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(16) Testing

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What if?

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The next morning Glenn woke up on the couch next to David, all of the other guys were sprawled across the living room, she quickly ran to the bathroom and puked, feeling sick to her stomach.

After a few more rounds Glenn washed her mouth out and went back in to the living room in foul spirits as she tried to think of why she would be sick. Then her eyes landed on Pierre and a crazy thought crossed her mind.

It was something she couldn't push back though.

What if she was pregnant?

Then Pierre's eyes opened, meeting her eyes. He yawned and stretched. "What's wrong?" He asked.

She shrugged. "Nothing."

"Liar." Pierre said with a grin.

Glenn left the house.

A few seconds later Pierre came out with a sweater in his hands.

Glenn was standing there freezing so he gave it to her and stood beside her, waiting for her to talk. "Thanks." She said quietly, to which Pierre just nodded.

"Will you take me to the store?" Glenn finally asked.

"Umm..sure." Pierre said with confusion as he dug in his pocket for his keys.

Upon finding them they headed to his car and started towards the store. "So what do you need to get there?"

"I'd rather not say right now." Glenn said, feeling sick.

Pierre shrugged. "Alrighty."

They pulled up and Pierre got out with Glenn and followed her in as she read what was in each aisle. Finally finding what she wanted she headed down the aisle. Once she stopped in front of what she planned on buying Pierre's eyes widened and Glenn's hands shook.

"Have you-have-since we..?" Pierre managed to choke out, still staring at all of the boxes of pregnancy tests before him.

"no." Glenn said softly.

Glenn reached out for one of the boxes but Pierre grabbed her hand. "Do you really think this is necessary?" He questioned her.

Glenn stared at him. "Did" She asked.

Pierre dropped her hand and his eyes went to his shoes. Glenn sighed. "It's necessary then."

Glenn grabbed one and started for the cashier so she could pay and leave.

Pierre was behind her, silently praying for a negative.

The girl behind the counter shot them a knowing smile. "Good luck." She stated after they paid.

Glenn took a deep breath. "Umm thanks." She replied then started walking away.

Pierre caught up with her and grabbed her hand. "It'll be okay." He whispered as he held on to her hand.

Glenn sighed. "I sure as hell hope so."

Pierre went to his house instead of Seb's since they could get more privacy there.

Glenn went in to the bathroom quickly and then came back out and waited with Pierre.

"What if it's posit-" Pierre got cut off.

"Don't." Glenn said softly, her voice about to crack. "Don't say that."

Pierre nodded and took her hand in his. "I know it's hard to believe me right now..but it'll be okay."

Glenn nodded. "Thanks." She whispered with her eyes closed.

"For what?" Pierre asked, completely shocked.

"For being here for me." Glenn said.

Pierre shook his head. "If I didn't do this to didn't even have a choice! This is all my fault!" Pierre said.

Glenn laughed at him. "Pierre just stop. That is all over, we are on to a new chapter of our lives. Right now none of what happened matters. The only thing that matters is WHAT happens."

Then the timer Pierre set went off.

They both took deep breaths. "It's time." Pierre stated grimly as he got up.

Glenn stopped him. "I'll look." She said.

Pierre nodded as Glenn went in to the bathroom.
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