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A not so pleasant surprise visit from someone Glenn thought was in her past.

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Standing there at Seb's door was none other than: Benjamin.

Glenn immediately felt sick to her stomach, David's goofy grin fell to an intense frown and slight glare and Pierre looked pissed off and still a little tired. "Great." David muttered sarcastically.

Benjamin turned and looked at them, walking towards them.

"Glenn." Benjamin said softly.

"What do you want Benjamin?" Glenn asked harshly.

"Aren't you sick of this game yet Glenn, I think it's time you come home." Benjamin said, still not raising his voice.

Pierre laughed. "Man, you just don't give up do you."

"yeah, she's said it more than once, she's done with you." David said.

Benjamin didn't even take his eyes off of Glenn as he spoke to them. "This is none of your business, it's between Glenn and I."

"Benjamin it's over." Glenn said, once again.

"Glenn please, you can't leave me. I love you." Benjamin said pathetically.

"You'll manage fine without me." Glenn said, coldly.

She brushed past him, surprised he didn't try to stop her. "You'll be sorry." He said, weirdly before he left.

David, Pierre, and Glenn all ignored him and went inside.

"God, that guy seriously doesn't take no for an answer." Pierre said.

"Let's just not talk about him, I'm over it, it's in the past." Glenn stated with some confidence.

David grinned. "Glad to hear that." He said.


Later in the evening, Glenn, David,and Pierre were watching a movie and Glenn had the kitten that she had named 'leo' on her lap, Seb and Chuck arrived.

"Where's Jeff?" Pierre asked, pausing the movie.

"He stayed with his girl." Chuck said.

"Cute kitten." Seb said, sitting next to Glenn. The kitten jumped up in to his lap and started playing with him. About 5 seconds later he was throwing the kitten back in to Glenn's lap and going for a band aid.

"Wimp." Glenn laughed.

Seb glared. "hey, look! Leo practically tore my finger off." He complained.

David laughed. "It's barely a scratch."

"Whatever." Seb pretended to sulk. "Just keep that crazy kitten away from me, it's freaking evil!"

"It's a little sweet adorable kitten." Glenn defended the kitten as she petted it.

Seb pretend glared at the kitten. "Whatever." He mumbled.

David laughed. "Fine, then switch places with me."

Seb nodded. "I'll be glad to."

So david sat next to Seb and Seb sat in David's old spot.

Pierre unpaused the movie and they all watched quietly except for the kitten that meowed occasionally when someone wasn't paying attention to it.

Glenn rested her head on David's chest and listened to his steady heart beat.

Everything felt so unreal to her, here she was with the perfect guys, sweet and caring and everything else. And David was perfect too, or in her eyes he was as perfect as could be. But just how perfect could he really be?
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