to get out, the best thing is that the kitten was already trained to use a litter box. Glenn was dying to get out and play with her new kitten as well. Pierre stretched and got out, yawning. David got out and grabbed the stuff for the kitten as Glenn grabbed the kitten, which was in a little cage thing.

They were all happily walking to Seb's front door when the person standing at the front door caused them all to become slightly miserable and more than a little upset.

"Fuck, not again." Pierre cursed.
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